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Wizard Firebird Explosive Blast

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Guest Reaper

Almost perfect guide as far as GR pushing is concerned, only thing missing is that there is no mention of Sliver of Terror (ring of fire version), which seems to be superior to the Shard of Hatred once you get high enough. The build is relatively simple to gear for and easier to play compared to the other competitive Wizard builds, so I can definitely recommend it. The farming variants are fairly effective as well.

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Guest Hayduke

FYI, the "when you kill an enemy, you deal damage done by the death blow to all enemies within 25 yards" of the "Essence of Anguish" gem is considered poison and will proc the stacking baseline poison proc.

This allows you to go for lightning damage on your weapon and get all the damage type benefits while still being able to proc the gem stacking buff.

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