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Lost Ark Launch Release Official Patch Notes

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Update 2: the gear and tiers section was removed as the numbers showcased were a mistake and did not represent the situation for the Western launch.
Update: the patch notes have been changed to reflect that you will not have to watch all the cutscenes to receive a second power pass, you will instead receive it immediately after using the first one.

The patch notes for the Lost Ark launch are finally here! They mostly compare the newly added content with the beta, including new Abyss dungeons, guardians Chaos dungeons and all other additions. There's also new features like the global region chat between servers, Procyon's compass that will showcase active world bosses, adventure islands chaos gates etc. and much more.

The big news, however, is that players will be able to receive 2 power passes, which allow for extremely fast alt leveling, for just playing the game - 1 for finishing the main story and 1 for watching all the cutscenes through from start to finish.

Amazon LogoLaunch Patch Notes (Source)

Heroes of Arkesia,

For existing fans of Lost Ark and participants in our Closed Beta test, we wanted to compile a full list of changes and updates we’ve made since the last time you were able play in the Closed Beta test. We’ve made a variety of updates, from new game content, new features, and store adjustments to westernization and moderation changes. For key timings and other non-update related launch details, check out our Launch Details Article.

Game Content

User Experience

  • Thanks to player feedback on the new Prologue experience during Closed Beta, we’ve added an additional "Welcome Challenge" feature. The Welcome Challenge helps guide new players through a subset of optional missions. Initial missions will support and teach players game mechanics and increase in complexity as you move into later areas of the game.

    • The Welcome Challenge will be visible after reaching Prideholme with a new character.

Character & Roster Updates

  • Level cap increased to 60, up from 55 in Closed Beta. Each level earned after 50 grants the player additional skill points.

  • Roster level cap increased to 250, up from 100 in Closed Beta. Roster was previously called "Expedition Level".

  • Removed Summoner and added the Sorceress sub-class.

Dungeon & Raid Content

  • Three new continents added: Yorn, Feiton, Punika.

    • Respective Field Boss Additions.

    • Chaos Dungeons

      • Yorn Earth stages 1-4

      • Feiton Shadow stages 1-4

      • Punika Star stages 1 & 2

      • Punika Moon stages 1-3

      • Punika Sun stages 1-3

    • Yorn / Feiton / Punika Chaos Gates have been added

  • During Closed Beta, content up to the Phantom Palace was available to players. For launch, we've also added the following Abyss Dungeons:

    • Ark of Arrogance [Lamenting Road]

    • Ark of Arrogance [Falling Proud Furnace]

    • Gate of Paradise [Sea of Sloth]

    • Gate of Paradise [Silent Karkosa]

    • Gate of Paradise [Alaric's Sacred Ground]

    • Oreha's Well [Eye of Aira]

    • Oreha's Well : Oreha Preveza

  • New Guardian Raids Added:

    • T3 Dark Legoros

    • T3 Helgaia

    • T3 Calventus

    • T3 Achates

    • T4 Frost Helgaia

    • T4 Lava Chromanium

    • T4 Levanos

    • T4 Alberhastic

    • T5 Heavy Armor Nacrasena

    • T5 Igrexion

    • T5 Night Fox Yoho

    • T5 Velganos

  • We introduced the Shadespire Tower (Floors 1 - 50) during Closed Beta. For Launch, we've also added Fatespite floors 1-50. Either tower can be accessed via any major city.

  • Additional Cube instances have been added:

    • Elite Cube (Normal)

    • Dimension Cube (Normal)

Island & Sea Content

  • During Closed Beta roughly 70 islands were accessible. We are introducing 3 more continents for Launch (Yorn, Feiton, Punika) with 27 additional islands to discover and explore in the Procyon Zone.

  • Co-op quests added for Yorn Strait, Feiton Strait and Punika Strait (Sea Regions).

  • Sea Gates added:

    • Gate of Earth

    • Gate of Endurance

    • Gate of Guidance

  • Additional Ghost Ships added:

    • Feiton Ghost Ship

    • Punika Ghost Ship

Scheduled Activities

Players can check for 4 types of content through Procyon's Compass (the widget that displays active content), or by accessing the Calendar in the top-left of the HUD for the full schedule. Activity times are based on the local time of the server's region.

  • If you drop out or leave the area while participating in these activities, the reward counter will not increment and you will have another chance to earn a reward.

  • Field Bosses, Chaos Gates, and Ghost Ships

    • Following the day-of-the-week schedule, the Field Boss, Chaos Gate and Ghost Ship activities will take place every hour between 10am until 5am on the next day.

    • You can participate every hour, but you will not get any additional rewards once you’ve exhausted all opportunities to receive rewards. The limits are:

      • 1 reward per day for Field Boss and Chaos Gate activities. Opportunity to receive rewards will reset every morning at 10am UTC + 0 .

      • 1 reward per week for Ghost ship. Opportunities to receive rewards will reset on Wednesday at 10am UTC + 0.

  • Adventure Island

    • Following the schedule listed on the in-game calendar, the same Adventure Island will unlock 3~4 times a day.

    • On weekends, a total of 2 groups of Adventure Islands will appear within the schedule. Example: Ghostwhisper Island / Lagoon Island / Snowpang Island x3 and Monte Island / Harmony Island / Phantomwing Island x3.

    • Adventure island has two types of rewards:

      • Permanent Rewards: Island Tokens and Skill Runes, which are obtainable once per Roster.

      • Repeatable rewards: Gold, Silver, Card Packs & Pirate coins, which can be obtained once a day per Roster.

Stronghold Content

  • Stronghold Knowledge Vault has been added. With the 'Knowledge Vault,' you can take progress that has already been experienced on one character and transfer it to a different character on the same account.

    • You can use the Knowledge Vault by completing the following:

      • Complete the Stronghold quest ‘First Steps"

      • Progress a character to level 50

      • Complete North Vern’s main quest 'Ealyn’s Gift’

      • Complete the 'Nothing is Impossible for Cykins!' quest offered by the Stronghold's Butler, Adeline

    • When receiving knowledge transfer, you can only transfer knowledge for 1 continent at a time. Transfers go in order of the storyline, starting from North Vern.

    • Once knowledge transfer has begun, you cannot cancel. You cannot do instant complete.

    • Characters receiving a knowledge transfer cannot use Power pass.

    • Knowledge Vault will be available for North Vern up to Feiton.

Gear and Tiers

Note, a section regarding gear and tiers was removed, as it did not reflect changes to the western release.

Updated the Tier 1 ~ Tier 3 progression support.

  • After reaching a certain item level & completing continent world quest, you will get accessories and ability stones in your mailbox that will help with adventures.

    • The old progression support chest will no longer be given.

  • For easier progression, there will be various effects to aid honing for each tier.

Tier 1

  • 100% success for Tier 1 gear Lv. 1~15 honing.

  • Two level increase when succeeding Tier 1 gear Lv. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 honing.

  • 20% decrease in XP required for Tier 1 gear Lv. 1~15 honing.

  • 100% decrease in cost required for Tier 1 gear Lv. 1~15 honing leap.

Tier 2

  • 100% success for Tier 2 gear Lv. 1~15 honing.

  • 2 level increase when succeeding Tier 2 gear Lv. 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 honing.

  • 15% decrease in XP required for Tier 2 gear Lv. 1~15 honing.

