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Sepulcher of the First Ones Mythic Race to World First Summary, Day 1: 0/11

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The title may be a little misleading, as the way today went, it wasn't really the usual first day of a new Race to World First - more like day 8 of Heroic splits week. There were zero Mythic kills on the day that usually sees 5-7 bosses down, and there's 2 reasons for that: tier sets and Vigilant Guardian. This is probably the first modern raid to have 0 maximum difficulty kills on the first day of the race, so it's already pretty special, and we're only getting started.

The day started off promisingly enough, as the servers came online only 10 or so minutes after the announced maintenance end, but it very quickly became clear that we weren't going to be seeing the top guilds in Mythic at the start, as they immediately set up groups for Heroic split raids. What we didn't know at the time was that this, in addition to even MORE Normal split raids, was going to be their entire day. So what happened? Well nothing actually happened, as this was their plan all along. As always the race is about 1 boss and 1 boss only, so everything that happens before that Mythic Jailer fight is just preparation. And these guilds are getting REALLY prepared, spending the entire 12+ hours farming that gear.


As I mentioned above, there's 2 reasons for the giant 0/11 that we're ending the day on, but only one is relevant for the top guilds, and that's the tier sets. Due to the new loot rules (you can only loot tier if you've already had tier of a higher item level drop in that slot) and the incredible power of tier set bonuses, the only thing that mattered today, and that will matter up until either the Jailer dies or all characters needed have 4 piece bonuses, is getting those tier pieces. This is why both Liquid and BDGG went directly to Heroics, without even sniffing the first Mythic boss, since he doesn't drop tier.

Other guilds joined them very soon, due to the second reason: Vigilant Guardian was "slightly" overtuned. Many guilds actually ventured into Mythic, but after wiping on the very first boss of the raid for 15+ attempts, all of them decided it simply wasn't worth it and went to heroic instead.

Here's an attempt at Mythic Vigilant Guardian by dino nuggies:

So what happened the entire day?

I'm tempted to say "well, nothing...", but that wouldn't be true. We did see the Jailer Normal get killed and the... controversial cutscene that goes with it, and we also saw the very first ever pulls on the three new bosses, which weren't tested on the PTR. We also saw 4 kills of both the Lords of Dread and Rygelon on Heroic, but the top guilds didn't even attempt the Jailer Heroic, as - you guessed it - he doesn't drop tier. There are probably some more reasons why they didn't even engage the endboss, but that one's No.1 on the list. You can check out the Lords of Dread and Rygelon kill videos here.

For the rest of the day, the top guilds literally ran and reran Heroics, Normals, killing the two new (and much harder) bosses on Heroic with their own characters intermixed in many, MANY configurations to get the tier pieces where they want them. And then for the past several hours, they have been slamming Anduin on mostly Normal, with Liquid doing upwards of 18 runs in 2 hours, using players from outside the guild. Logistical nightmare aside, you really have to give it to these guilds, as there isn't much out there that's more mind-numbing than doing the same boss over and over, for hours on end, without it being difficult at all, and receiving very minimal rewards at the end.

In the meantime Blizzard published hotfixes and nerfed Vigilant Guardian significantly, but even after that no one has ventured into Mythic, or at the very least hasn't killed the first boss.

Blizzard LogoHotfixes (Source)

  • Vigilant Guardian
    • Force Field now reduces damage taken by exposed core by 90% on Mythic Difficulty (was 80%).
    • Slightly lowered the spawn rate of Volatile Materium and Pre-Fabricate on Mythic difficulty.
    • Reduced the damage of Radioactive Core by 12% on Mythic difficulty.
    • Reduced the damage of Fractured Core by 15% on Mythic difficulty.


And so a pretty disappointing day 1 has finished in the race, and with EU day coming up, we definitely know the top guilds there will pretty much do the exact same thing - although we might be seeing a fresh faced World First or two, now that the Guardian is nerfed. 

For live 24/7 and much more in-depth coverage of the event, head on over to Raider.IO. Otherwise I'll see you around the same time tomorrow with another summary, as well as potential posts during the day... if anything at all happens!


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At this point we shouldn't even be mentioning that the things this game creator makes are "controversial". It's just a given.

It's like saying: some people consume oxygen while playing World of Warcraft.

It's just normal for this community and not even worth mentioning imo.


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6 hours ago, Prophet001 said:

At this point we shouldn't even be mentioning that the things this game creator makes are "controversial". It's just a given.

It's like saying: some people consume oxygen while playing World of Warcraft.

It's just normal for this community and not even worth mentioning imo.


But the cinematic was SOO... controversial...

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