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So my guild is starting to try Heroic SoO Progression now. While I missed this week's Immerseus, Protectors and Norushen kill thanks to a thunderstorm taking out my power. I did get a chance at Heroic Sha of Pride Thursday, before we switched back to Normal and just cleared the raid.


We're likely going straight back in Tuesday, and I'd like to be more ready, so I came here.


Now unfortunately, there is a bit of an issue; last night was the first night I'd ever used keybinds and macros........ever. So it was a bit wonky. And in addition.....I totally forgot to type / I didn't get any log data from last night. What I DID remember to do was take a video though, so there is this.


Heroic Sha of Pride Attempt


Normal SoO Clear (Starting Sha)


Now, I do have logs from an earlier raid, and the video to go with it. However, this is from before I started using keybinds and macros, so I don't know how much use it will be.


Normal SoO Full Clear (Pre-Keybind+Macro)

Logs for this raid


Thanks for the help in advance.

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Hi, this is going to be some what a long post


i watched some videos that you post it, and i have a lot of comments about it.  Again this is only my comments, this is your warrior, your toon, and your account that you paid for, i can not make you change.  In other words, everything that I write here is just a suggestion from my perspective.


1. UI (user interphase):  your UI is cleaner compare with other tanks i have seen, but from my understanding as tank u want to track cool downs, buff/debuff, boss timers, and your feet!!! the way that you have it set it up, is all over the place, my guess is that you spend a majority of fight looking at the bars at the bottom. i do see you track your buff/debuffs, but they are extreamly diffult to see or watch during mids of the fight.   your boss timer tracking is out of place.  which i believe most time you may ignore them.  

so i make my suggestion here:  when you play your warrior, look at the screen, your center of the focus should be your toon, which is at dead in the middle.  from there on you will need to get add on such as tellmewhen or weak auras to set up buff/debuff tracker icons around your character, so you will easily watch those icons and your toon's feet at the sametime,  the boss timer/ your basic rotation should go there too not all the way at the bottom of the screen.  for the UI setup, you should watch few of the videos of prot warrior tanking pov from youtube, and see how do they track their shield block/shield barrier... and adjust the way you like....


2. keybinding: it does take sometime get use to the new key binds, but in general try to group them in such way it's most make since for you, for example, 1-4 spammable rotation buttons, ` interrupt, using alt+1-4 as your defensive cd (i like this because when i use my defensive cd my fingers are usually spam 1-4).  if u use bartender addons i suggest you to keybind every abilities, over period of time try to put all the buttons you memorize by heart into one bar, and hide that bar..... slowly u will knotice the bars on your screen start getting less and less eventually there are no bars showing (at least thats what i did) and i track everything via tmw/wa.


i hope that helps, if you have any more questions feel free to ask

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Hi, ParagonFury. I'll try to get around to watching your videos some time today if I have the time.

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Sha of Pride video:


I see that you're tracking Deep Wounds, Bloodbath, and quite a few other procs and CDs, yet you're not tracking your SBar time or size and not tracking SBlk. You should get some WAs to track those or use Protwarbar. Whatever works so that you can easily see them.


Around 9 minutes in, you stood in aslew of projectiles. Make sure you're moving out of those.


I spent a large part of the fight watching your buffs and you were going massive lengths of time between SBlks. Sha of Pride is almost exclusively melee damage, so you should have a very high uptime on SBlk. Even when you're not tanking, SBlk makes Shield Slam hit harder and still benefits you more than two HSs.


I'm about threeish minutes into the pull itself and I think I've seen you take one rift. Every time you're not actively tanking, you should be preparing to take a rift. Compare how much time you have left on your last debuff to how much time before the next Wounded Pride goes out and soak rifts accordingly.


10:48 wooooaaaaaah that was a long time between Wounded Pride going out and taunting off of your cotank. Make sure you're fixated on that timer and taunting as soon as the debuff goes out.


11:25 you miss your projection. Once you hit 50 Pride, make sure you're standing within the boss' hit box when Swelling Pride goes out. This will ensure that your Projection lands within melee range for you to soak. If it does not land within melee range, you must still soak it. You'll get hit with a few stacks of his ranged attack, but you won't wipe your raid.


Where you're tanking the boss is very inconsistent (both you and the other tank are doing it). This doesn't always line up with prisons. Why isn't your positioning roughly consistent? Having inconsistent and inconvenient positioning makes it more likely that your melee will get parried, costing your group DPS. If you keep the boss facing the entrance of the room (except when you're soaking a prison), the melee will be able to get behind the boss faster after soaking rifts or prisons.


I never see you Heroic Leaping to break a prison or to soak a rift. You should be aiming to use all of your mobility on this fight.