  • 100% decrease in cost required for Tier 2 gear Lv. 1~15 honing leap.

Tier 3

  • 20% increase in base success rate for Tier 3 Lv. 1302 gear Lv. 1~15 honing (up to 20%).

  • 30% decrease in XP required for Tier 3 Lv. 1302 gear Lv. 1~15 honing.

  • 50% decrease in materials and cost required for Tier 3 Lv. 1302 gear Lv. 1~15 honing leap.

  • 20% increase in base success rate for Tier 3 Lv. 1340 gear Lv. 1~15 honing.

  • 60% decrease in XP required for Tier 3 gear Lv. 1340 gear Lv. 1~15 honing.

  • 60% decrease in materials and cost required for Tier 3 gear Lv. 1340 gear Lv. 1~15 honing leap.

Events and Rewards

  • Similar to Closed Beta, we will be running an attendance bonus event at the start of Launch. Adventurers will be able to claim various rewards each day they login.

Improvements & Quality Of Life

  • Improvements made in support of Player Safety, including reporting for messages and entity names.

  • Updated Guild menu UI/UX.

  • Polished and updated the store UI.

  • Added the ability for users to add an account (similar to adding their roster) as a friend and display which character they're currently playing on - friends lists are no longer locked to characters.

  • Added the ability for players to display themselves as AFK and provide a message to other players attempting to interact with them.

  • Integrated presets have been added, allowing players to create presets that consist of a variety of feature specific presets (cards, skills, gear, gems and more).

  • DirectX11 support has been added as the default setting. A player can switch made to DirectX9 mode if they feel their performance is affected. Once in-game, press ESC to go to the Game Menu, click the Settings gear icon, and go to the Video tab. DirectX 9/11 mode can be toggled at the top of this settings screen.

New Features

  • We are including 15 playable classes.

    • To match the Sorcerer release in Korea, we will also include the Sorcerer advanced class, replacing the Closed Beta option of the Summoner.

    • The Striker class has also been introduced since Closed Beta.

  • Global Chat has been added to allow players to communicate with others in other worlds of the same server region.

    • Each chat room can hold a maximum of 100 players.

    • Players can see the previous chat logs before they enter the room and chat messages that were sent when they have logged-off.

  • Korean VO has been added as a DLC pack on Steam. Please note this only affects spoken dialogue to allow players to experience the original VO of the game. Text options are restricted to English, French, German or Spanish.

  • For a full list of Accessibility features added, please visit our accessibility options article.

    • Text-to-Speech Accessibility is available for reading chat messages. Additional improvements have been made after Closed Beta Feedback. To use this feature, players have to activate Windows Narrator outside of the game. Once the "TTS" setting is turned on in-game, chat messages or text typed will be read aloud by Narrator.

    • Speech-to-Text Accessibility is available for transcribing voice chat in a Party or a Raid. To use this feature, players must turn on the setting under Game Settings >> Community >> Chat and must participate in a Party voice chat.

  • Added the Room Of Growth, which is accessible after completing the Northern Bern World Quest "Afterimage of the Rift". This feature allows you to experience and learn additional game modes that Lost Ark has to offer, such as mounts, pets, crafting, engraving, disassembling, and refining.

  • Added Procyon's Compass.

    Adventurers will find a menu accessible through a Widget that showcases the active Field Bosses, Ghost Ships, Chaos Gates, and the current Adventure Islands.

  • Added Adventure Island - This is a new activity that directs users to islands that are only available during certain times. Once on the island, you'll be given a co-op quest and must face a boss in order to receive a variety of rewards.

  • Custom PvP matches and spectating has been added.


  • Free-to-Play Focused

    • As we expressed in previous release notes, Amazon and Smilegate RPG worked together in fine tuning contents. One example is “View More” boxes in raids are now obtainable with Gold instead of Crystal.

  • Moderation

    • Mechanisms and messaging have been put in place to support player safety, keeping Arkesia free from behavior that is against our code of conduct.

  • Language Filtering

    • Additional improvements have been made on our language filter after feedback we received in Closed Beta. We will continue to watch this post Launch and make adjustments as needed.

  • Currency Exchange

    • Updated the Currency Exchange make it more understandable on what's being exchanged and earned through the auctions.

  • Power Pass / Adventurers Path

    • Power Passes allow players to progress already-experienced content quickly on additional characters, so more classes and content can be experienced. There are two ways a Power Pass will be provided to Adventurers:

      • When the player completes the Main Quest (Ealyn’s Gift) from North Vern, a single Vern Power Pass Token will be provided via in-game mail.
      • After using the first Power Pass, a second Power Pass will be granted to players via in-game mail.
      • After two Power Passes are received, you will not be able to earn a third Power Pass this way.
    • Only two Power Passes can be earned per game account.

    • The Adventurers Path can be started immediately after consuming the Power Pass on an alternative character.

      • This feature compresses the level 10 - 50 segment for an alternative character through a story told by Beatrice.

      • It will guide you on the essentials and progression, specific to your class, allowing you to re-live the content quickly through the new character.

      • Completing the Adventurers Path quest chain will equip your character with the gear appropriate for Vern content.


  • Post Closed Beta, we collaborated with Smilegate RPG in fine tuning products to accommodate the market of Western players.

    • The full store will be open starting at Early Access including Mari's Secret store, set with its own schedule.

    • Crystalline Aura will be available at Launch and is the exclusive premium service for the Western users.

      • This service allows adventurers to enjoy an array of convenience functions. These benefits will be differentiated from other countries and can be found listed in the shop for each Founders Pack

      • Additional functions will be added to the Crystalline Aura at Launch.

  • Odds Information

    • Some products acquired with Crystals or Royal Crystals that are purchasable in the store contain random rewards. The breakdown of the odds of receiving those rewards is published online on our odds page.

    • This link can also be accessed through the in-game Store.

Make sure to follow our social channels and PlayLostArk.com to stay up-todate on all things surrounding our launch this week! Here’s where you can find us:


Thank you for your support! We can’t wait to see you in Arkesia.

