[US-Altar of Storms][H] Epidemic (11/14H) LF Healers / DPS

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Hello there, Epidemic is looking for a few raiders to fill core slots in our roster to further our cause of slaying internet dargons. We raid Tues-Wed-Thurs 7:30-10:30 PM EST. We are a 10 man guild. AoS is part of the connected realms group including Magtheridon, Ysondre, and Anetheron.

A little information about the guild: We've been a guild on AoS since Vanilla. We've raided during every expansion of the game. Most of us in the guild are in our late 20's, early 30's (let's face it, the game came out 10 years ago, we're all getting old). We have a limited amount of time that we raid per week so we make use of extended lockouts frequently. Most importantly, all recruits need to be open to full frontal male nudity.

We're looking for people with 565+ ilvl and obviously must have the cloak.

Our Current Needs:

Death Knight (Low): Frost
Druid (High): Balance
Hunter (High): Survival/BM (KNOW SIEGECRAFTER PLS)
Mage (Medium):
Monk (Low):
Paladin (High): Holy
Priest (High): Disc, Shadow
Rogue (High): Whatever specs rogue are these days
Shaman (High): Enhancement, Elemental, Resto
Warlock (Low)
Warrior (Low)

Feel free to whisper me at Capn#1427 or head over to our forums at to apply.

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We have a core spot for an all-star healer and DPS (Boomkin pls!)


As a warlock, I really really want dat spell haste.


Our healer team has a core spot open for someone good enough to take it.

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