Overall, late taunts and standing in projectiles was a pretty consistent problem leading to both you and the other tank having a ton of Pride by the end of your attempts. Ideally, you will only get pride from Swelling Pride and soaking rifts. I did see that you're moving around quite a lot, but that you're not effectively moving out of things. Strafing constantly does not make up for lack of diligence about where you're standing. I also saw that some of your abilities aren't keybound and it looks like HS and Devastate are some of those non-keybound things. I would recommend getting them on a bind. I don't know what sort of mouse you have, but before I got my naga I had things bound to scroll wheel up, scroll wheel down, and scroll wheel click which helped keep my abilities within range of my stubby little fingers. Additionally, I used f and g as well as shift+ everything I've mentioned. If you're looking for more keybinds, you could try those out and see if they work for you.


If you want to, you could send me some logs from next week's clear. Keep in mind that the main points I'm going to be looking at are your CD usage, rage usage/waste, SBlk uptime, SBar overhealing, and SBar average size.

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Warcraft Logs totally failed to keep track of things after Fallen Protectors Wipe 1. So there is nothing for Norushen or Sha of Pride. Sorry. However, I still do have the video, so maybe that will be of use.


EDIT: And my Armory (I should still be in my Prot gear).


Logs (Only includes Immerseus Kill and 1st Protectors wipe)


Youtube Video

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I haven't forgotten you, I promise. It's been a busy few days. I'm hoping to get to this on Saturday.

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Immerseus is a strange fight to critque, logs-wise, so I'm going to look at the one Protectors wipe you had.



Fight Length: 7:35


Shield Wall: 1

Last Stand: 1

Demo Shout: 4

Bloodbath: 3

Dragon Roar: 1

Reck: 3

t2 Talent: 3

t5 Talent: 1

Trinket: 2


Your cooldown usage for both offensive and defensive purposes are lacking. Out of a possible 8 Dragon Roars, you used one and it hit only one target. I'll see if this is true, but you may be pulling Rook away from Sun. I see this a lot in more casual guilds, but it's totally unnecessary and hurts your team's damage. Make sure your team knows where you will be facing Rook and keep him within Reveneg-radius of Sun so you can cleave off of her and hit her with Dragon Roar. When you get to her Desperate Measures phase, take rook out of the bubble and bring him back in once that phase is over. Further, I see you have three uses of Bloodbath (again out of a max possible of 8). You should be using Bloodbath, then Dragon Roar every time. Realistically, I wouldn't expect to see 8 Dragon Roar+Bloodbaths, I'd expect something more like 6-7. You did well with your uses of Recklessness, using 3 out of an expected 3, same with Skull Banner. All of your defensive CDs uses were below expectation, including your trinket.



SBlk uptime: 18.90%

SBar uses: 20

SBar avg size: 262k

SBar overhealing: 7.41%


Your overhealing percent is pretty good. Ideally you'd want 0%, so make sure you're not overwriting your SBars and also trying to use them at a time when they'll get entirely used. Your SBar/SBlk choice seems off to me, though. For the vast majority of the fight, Rook is simply meleeing you. SBlk is generally better choice for pure melee damage because it gives you smoothness and also, through the Heavy Repercussions glyph, gives you significant damage output. For this fight, I'd expect around a 40% uptime as well as some SBars to cover the Vengeful Strikes and the AoE magic damage during Sun's Desperate Measures.

Rage Used:

Rage gained:

Rage used on DPS:

Rage used on mitigation/healing:

Rage wasted raw:

Rage wasted %:


This section is very important, but you did not have advanced combat logging on. Mastering your rage use is critical to your effectiveness as a prot warrior. Any wasted rage is wasted damage or survivability.


Avoidable Damage

Noxious Poison Ticks: 0

Corruption Kick Ticks: 24

Sha Sear Ticks: 0


Although the damage isn't heavy, be careful about standing in the kick.




This video's 3 hours long, so I'm going to jump about somewhat at random and make comments. In the future, it would be helpful to have separate videos for the fights and pick one pull per boss for me to look at.


I'm noticing throughout the video that you're zoomed really far in. If you zoom out (use /console cameradistancemaxfactor 4) you'll be able to have a much wider field of vision and will be better able to react to events around you.


I see that you're clicking your major CDs. Your CDs need to be on a keybind of some sort just as much as your main rotation does.




17:30 it looks like you turned your back to a pack of adds. Watch out for that and make sure you're strafing.


17:45 put your healthstone on your bars somewhere. If you have no more spaces on your bars, you can add more via the interface options. I believe you have to show them in elv options as well.




You have Rook kind of pulled out and kind of not. He's too far away for cleaving purposes, but not so far to help with Clash. The positioning is very awkward.


When you have Gloom, you're running around at random and at times you have your back to the boss. I don't see why you're running around like this at all. You're not bringing Gloom to Sorrow in order to cleave and there's nothing to move Gloom out of.


Around an hour and six minutes in, you've had your rage capped for probably a solid minute. This means you've not used any active mitigation or Heroic Strike/Cleave for the entire time you've been capped and during this time, you're getting hit to 20% and lower. Active mitigation is massively important and you're simply not doing it. You have to fix that. It's hurting you and your healers are hemorrhaging mana to desperately try to keep you alive.

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