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      We finally have the patch notes for tomorrow's Destined for Destruction update and they're huge! From all the new content to new skins, the integrated dungeon tool that allows you to queue from anywhere, QoL improvements, bug fixes and, perhaps MOST importantly, class tuning!
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      The May “Destined For Destruction” update arrives in Arkesia tomorrow! Downtime for the update will begin on May 19 at 12AM PT (8AM UTC) and is expected to last 4 hours. Destined for Destruction includes the new Destroyer Advanced Class, the first Legion Raid, quality of life updates, new cosmetics, a comprehensive balance patch, new activities, and more! Find the full list of content and updates below.
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      Valtan is an eight-player Legion raid, has 2 gates, and introduces a swathe of new mechanics. Players will need to be item level 1415 to attempt normal difficulty, and 1445 for hard. Learn more about how to enter the Valtan Legion Raid, new mechanics like Sidereal skills, and information on rewards in the Valtan Lost Ark Academy.
      Destroyer Advanced Class
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      New Activities
      Deskaluda Guardian Raid
      A new Guardian will arise and must be vanquished before they usher in an age of darkness. Deskaluda will require an item level of 1415 to attempt. As with the other Guardian Raids, you can attempt to vanquish Deskaluda alone, with a party, or matchmake with up to three other heroes.
      Challenge Guardians
      Each week, players can attempt to defeat three Challenge Guardians. Every Guardian has their own required item level to enter, and each week one Guardian will rotate out, replaced by a different foe. Differing from a normal Guardian Raid, not only are these foes more difficult, Challenge Guardian Raids will apply ‘Scale of Harmony’ so that your characters’ item level will be adjusted to match that of their enemy. However, with increased challenge comes increased loot! Rewards for each Challenge Guardian can be obtained once per roster, per week, and offer more diverse rewards than normal Guardian Raids.
      Guild Activities
      While being in a guild has been a helpful source of finding raid groups and providing benefits like the guild shop, new PvE and PvP guild activities arrive in this update. Issue challenges across Arkesia to control guild bases to prove your guild is the best around.
      Island Siege - A PvP guild activity that allows you to battle other guilds in PvP combat. Your ranking is determined by how many points you earn from capturing objectives and defeating enemy players. Island Siege also includes fun activities, like Naruni Island Racing, Snowpang Island Snow Fight and a PvE competition on Altesien island. Earn rewards and perks like gems, accessories, ability stones and more.
      Raid Match - Enter a base with your guild and challenge the powerful Sylmael Devourer. Once summoned, you’ll have limited-time to cooperate with your guild and quickly destroy the Sylmael Devourer. The faster you kill, the more you move up in the guild rankings.
      If you’re not in a guild yet, time to start searching! You can use the [Alt-U] hotkey or find the guild menu on the list of menus by pressing escape. Once there, if you’re not in a guild, you can browse through and apply! Many awesome Lost Ark content creators also have series of guilds for their communities, so make sure to see if there are guilds for any communities or friend groups you might already be a part of.
      South Vern Content
      Added 3 levels of South Vern Chaos Dungeons. To participate, you must first complete the "Invading Chaos Wave" quest in South Vern. Item Levels required to participate:
      Level 1: 1415
      Level 2: 1445
      Level 3: 1475
      Added the South Vern Chaos Gate and corresponding Secret Dungeons. Requires Item Level 1415 to participate.
      Added the South Vern Ghost Ship. Requires Item Level 1415 to participate.
      Added hard mode for the Chaos Line. Requires Item Level 1415 to participate.
      Added the Thunderwings Field Boss to South Vern. The recommended Item Level is 1460, but like other open-world Field Bosses this doesn’t prevent players with lower levels from participating.
      Wild Wings Island
      Arkesia is a vast land, filled with a myriad of menacing and sometimes, well, less-menacing threats. Seeking revenge for eating their friends and family, Crispy Golden Chickings are planning to raid the island. Players turn into a chicken or beer to battle the Chicking boss to earn event coins. The quicker you defeat waves of enemies, the quicker more Chickings appear and the more coins you can earn!
      Wild Wings Island is a new event island (appearing west of Tortoyk, with an event every hour) where you can participate in co-op quests or join solo to help suppress this unique uprising. In return, you’ll be rewarded with Rapport Chests, Tailoring & Metallurgy Books, Honing Materials, Pheons, Card Packs, Silver, and more!
        Store Updates
      Neria’s Wardrobe
      Neria’s Wardrobe is a limited-time skin shop that sells individual skins (head, chest, pants, etc.), and will be around for roughly a month. Players can buy individual items for their character, such as snapback hats, t-shirts, jeans, fit and flare dresses, and more. Your character will be modeling modern fashion while fighting epic bosses. Neria’s Wardrobe can be accessed through a new tab at the top of the in-game store’s UI titled ‘Dressing Room’.
      New Cosmetics
      A new cosmetic collection and a Destroyer Exclusive Skin have been added to the in-game store, available in exchange for either Crystals or Royal Crystals. Explore the in-game store to find the bundle or individual items that best suit your needs and style.
        Shushire’s Will - Destroyer Exclusive Skin Set
      Dawn Collection Armor Skins
      Dawn Collection Weapon Skins
      Stronghold Structures & Customization
      Added new Stronghold structures and customization items to the in-game store. Items include tents, the Romantic Camping set, the Sweet Picnic set, and more!
      General Store Updates
      Destroyer special packages have been added, which include the Shushire’s Will skin set alongside other valuable items to help you in your adventures.
      A few other minor store updates will take place in the May Update, such as adjustments to item quantities in Mari’s Secret Shop, and the addition of a few new Crystal bundles.
      Added a button allowing players to preview skins from selection chests in their inventory before making a choice.
        General Updates & QoL Adjustments
      Updated Character Customization
      Added 5 new hairstyles for each of the five class categories (Assassin, Warrior, Mage, Martial Artist, and Gunners).
      Added 5 Warrior premade looks and 5 facial presets without facial hair.
      Added human ears for the Mage class.
      Added a scroll bar to the hairstyle selection icon list.
      New QoL Menus, Options, & Settings
      Added an “Integrated Dungeon” menu that lists all the Dungeons and Raids available to a player, and allows players to enter those activities directly through the menu.
      This menu can be found by selecting the "Integrated Dungeon" UI element under the mini-map, or by pressing [ALT] + [Q].
      Players can now check their character’s participation status for various pieces of content on the “Game Menu” by pressing [ESC].
      From within the settings menu, players can now set a chat macro to be displayed upon using a skill.
      Added ‘Favorite Mount’ settings. Favorited mounts will be randomly summoned.
      Improved item loot options and settings, auto-dismantling, and loot alerts.
      Added an option to exclude items with specific engravings to auto-dismantling.
      Improved Integrated Preset options.
      You can now apply Integrated Preset to use tripod effects in the Skill Tree Inventory. This effect will be applied to the skill immediately, and will not overwrite your gear.
      Added an option to change your Integrated Preset at the entry point of all end-game contents, such as Chaos Dungeon, Abyss Raid, Legion Raid, etc.
      You can automatically summon a specified pet with the Integrated Preset.
      You can now designate which characters can gain gold rewards from specific activities, like Abyss Dungeons, Abyssal Raids, and Legion Raids. The maximum number of characters that can earn gold is still 6 per activity.
