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Important Lore Characters React to Sylvanas' Fate in Patch 9.2 (Part 2)

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Here's our second part of important lore characters reacting to Sylvanas' fate in the Eternity's End Epilogue. This post contains spoilers if you haven't played through the final chapter yet.

  • The first part covered important voiced dialogues that took place after the Shadowlands Epilogue. In the second part, we're looking at NPC text that shows up when you select important lore figures just before the Judgment.
  • As Steve Danuser pointed out, some parts of the dialogue may be different for Sylvanas' loyalists.
  • Images and transcripts used in this article come from LeystTV's video linked below. You can follow him on YouTube or Twitter.



Balance has been restored to the Shadowlands, Maw Walker. A new Arbiter speaks, with a voice for all to hear. To that end, Arbiter Pelagos invites you to visit him within the Crucible whenever you so choose. Blessed be his voice.


In life, Sylvanas Windrunner served as Ranger-General of Silvermoon. If you had told her then of the atrocities she would commit in undeath, she wouldn't have believed you. We all sometimes harbor darkness in our hearts. I nearly succumbed to mine. What I did to Arthas could have become the first step on a path to damnation. Yet from understanding flows compassion, and compassion can save us from any darkness. It is an ideal to which we must all aspire... though we must never forget that it does not come easily.

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon

As I sat for years upon the Frozen Throne, I felt a malevolent shadow upon my mind. I did not realize it was the Jailer attempting to twist me into yet another of his pawns. It took all of my resolve to resist his influence. And still, I have no way of knowing how many of my actions furthered Icecrown Citadel's true purpose. That is what is most insidious about him. Even after the Jailer's defeat, the doubt he sowed within each of us lives on.

Shandris Feathermoon

The kaldorei--those who burned as well as those who survived--have long awaited this moment. To know that the Banshee will be made to answer for all she has done. Many called for her head. Some still do, and I doubt that anything less will satisfy them. But Sylvanas spoke true when she said death would be a mercy. And if she can spare souls from the torments of the Maw, then perhaps her penance will prove more valuable than her execution.

Maiev Shadowsong

Do you believe this to be justice, <Player Class>? That Sylvanas be allowed to endure after slaughtering countless innocents? There was a time when rage clouded my vision and I turned my glaive against my own people. And after my beloved comrade, Sira, was struck down and raised into undeath, she unleashed her hatred against us. By rights, both our lives were forfeit. Yet I was given a chance to mend that which I had sought to tear asunder. Not for my sake, but for those whom I had wronged. I pray Sira may receive that chance as well. As for Sylvanas, I do not know if this is justice. But I believe that it is right.

sylvanas and sisters.png

Sylvanas Windrunner (Loyalist Scenario)

Ah, <Player Name>. Before I face the coming judgment, I would share words with you. I was recently reminded that we cannot change the past. If you choose to hate me for the things I've done, I could not blame you for it. But know this. We shared a common cause once, and you have proven your dedication to the Horde time and again. I hope that you will continue to defend it, no matter what may come.

Alleria Windrunner

As I fought demons for centuries across the Twisting Nether, I clung to the hope that I would one day hold my son again, and stand beside my sisters once more. I could never have imagined the fate that befell Sylvanas, or the monstrous choices she would make thereafter. Vereesa desperately hopes that the return of her soul fragment means that our sister has been returned to us. I am less certain. But I have learned to be patient. I will be watching...

Vereesa Windrunner

After witnessing Sylvanas's deeds during the war, I feared the last vestige of the sister I knew was gone forever. But when I heard what transpired here in the Shadowlands, I had to come and see for myself. I'd understand if you thought me a fool for still having hope, but... I have lost so many that I loved. If there is even a chance that a spark of the Sylvanas I knew has returned, then I refuse to give up on her.

Tyrande Whispering

The Banshee tore a gaping wound in the soul of my people. She set our home aflame and sent countless kaldorei to the Maw. Whatever judgment the Arbiter hands down can never balance the scales. Nothing he can do or say will ever be enough.

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