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Feral - Help Reviewing Logs

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Logs: (second last fight(3:46))


UI: (still adding more once i get the rotation down)



Cat form





Displacer beast

Ysera's Gift


Force of Nature

Dream of Cenarius



First time playing Feral, would like to know your guys' first impression. Fight only lasted about 3.5min before i stopped pushing buttons, so its preferable if you can zoom in to ignore the last 16seconds. I do not prebuff besides mark of the wild.


Not fully enchanted/gem'd. I already know my treant usage is horrible. And im using an int neck.


What can i improve on and how?


Also. is there a better simulator than simulation craft? I'm apparently pulling more dps(94k) than a simulator (~92k) which i highly doubt is possible for me.


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Well, as you pointed out, you aren't gemmed or enchanted properly.  This is a significant damage loss, especially not having a meta gem.

You will want to try to pick-up current tier trinkets ASAP.  The Hawkmaster's Talon is absolute garbage for feral.


Soul of the Forest is a very good talent for lower item level players.  It greatly helps with energy recovery and is part of the reason why we started going Mangle>Shred in the first place.  I would recommend using that over Force of Nature so you can really hone in on the rotation. 


Your bleed uptimes are low.  Rake should be as close to 100% as possible and Rip should be 95% or better.  

Thrash uptimes will improve with your gear.

During Berserk, TF and OoC procs you should be using Shred>Mangle.


As for a simulator, use Catus instead of Simcraft.  You can find it on the fluiddruid forums.

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