      Added new Party Finder & Party Invite improvements.
      Offline players will not be shown in the Party Invite UI.
      If you request matching or try to enter a different content while you are in Find Party lobby, a pop up will appear to confirm if you want to leave the lobby.
      Added a drop down menu in the Find Party UI (in the Legion Raid section) where you can select which gate you want to find teammates for, as Legion Raids have different gates you can enter. Learn more about gate entrance in the Valtan Legion Raid Lost Ark Academy [linked].
      Added a new "Toy" tab in the "Interact" menu that allows players to store their transformation and equippable toy items.
      Market & Auction House Improvements
      You can now search more specifically from the “Advanced Search Options” menu in the Auction House. You can also reset search presets from the Advanced Search Options by deleting search options.
      If an item listed in Market or Auction House has less than 3 hours, and more than 5 minutes left before it expires, you can re-list the item. You will pay the deposit again and your old deposit will be returned to you by mail. If you instead choose to cancel a listing within that timeframe, your deposit will be returned by mail along with your item. If an item is sold while attempting to re-list or cancel the listing, the deposit that you paid will be refunded immediately. If the listed product has less than 5 minutes left before it expires, you will not be able to re-list it or cancel listing.
      You can now check how many Pheons you have directly from the Auction House UI.
      Stronghold Improvements
      Farm Improvements & Updates
      From the new Farm menu, you can now select and plant Gatherables on the slots. Gatherables in the slot will be ready to harvest every morning. You can check your notifications or go to the management mode to see Gatherables that are ready to be harvested.
      Depending on your Research level, you can now harvest Splendid Gatherables, which will give you more rewards.
      Mastery Skills and passive perks provided by trade skill levels don’t apply buffs when harvesting Gatherables in the Stronghold farm.
      You can no longer complete trade skill related Una's Tasks or Guild Requests from the Stronghold farm resources.
      General Stronghold Improvements
      Boundaries will be now shown so you can easily identify where structures can be successfully placed.
      You can now select and edit more than one structure at the same time by pressing [CTRL].
      Inventory limit for certain Stronghold structures has increased from 99 to 999.
      You can now send more than one dispatch on the same special mission from the Dispatch Station. If a crew member that you added manually is the same as one in auto-formation, then the auto-formation button will become inactive.
      General Updates
      Refreshed the daily log-in reward track.
      Two accessories with the same name (two "Space Rings" for example) can now be equipped at the same time.
      Added front and back attack indicators when fighting a boss to better see where your attack is landing.
      Added settings that can adjust the shape and color of the indicators. These can be found by navigating to Settings > selecting “Gameplay”, and then selecting “Controls and Display”.
      Added shortcuts in the Frost Haven and Foggy Ridge Guardian Maps.
      Raid leaders’ chat messages will now be highlighted.
      Improved World Map symbol search and the Dungeon Map checking function. You can now look up targets that are on a different floor.
      When collecting token items, the alert will now show which inventory it's being stored in.
      The amount of silver in the South Vern entrance ticket chest at the Guild Vendor has increased from 37,000 to 42,000.
      Added an item level limit of 1415 to get gold rewards from Oreha’s Well Abyssal Dungeons. Applies to both Normal and Hard mode.
      Monte Island improvements:
      Players can now enter Monte Island from a fixed location.
      A compass has been added so players can easily navigate to the co-op quest area.
      Number of participants for the ‘Sweet Dreams’ co-op quest has been reduced to 30 participants.
      To beat the Strange Treasure Chest, you will need to use a frying pan by using the F5 key.
      Strange Treasure Chests will produce more notes, but will no longer drop silver or gold.
      You will no longer lose an alcohol buff if you move to a different area. Certain alcohols will now have a 10-min buff.
      You can now refill Sweet Mojito and Punika Gin by taking your empty bottle to Gali in Nia Village.
      A "Quality Upgrade" NPC has been added to all major cities allowing players a chance to upgrade the quality of Relic gear obtained from Legion Raids for gold.
      Cooldown time for the Sniffer Dog excavating skill has been decreased from 5m to 3m.
      If expanded, the mini-map will now close automatically during trade skill mini-games.
      Added the ability for players to auto-path to a specific location by pressing [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [L Click] on the overlay map [Tab].
      Players can now use their mouse to add or remove sheet music, mounts, and pets in hot-bar slots while holding an item that they've picked up.
      A button has been added allowing players to preview skins from selection chests within their inventory before making a choice
      Vendors items with purchase limits (daily, weekly, roster, etc.) will now be moved to the bottom of the store UI if the available quantity has been exhausted.
      Improved controller support:
      Players can now use their controller to use smart pings to share their location with party members.
      You can now use RT+RB+B on your controller to start/end deal meter in the Training Grounds.
        General Balance
      Changes include updates to some Skill Runes, the damage reduction effect, and tuning for many of the Advanced Classes to balance their impact and further define their battlefield roles.
      Damage Reduction Effect Updates
      Smilegate RPG Developer note: “Skills that reduced damage for the player or group were too efficient in PvP, resulting in potentially boring combat due to oversimplification of skill usage and strategy. To address this, we put a limit on party damage reduction buff during PvP.”
      All damage reduction skill effects received by party members in PvP areas have been changed to only apply 65.0% damage reduction. The following skills have changed to reflect this.
      Holy Area - Grace tripod
      God's Decree - Grace tripod
      Heavenly Blessings
      Nellasia's Energy
      Guardian's Protection
      Sound Wave - Endurance Wave tripod
      Note Bundle - Strong Note tripod
      Guardian Tune
      Rhapsody of Light - Light Protection tripod
      Wind's Whisper - Warrior's Courage tripod
      Energy Release
      Skill Runes
      Changed how the cooldown reduction effect of Conviction and Judgment was calculated, by factoring in the cooldown reduction effect of Swiftness using multiplication instead of addition.
        Class Balance
      Crime Hazard
      Attack type changed from front attack to back attack.
      Chain Sword
      Attack type changed from front attack to back attack.
      Assault Blade
      Piercing Strike tripod has changed to Amplified Damage. On hit, foes will take +6.0% damage from player and party members for 6s.
      Instead of ignoring target defense, enemies will now receive increased damage from the player and party members.
      Mountain Crash
      Counter Attack effect has been added.
      Earthquake's duration increased by 1.0 seconds.
      Enhance tripod changed to Amplified Damage. On hit, foes will take +6.0% damage from player and party members for 10s.
      Hell Blade
      You can now use your movement skill while using Hell Blade.
      Deadly Blow tripod effect has been updated. Now, if your HP is 50% or below, damage will increase by 55.0/63.8/72.6/81.4/90.2%.
      Red Dust
      MP consumption reduced by 11.5%.
      PvP and PvE damage reduced by 16%.
      Fury meter amount reduced by 16.2% in PvP and PvE.
      Cooldown reduced to 24s.
      Skill effect changed: Swing the greatsword into the air and create a red energy. On hit, inflict Damage and increase Atk. Power by 6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20/22/24% for 6 seconds.
