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Blizzard on Profession Recrafting in Dragonflight

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We have another round of clarifications concerning the new Profession changes by Blizzard. This time, we learn more about recrafting in Dragonflight.

  • Recrafting allows you to take any piece of Dragonflight crafted gear and bring it back into the crafting screen as a crafter. You'll be able to recreate the item using a special reagent and a small subset of the original reagents.
  • Recrafting allows you to completely change out optional reagents. The new quality of an item will be determined based on the new setup of reagents and your current skill, so if you have an item at a low quality, you will be able to recraft it when you are higher skill to a higher quality.
  • Recrafting orders will be available to non-crafters too.
  • There are no plans to remove level restriction on engineering bombs and alchemy potions.

Blizzard Logo(Source)

One thing I want to talk about that we haven’t mentioned yet is the concept of recrafting. It’s still in the works so is likely to change some, but the basic idea is as follows:

Recrafting will allow you to take any piece of Dragonflight crafted gear and bring it back into the crafting screen as a crafter. You can then spend a special reagent, plus a small subset of the original reagents from the recipe to “recraft the item”.

During this process, you can completely change out optional reagents if you want. The new quality of the item will be determined based on the new setup of reagents, plus your current skill. This means you can have an item crafted at a low quality, then later recraft it when you are higher skill to a higher quality.

For non-crafters, we are planning to support recrafting orders as well. In this case, you can send you item to get recrafted to have its optional reagents changed out, or to potentially have its quality increased.

All of this should help players feel comfortable having a high end item crafted early, when it might not be at max quality, secure in the knowledge that they can always have it recrafted to be better later.

Any plans for older crafted items like engineering bombs and alchemy potions to be usable again by removing level restriction?

Not specifically right now, but we think you’ll be excited to see some of the new stuff we have in store for you.

A few answers Letholas, thanks for asking!

Will the missive system - or something similar to it - be coming back in Dragonflight, and if so can the recrafted items have their stats changed from the originial craft?

We definitely think it is valuable to be able to adjust stats on some crafted gear - customization is one of the coolest aspects of crafting!

As far as recrafting changing those stats, the intent would be something like this would continue to be done through optional reagents, so in a case like that, yes, you could use recrafting to swap out those optional reagents and thus change the secondary stats.

Is a system like reforging likely to make a return in relation to crafted gear (or any gear for that matter)? Maybe an item to reforge stats could be given to a profession?

The recrafting system described is very specific to crafted gear only.

Just for clarification, (Making up random numbers for context), if an ilvl 325 item costs 50 dragonscales to make, and a 350 costs 75 dragonscales, you would only need 25 dragonscales to upgrade your 325 to a 350? Instead of needing to craft an all new item? (Similar to how upgrading shadowlands legendaries works for Soul Ash/Cinders)

The recrafting system shouldn’t be thought of as an upgrade system. It is just a way to take something that has been crafted in the past and recraft it with changed optional reagents and possibly a different quality. So to give a more concrete example using your numbers:

A crafted recipe might make a helm at between item level 325 and 335 depending on quality. It could require 100 dragonscales as it’s main reagent.

A skilled crafted might be able to make it straight up at quality 5, item level 335, while a new crafter might only make it at quality 1, or item level 325. In both cases, the reagent cost is the same.

Now, say you got your piece crafted by that unskilled crafter at quality 1 / item level 325. Maybe he’s a friend and says, hey Letholas, I’ve been working on my blacksmithing and I can now make that piece at quality 5! Send it to me via a recrafting order to me and I’ll hook you up. You do so.

Your friend then recrafts your helm using the old helm, 20 dragon scales, and one of a special reagent he earned, to recraft it. The result is it is now quality 5 and item level 335.

Hopefully that helps clarify.

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This seems like a great idea imo and it's tempered/controlled by the fact that it's bound to the quality range of the item and not a widespread ilvl change.



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Uncommon Patron

Hm.  I get from this a strong shadow-text saying they are going to continue to let the lowland / older xpac contents stink in any modern content.

Not liking that expectation.


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