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Frighten Guild (HORDE) - Area 52 Looking for Weekend Raiders

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Quick Information

• AOTC Weekend Raid Team - 5 hrs/week
• Friday and Saturday 7:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. EST
• Goal: Achieving AOTC each tier

Class Needs:

• All classes welcome to trial.

Required Addons:

• WeakAuras
• DBM/BigWigs
• Astral Keys

Guild will provide Flasks and Feasts. Team members should maintain a positive attitude during raid and help fellow teammates to improve where needed.

Attendance should be 85% or better. Consistency offers a better raiding atmosphere for all raiders. We understand that sometimes you may need to post out for the night. Real life does come first. Sign-ups will be posted weekly so we can fill if needed.

About our Team

We are a casual weekend heroic team that pushes ourselves as far as we can.

There will be zero tolerance for drama. Mistakes are treated as learning opportunities. The expectation is to learn from them and help each other. If you have any concerns, please bring them to the leadership immediately. We will do everything we can to ensure that our raid atmosphere remains relaxed and fun while also focusing on killing bosses.

About our Community

Frightened is active adult guild on Area 52. We pride ourselves on having a fun drama free environment. We have a very active community with 2 raid teams and host several monthly community events. We enjoy every aspect of the game including Raiding, Mythic +, PVP, and even running old content for transmog. (gotta look good right?)

Discord = Dille#2417 / Battlenet = DillPickles#11565 Frightened Weekend Team Lead

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