      Quick Prep tripod has changed to Damage Amplification.
      Damage Amplification tripod changed to Red Shock, which you can now progress to Lv. 5.
      Sword Storm
      Flame Storm tripod damage has decreased. Now, when your HP is 50.0% or lower, outgoing Damage is increased by 55.0/63.8/72.6/81.4/90.2%.
      Berserker Technique - Crit damage has increased. While bursting, Crit Damage is now +35/50/70%.
      Burst mode damage for Mayhem has decreased. Outgoing Damage is now +3/8/16%.
      Can only receive 40% of healing effects.
      Adrophine Potion can now be used while in Burst Mode.
      If your HP is maxed at 25% during Burst Mode, you cannot use HP recovery potions.
      Surge Cannon
      Increased damage in PvE by 3.3%.
      Precise Barrage tripod damage increased to +45.0/52.0/59.0/67.0/75.0% as the perfect zone area gets smaller.
      Decreased Overcharge tripod damage.
      Charged Stinger
      Increased Weak Point Detection tripod damage to +25.0/31.0/37.0/43.0/50.0%.
      Counter Gunlance
      Bombardment Spear tripod damage increased.
      Shield Bash
      Weak Point Lv. 1 effect has been added, as Gunlancers did not have weak point while in the combat stance.
      PvE Punish skills damage increased by 4.8%.
      Attack type changed from front attack to back attack.
      Executor's Sword
      Attack type changed from front attack to back attack.
      Holy Sword
      Attack type changed from front attack to back attack.
      Sacred Executioner's duration has increased by +100/125/150%.
      Esoteric Skill damage calculation by Specialization increased from 0.225 to 0.27.
      PVE skill damage increased by 18% for normal skills and by 14% for Awakening & Esoteric skills.
      Wind’s Whisper
      Oath of the Wind tripod effect changed from Crit Rate to MP Recovery Rate.
      Sky Shattering Blow
      Attack type changed from both front attack and back attack to just back attack.
      Esoteric Skill: Spiral Impact
      Attack type changed from front attack to back attack.
      First Intention damage has increased to +16/24/32%.
      PvE Damage from all skills (except for basic attacks) has increased by 24%.
      Charging Blow
      Ready Attack tripod changed to Furious Hit.
      Fierce Tiger Strike
      Rough Smash tripod changed to +300/322/366/388% according to number of foes hit.
      Continuous Push
      Sturdy Armor tripod changed to Fist of Endurance. On hit, incoming Damage Reduction +6.0/6.3/6.6/6.9/7.3% per stack.
      Attack type changed from front attack to back attack.
      Roundup Sweep
      Attack type changed from front attack to back attack.
      Swift Preparation tripod effect changed from successful Crit hit to successful hit.
      Critical Blow
      Attack type changed from front attack to back attack.
      Shredding Strike
      Attack type changed from front attack to back attack.
      Awakening Skills
      Mysterious Art: Blast of Ruination effect has changed distance used to calculate damage for accuracy.
      Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu
      Stamina skill damage now increases by +35/50/65%.
      PvE Damage from all skills except for basic attack and awakening skills has increased by 7%
      Energy Bullet
      Trance tripod attack time has been shortened by approximately 40%.
      Energy Blast
      PvE damage has increased by 11.7%
      Concussion skill tree effect has been changed to Ranged Hit.
      Weak Point Detection tripod changed to Tenacity, which cannot be leveled up.
      Ranged Hit tripod changed to Concussion.
      Ruthless tripod changed to Concentration.
      Weak Point Detection tripod can progress to level 5.
      The Ferocious Strike tripod no longer impacts damage, and now decreases charging time by 50%.
      Merciless Pummel
      Attack range has increased by approximately 40%.
      Clear Hit skill tripod will not increase attack range.
      Bolting Crash
      Attack type changed from front attack to back attack.
      You can now exit Hype immediately by pressing [X].
      Attack type changed from front attack to back attack.
      Wheel of Blades
      Attack type changed from front attack to back attack.
      Red Dragon’s Horn
      Determination tripod damage is now increased by 20/26/32/38/45%. Perfect Zone damage is now increased by 45/52/59/67/75%.
      Spear of Destruction tripod effect has been changed from inflicting guaranteed Crit Damage to a 100% increase in Crit Accuracy, and increasing Crit Damage by 0.0/11.0/22.0/33.0/44.0%.
      Aiming Distance tripod changed to Fatal Aim.
      Thrust of Destruction
      PvE damage increased by 13.3%.
      Speartip Thrust tripod changed to Spear of Destruction.
      Weak Point Detection tripod swapped locations in the skill tree menu with the Shield tripod.
      Spiraling Spear
      Counter Attack effect has been added.
      Speartip Thrust skill tripod changed to Vital Point Strike.
      Four-headed Dragon
      Speartip Thrust tripod has changed to Vital Point Strike.
      The Violent Thrust tripod's Crit Rate has increased by 20%. Crit Damage has increased by up to 55.0/63.0/72.0/81.0/90.0%, as you can thrust a longer period of time.
      Starfall Pounce
      Ground Explosion tripod damage increased to +80/89.6/99.2/109.6/120%.
      Sky Shattering Blow
      Attack type changed from front attack and back attack to only back attack.
      Esoteric Skill: Spiral Impact
      Attack type changed from front attack to back attack.
      Enforce Execution
      Removed the front attack type from the ‘Upper Kick’ attack.
      Quick Shot
      When selecting the Final Light tripod and using this skill, the push back distance has been reduced.
      Cruel Tracker
      Push back distance after the final attack has been reduced.
      Awakening Skill
      Clay Bombardment
      The space between clay bombardment images and Deadeye can now have attack hits.
      Damage for pistol skills increased to +30/50/70%.
      Damage from normal skills during PvE has increased by 5%.
      Gatling Gun
      Removed the back attack effect.
      Removed the back attack effect.
      Gravity Explosion
      Removed the back attack effect.
      Homing Barrage
      Stagger damage decreased from 'High' to 'Lowest'.
      Air Raid
      Stagger damage decreased from 'Mid' to 'Lowest'.
      Flame Barrage tripod now inflicts increased damage, +15.0/21.1/27.5/33.8/40.0%, to monsters that are Challenger grade or higher.
      Multiple Rocket Launcher
      Stagger damage increased from 'Mid-High' to 'High'.
      Flame Rocket tripod now deals increased damage, +15.0/21.0/27.0/33.0/40.0.
      Napalm Shot
      Front attack has been removed.
      Stagger increased from 'Mid-High' to 'Highest'.
      Stagger increased from 'Lowest' to 'High'.
      Forward Barrage
      Counter attack has been added.
      Awakening Skills: Heavy Turret
      HP increased by 300% for PvE.
      You can now use mobility skills in Barrage Mode, but when you do, Barrage Mode will be deactivated immediately.
      You can deactivate Barrage Mode even if you have the Silence debuff.
      You can now use the following battle items in Barrage Mode: Time Stop Potion, Stealth Robe, and Splendid Stealth Robe.
      An extra meter will be added when you engage in Firepower Meter level 3, making it easier to check the buff’s duration.
      Specialty Skills
      Howitzer shot cooldown has been reduced from 12 seconds to 9 seconds.
      Focus Fire range increased by 50%, attack speed increased by approximately 16%, and attack duration has decreased by approximately 30%.
      Deadly Slash
      Attack type changed from front attack and back attack to only back attack.
      Front attack effect has been removed.
      Atomic Arrow
      Weak Point level 1 effect has been added.
      Charged Shot
      Weak Point level 1 effect changed to level 2.
      Sharp Shooter
      Focus Shot tripod has been changed from increased Crit Damage to increased Damage. Now, Outgoing Damage is +20.0/26.0/32.0/38.0/45.0%.
      Blade Storm
      The Silver Master skill tree tool tip has been changed to add Hawk Meter recovery every time you use a skill after applying the Shadow Dance tripod.
      Easy Prey tripod has been changed to increase Crit Rate. Now, Easy Prey deals increased Damage instead of increased Crit Damage.
      Awakening Skills
      Fenrir’s Messenger
      Overcharging will recover the Hawk Meter by 100%. If you don’t complete the charge, the Hawk Meter will recover by 25%.
