[US-Kil'jaeden]Trinitykong[H] 585 Prot paladin LF PST raiding guild

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Been playing wow since beta. As a main tank since ICC.

Item level: 585

Class and spec: Protection paladin

13/14HM SOO (both 10 and 25 man experience)
13/13HM ToT
8/8 HM DS
Full HM clear ICC.

I am a dedicated player the reason why I need a new guild is because the current RL in my guild no longer raid anymore due to real life issue. The guild fall apart I got no choice but have to find other places to continue raiding.

Hoping to find a raiding guild with similar progression and raid at least 3 times a week (prefer weekend but everyday is fine with me). Raid time from 8:30pm-12 PST time. Preparing for WOD mythic raiding.

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