      Specialization no longer changes Hawk Meter's recovery.
      The Hawk Meter's natural recovery has been increased by 30% for PvE.
      Death Strike damage has increased to 22/33/44%.
      Removed Hawk Meter recovery from Loyal Companion and increased attack power, +3/6/10%, while Silverhawk is summoned.
      Attack type changed from front attack to back attack.
      PvE damage has increased by 22%.
      Kill Confirmation tripod has been changed to Cutthroat.
      Bullet Rain
      PvE damage has increased by 23%.
      PvP damage has decreased by 20%.
      Ambush tripod damage decreased to +20.0/26.0/32.0/38.0/45.0%.
      Vital Point Shot tripod changed to In a Tight Spot.
      Flame Shot tripod changed from increased Crit Damage to increased Damage. Damage increase is now +60.0/68.0/77.0/86.0/95.0%.
      Crit rate for Time to Hunt has increased to +20/30/40%.
      Prelude of Storm
      Counter attack effect has been added.
      Sound Shock
      Sacred Shock tripod changed to increase Note Brand time by 1s.
      Brilliant Stigma tripod changed to increase Note Brand time by 1s.
      Note Bundle
      Sacred Note tripod changed to increase Note Brand time by 1s.
      Harp of Rhythm
      Note Brand skill tripod changed to increase Note Brand time by 1s.
      Rhapsody of Light
      Note Brand tripod changed to increase Note Brand time by 1s.
      Ice Shower
      Counter Attack effect has been added.
      Attack type changed from front attack to back attack.
      Decreased the Magick Enhancement effect’s damage to Monsters by 1%.
      Decreased the Arcane Torrent effect’s damage to Monsters by 2%.
      Earth Cleaver
      Attack type changed from front attack and back attack to only front attack.
      Surge has been changed to increase the damage from the Surge skill to 100/110/120%. Maximum damage output will require a full stack of 20 for Surge Enhancement. When Death Trance is finished, refill the Orb Meter based off the number of surge stacks you have, up to 100%.
        Shadow Hunter
      Movement distance increased by 1m.
      Counter attack effect has been added.
      Grind Chain
      Quick Prep tripod changed to Amplified Damage, which cannot progress in level. On hit, foes will take +6.0% damage from player and party members for 10s.
      Demonic Slash
      Movement distance increased by 2m.
      When the skill is used slanted towards monsters, the skill will pass through them instead of colliding.
      Excellent Mobility tripod changed to Amplified Damage, which cannot progress in level. On hit, foes will take +6.0% damage from player and party members for 8s.
      Rising Claw
      Attack type changed from front attack to back attack.
      Cooldown reduced from 30 seconds to 24 seconds.
      Damage from PvE and PvP decreased by 15.95%.
      MP consumption reduced by 11.4%.
      Quick Prep tripod changed to Amplified Damage, which cannot be leveled up. On hit, foes will take +6.0% damage from player and party members for 16s.
      Scream of Fury tripod changed from increasing damage for all party members with accuracy, to only increasing damage from the player who applied Fear.
      Scream of Fury tripod can be progressed to level 5.
      Ruining Rush
      Enemies that were hit with accuracy will now take 6% more damage for 6 seconds.
      Death Claw
      Removed the front attack type.
      Enemies that were hit with accuracy will now take 6% more damage for 6 seconds.
        Notable Bug Fixes
      Fixed an issue preventing entry into Secret Dungeons if the map was stored in the Pet Inventory.
      Fixed an issue causing uncraftable Feasts and BBQs to display in the Chef's Kitchen within the Stronghold.
      Fixed an issue causing most events saved in the calendar to be removed after closing and reopening the menu.
      Fixed an issue causing the “Attachment” and “Delete” selection buttons to not function within the mailbox.
      Fixed an issue causing cutscenes to only trigger for a single player when progressing through a quest with a party member.
      Fixed an issue causing the ticking SFX heard at the end of a Team Elimination PvP match to persist through the proceeding rounds.
      Fixed an issue causing all options/items to disappear when searching for invalid terms at any vendor.
      Fixed an issue causing UI elements to disappear when pressing the tab key while viewing items from a vendor.
      Fixed an issue causing ban reasoning and expiration timers to not be shown in specific cases.
      Fixed an issue causing the event time shown in the calendar to not follow the local server time.
      Fixed an issue causing the timers displayed in the Adventure Island menu to reference UTC time in all regions.
      Fixed an issue causing the weapon effect toggle to activate after accessing the dismantle menu from the inventory.
      Fixed a controller related issue where some pop-up tutorials would display keyboard commands instead of controller inputs.
      Fixed an issue preventing the "The Shandi's Trial: Focusing" quest from being completed while using a controller.
      Thank you for your support! We’ll see you in Arkesia.
    • By Starym
      Amazon have detailed the very first Legion raid, which is coming to Lost Ark this week as Commander Valtan steps in. There's a new raid structure coming to cities for the Legion content, but as we're also getting the Integrated Dungeon menu with the May update as well, you don't actually have to interact with it. There's also the new extra Sidereal skills available in the raids, so read up on all the details below!
      Valtan Legion Raid (Source)
      Beware, Heroes of Arkesia.
      After being critically injured at the Wall of Glory in Luterra, Legion Commander Valtan was betrayed by Kharmine and his thirst for power. Kharmine absorbed Valtan’s body, tearing his soul to pieces.
      Time passed, Valtan’s shredded soul wandering endlessly through the abyss.
      Requiring reinforcements for the invasion of Arkesia, Plague Legion Commander Akkan used his powers to stitch Valtan's soul back together. Akkan placed it in a new patchwork body— a physical representation of Valtan's tattered soul. Valtan feels endless anguish. Tortured by memories of being torn into pieces and constant pain having a new patchwork body, the Lord of the Demon Beasts will not stop until he destroys everything in sight— inflicting the same crushing agony on all those in his path.
      Filled with the traces of a horrific massacre, the Resurrected Demon Beast Lair is an area that Valtan entered from a Chaos Gate after the events that recently transpired in South Vern. Strategically located upon a towering mountain peak in Luterra, it now serves as the Demon Beast Legion's camp. Once again, the Lord of the Demon Beasts will return to the battlefield to fill Arkesia with blood and shrieks of terror...
      "I am… Valtan, the Demon Beast Legion Commander!"
      Legion Raid Overview & Getting Started
      Valtan will introduce the first Legion Raid into the Western version of Lost Ark. Legion Raids are difficult team-based activities that require teamwork to understand and execute the strategy necessary to counter each Legion Commander's unique characteristics, abilities, and mechanics. As Legion Raids are challenging and take time, there are gates (or checkpoints) that will save players' progression as they advance through the Raid. Valtan is an eight-player Legion raid, has 2 gates, and introduces a swathe of new mechanics. Players will need to be item level 1415 to attempt Normal difficulty, and 1445 for Hard mode. Normal and Hard share a weekly lockout, so you can only attempt one difficulty per week.
      Players can participate in Legion Raids after completing the guide quest ‘[Guide] Notice: Legion Raid’. Once you’ve completed the guide quest, you can visit the “Lunar Knights” NPC located in Vern castle to start the quest 'Resurrected Lord of Destruction' which tells the story of Valtan.
      Once unlocked, the Valtan Legion Raid is available to enter through a new structure located in major cities. Legion Raids can also be entered through the Party Finder tool (icon found below the mini-map), or through the new “Integrated Dungeon” menu arriving in the May update that lists all the Dungeons and Raids available to a player and allows entry into those activities directly. This menu can be found by selecting the Integrated Dungeon icon under the mini-map, or by pressing [ALT] + [Q].
      Gate Progression System
      In Legion Raids, gates (or checkpoints) work a little differently than other activities. In other activities, gates will save your progression for that session in case you wipe and need to try again, but in Legion Raids the gate save point system will not only let you try again in case of a wipe, it also lets you take a break from a Legion Raid without losing out on progress or rewards.
      You’ll receive a reward whenever you clear a gate in a Legion Raid. Your completed gate information will be saved when you claim your reward, and your group can vote to decide whether you continue to the next gate or not. If your group votes to continue on, you’ll move forward with your current group to challenge the challenge the boss, enemies, or Legion Commander guarding the remaining gates. If you’ve decided to wait on challenging the remaining gates, you can resume challenging the remaining gates until the weekly reset.
      The May “Destined for Destruction” Update will include a new drop down menu in the Find Party UI (in the Legion Raid section) where you can select which gate you want to find teammates for. Valtan will have two gates, so if you complete the first one, you can come back and challenge the second one later on, even with a whole new group if you see fit.
      Sidereal Skills
      Legion Raids introduce a new mechanic; Sidereal Skills. In each Legion Raid, you will find Sidereals who will fight alongside your group, allowing you to enlist their help for powerful skills mid-battle. You can fill up the Sidereal Skill meter throughout the raid, when meeting certain conditions during boss battles. When the meter is full, the raid group leader can use one of the available Sidereal Skills, unique to each Legion Raid.
      In the Valtan Legion Raid, there are 3 Sidereals you can call upon for aid:
        Thirain - Completed Vanquisher
      Thirain awakens the Vanquisher and smashes it with the power of light to create a massively damaging explosion. It has a powerful Weak Point ability granted by Vanquisher’s holy powers.
        Wei - Awakened Dochul
      Wei summons Dochul to launch 3 powerful attacks. Awakened Dochul inflicts massive Stagger damage whenever he attacks.
        Balthorr - Arcturus's Breath
      Balthorr strikes the anvil with Earthen Strength. When he strikes the anvil, all squad members within 14 meters of the anvil are enhanced for a short time with enchanted armor. The enchanted armor grants Push immunity, reduces the damage taken from the foes, and blocks some of the Legion Commander’s powerful skills.
      Gear & Rewards
      With great challenge comes great reward. In Legion Raids, you can earn Legendary gear crafting materials, Relic gear crafting materials, Relic accessories, Gold, honing materials, Ability Stones, Cards, and more! Each gate of a Legion Raid will grant rewards to all players, and the final gate granting additional rewards with the customary bonus chest you can buy for gold, and a loot auction— both similar to what you’d experience in an Abyssal Dungeon or Abyss Raid. While the same rewards can be found in both Normal and Hard mode of Valtan, the Hard mode will grant greater quantities. You’ll also need to be item level 1445 to craft the Relic sets of gear. The gear transfer function will work on Relic gear, so you won’t lose any progress when switching over.
      Additionally, a "Quality Upgrade" NPC has been added to all major cities allowing players a chance to upgrade the quality of Relic gear obtained from Legion Raids.
      Looking Ahead
      We’re not going to spoil the unique mechanics, moves, and challenges you’ll experience within the Valtan Legion Raid, as we know some groups like to figure it out on their own! If you want some tips or tricks, head over to YouTube! There are a variety of talented Content Creators who have already made comprehensive guides to prepare you and your group for Valtan.
      On May 19, Valtan, Deskaluda, The Destroyer Advanced Class, Challenge Guardians, and many more threats, new types of content, and skins will arrive in Arkesia. If you want to learn more about what’s coming, make sure you check out the May Update Reveal article, and stay tuned later this week for the full release notes.
      We wish you luck in your upcoming battles against the Demon Beast Legion Commander Valtan, and we’ll see you in Arkesia!
    • By Starym
      We have a very detailed look at the Destroyer, as Amazon lay out the entire class (which has received very significant changes recently) ahead of its release next week! Only the second sort-of-tank in the game, despite its lack of an actual shield, it has plenty of defensive power and a taunt. So let's take at everything related to the class.
      Destroyer (Source)
      Heroes of Arkesia,
      On May 19, the Destroyer Advanced Class will arrive in Arkesia. Armed with a variety of skills centered around charging into the heart of the fray, their hammer attacks are so catastrophically crushing that Destroyers can bend gravity to their will— slowing, launching, pushing and pulling enemies— whatever it takes to utterly, beyond a shadow of a doubt, destroy them. The Destroyer will join the Berserker, Paladin, and Gunlancer as the fourth Warrior Advanced Class. In this Lost Ark Academy, you’ll find information to see if the Destroyer is the class for you— and if so, help you start planning the skills and engravings you’re interested in using to enhance your impact on the battlefield.
      Before we dive in, it’s also worth noting for existing Lost Ark fans that the Destroyer includes the rework (tuning and balance changes) recently made in other regions. Let’s see if the Destroyer fits your playstyle, or is a new experience you’re interested in trying.
      Key Mechanics and Class Identity
      A true tank, the Destroyer has high health, the ability to generate shields, and heavy-hitting attacks that deal massive amounts of Stagger damage. The trade-off comes at the cost of the Destroyer’s attack and movement speed— this hulking warrior has a huge Gravity Hammer that needs to be toted around the battlefield. While the Destroyer’s overall speed is slow, some of his skills allow for bursts of speed to leap or charge into the fray. With his ability to manipulate gravity, the Destroyer won’t be the slowest moving combatant on the field— he can move effortlessly through his intense gravitational attacks, while enemies are slowed, weakened, and crushed. Besides, you don’t need to move at all when you can just pull enemies toward you. While the Destroyer’s attacks may be slower or require charging up, they hit extremely hard— especially when consuming Gravity Cores.
      Gravity Cores & Gravity Release
      The Destroyer’s skills are separated into two categories, Concentration Skills and Gravity Release Skills. When used successfully in combat, Concentration Skills allow the Destroyer to charge up to three Gravity Cores. The Gravity Release Skills consumes any Gravity Cores you’ve charged up to generate a shield and greatly enhance the damage output of that attack. Using one Core grants a 10% damage bonus for the Gravity Release skill being used, and 10% of maximum HP as a temporary shield. Two Gravity Cores grant a 25% damage bonus for the skill and 20% of maximum HP as a shield, and using all three Gravity Cores grants a 45% damage increase for the skill and 30% of maximum HP as a shield.
      In game, the type of skill can easily be identified by its color; Concentration Skills that charge up Gravity Cores are blue-colored, and Gravity Release skills are purple. Making sure you have a balance of these skills, is key, as charging up and spending Gravity Cores will help maximize your damage output.
      Identity Skill - Hypergravity Mode
      The Destroyer's Identity Skill is Hypergravity Mode, which can be activated by pressing [Z] after charging your Gravity Meter (separate from Gravity Cores) through combat. When Hypergravity Mode is activated, in-range enemies' movement speed and attack speed becomes slower, you gain shields, and you become immune to debuffs, knockdowns, pushes, and other incoming negative effects.
      While you'll lose access to most of your skills during Hypergravity, your basic, or “auto” attack becomes heavily enhanced to deal more damage, and you can use a new ability— Vortex Gravity. When using this ability, you'll strike your hammer downward, inflicting damage, and explode gravitational energy in front of you, inflicting more damage, then pull in foes within a 6 meter radius. While in Hypergravity Mode, you can use your enhanced basic attack, press [Z] to use Vortex Gravity, or press [X] to cancel out and return to your normal skillset.
      Class Engravings & Skills
      Class Specific Engravings
      The Destroyer’s two Class Engravings each enhance a different unique aspect of the class. The Gravity Training Engraving can be used to decrease the amount of time needed to charge the Gravity Meter, and increases the effectiveness of attacks while Hypergravity Mode is active. Similarly, the Rage Hammer Engraving is used to maximize the damage inflicted by Gravity Release Skills, by increasing Crit Rate and Crit Damage based on the amount of Gravity Cores used. Find the exact enhancements listed below.
      Gravity Training
      Level 1: During combat, the Gravity Meter recovers 1% every 1s. Basic Attack and Vortex Gravity Crit Rate +10% and +4% Attack Damage to foes during Hypergravity Mode.
      Level 2: During combat, the Gravity Meter recovers 1.5% every 1s. Basic Attack and Vortex Gravity Crit Rate +20% and Attack Damage +10% to foes during Hypergravity Mode.
      Level 3: During combat, the Gravity Meter recovers 2% every 1s. Basic Attack and Vortex Gravity Crit Rate +30% and Attack Damage +20% to foes during Hypergravity Mode.
      Rage Hammer
      Level 1: When using a Gravity Release Skill, Crit Rate +3% and Crit Damage +5% based on the amount of Cores used.
      Level 2: When using a Gravity Release Skill, Crit Rate +4% and Crit Damage +10% based on the amount of Cores used.
      Level 3: When using a Gravity Release Skill, Crit Rate +5% and Crit Damage +15% based on the amount of Cores used.
      Destroyer Skills
      Find a full list of the Concentration and Gravity Release skill descriptions below, followed by the two Awakening skills. If you’re interested in seeing some of these showcased in video, checkout our Destroyer Class Page! And remember, these are just the base skills - each can be customized further through the Tripod system as you experiment to find what works best against the different threats found throughout Arkesia.
      Concentration Skills (Core Charging Skills - Blue)
      Dreadnaught - Take a ready stance with your hammer on your shoulder, concentrating your energy on your Cores, and then hit the ground to send forth a shockwave, inflicting damage, and use the momentum to jump high. While jumping, slam your hammer down onto foes.
      Earth Smasher - Swing the hammer above your head in a circle and strike the ground, inflicting damage and creating a huge boulder. Take a swing at it to break it and propel the fragments in a cone-shaped blast. The foes hit by the boulder fragments are stunned.
      Endure Pain - Let out a roar, inflicting damage to foes within a 6 meter range. Upon using the skill, gain a buff making you immune to Pushes and reducing incoming damage.
      Gravity Force - Hold your hammer close to the hammerhead and swing it at foes in front of you. Afterward, your hammer releases gravitational energy, attacking foes in a straight line 7 times for damage, pulling them close. Foes affected by the energy receive damage and are forcefully pulled to a nearby position.
      Gravity Impact - Strike your hammer downward, inflicting damage, and start injecting gravitational energy where you stand. Gradually pull and attack foes 8 times, and then instantly explode the energy, pulling all the foes to you at once inflicting damage.
      Heavy Crush - Raise your hammer above your head, then smash the ground with enormous gravitational force, inflicting damage.
      Jumping Smash - Leap to the target location within 10 meters and swing your hammer down to the ground, inflicting damage.
      Power Shoulder - Crouch and charge 5 meters forward with your hammer held in front of you, attacking 4 times to inflict damage. Use as a combo to raise the hammer high and inflict damage, launching foes into the air.
      Power Strike - Raise your hammer above your head and smash the ground 3 times, each smash inflicting damage.
      Running Crash - Hold to sprint forward and charge at foes, inflicting damage over 7 hits. The gravitational energy explodes when you release the skill key or max out the Holding Meter, launching foes into the air for damage.
      Gravity Release Skills (Core Consuming Skills - Purple)
      Earth Eater - Smash the ground behind you, then deliver a horizontal swing with chunks of rocks following your hammer. Spin a total of 3 times, each spin inflicting damage. Your hammer goes higher with each spin until you swing it down to the ground to inflict damage.
      One-Man Army - Swing your hammer sideways to inflict up to 6 blows. damage increases with each blow.
      Full Swing - Strike behind you with your hammer and spin 360 degrees, attacking surrounding foes 3 times in total. Overcharge to inflict more damage.
      Neutralizer - Imbue your hammer with gravitational energy, and swing it downward with might, inflicting damage. This ground smash causes a shockwave within an 8 meter radius, inflicting damage with no paralysis effects. Use the skill again to hit the ground 2 more times, inflicting more damage. Shockwaves inflict the same amount of damage.
      Seismic Hammer - Hold your hammer upside down, then jump and smash the ground, inflicting damage. The crash forms a cone-shaped wall that stretches 11 meter, inflicting damage.
      Gravity Compression - Thrust the handle of your hammer into the ground and release a gravitational wave while inflicting damage. Hold for 2s to release a black hole, inflicting damage over up to 9 hits. If you stop holding before the Holding Meter is maxed out, the black hole explodes and inflicts damage to foes within a 5 meter radius. Max out the Holding Meter to cause a bigger explosion, inflicting damage to foes within a 6 meter radius.
      Perfect Swing - This skill can be charged for 2s. When used midway, advance 3 meters forward and charge at foes to inflict damage, followed by a powerful smash inflicting damage. Overcharge the skill to move 4 meters forward and deliver an even fiercer blow to inflict damage.
      Awakening Skills
      Terra Break Hammer - the ground in front of you, inflicting damage as gravitational energy drops from the sky. The ground cracks, casting a gravitational field. All foes within the field are knocked down. Swing your hammer upward to create anti-gravity and inflict damage. All foes within range are shot into the air. Concentrate your energy and jump, hammering foes flat to the ground for more damage. This skill restores your Gravity Meter by 100%.
      Big Bang - Gather gravitational energy then explode it, inflicting damage to foes in a 3.2 meter radius and knocking them away. All incoming damage -50% and gain immunity against debuffs, Pushes, and Move Speed reductions. Ignore collisions with normal foes while gathering energy. You can move while gathering gravitational energy. damage and the explosion radius up to 8 meters, depending on how long you gathered energy.
      Leveling Up & Looking Ahead
      We’re excited to see the Destroyer’s impact on the battlefields of Arkesia, helping raid groups complete stagger checks and dishing out massive damage when the Destined for Destruction Update releases on May 19. Interested in catching your Destroyer up to the rest of your roster? There are a few progression paths you can take. If you haven’t leveraged them already, there are two current progression events available for a limited time:
      The Express Mission Event that can be activated on any character to enable faster honing through Tier 1 & 2, and special event missions that grant progression materials, battle items, and more as completion rewards.
      A Feiton Powerpass that immediately drops an alternate character at the end of the Feiton storyline (Item Level 960).
      Both these progression events will be sticking around until June 30, so make sure to use them while you can! We’ll strive to be more clear if an Advanced Class will be releasing during future progression events, so players can better plan ahead. In addition to the limited-time events, every player received 2 Vern Powerpasses at launch, and players can use the Knowledge Transfer feature in their Stronghold to help move a new alternate character through previously completed continent storylines.
      We’ll see you, soon bearing colossal hammers, in Arkesia!
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