An Overview of Profession Changes in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

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On this page, you will find an overview of Profession changes planned for the Dragonflight expansion.


A Brief Summary of Profession Changes in Dragonflight

The following section contains Profession changes planned for Dragonflight.

  • Crafting Orders are new items that allow you to request for another player to craft something for you.
  • You will have access to crafted Soulbound items without having the Profession yourself.
  • Crafting Specializations let you craft higher-quality items.
  • New ways of earning specialization points are coming in Dragonflight.
  • Crafting Tables will be added to the main hub — Valdrakken.
  • New Profession gear that will not take up valuable inventory space is coming.

Crafting Orders in Dragonflight

Crafting Orders let you request other players to craft something for you even if you do not have the necessary skill or Profession to do it yourself.

You can browse through any recipes that can be crafted, pick an item, and even include some or all the reagents needed for the recipe.

You can find someone in person who crafts the desired item right in front of you or you can go to an NPC, which uses an Auction-House like interface to send orders out.

Crafting Orders can be opened to the public for anyone to pick up, or you can send them to your friends, guildmates, or specific players.


Access to Crafted Soulbound Items in Dragonflight

In Dragonflight, you can send Crafting Orders for Soulbound items without having the Profession yourself.


Quality of Crafted Items in Dragonflight

Quality is a new attribute being introduced for both crafted items and gathered reagents. If you craft something that is higher quality, the piece of gear will be better. Pieces of gear will have a higher item level, potions will have a more powerful effect, and so forth.

The crafting UI has been reworked and adds stats specifically to your professions for both crafting and gathering.


Crafting Specializations in Dragonflight

The biggest source of crafting items at higher quality in Dragonflight is through crafting specializations.

You can earn specialization points in multiple ways. For example, you may find an old book on a bookshelf in the ruin somewhere, you could meet up a hermit in a cave who can teach you more about your profession, and more.

As a Blacksmith, you will be able to become an Armorsmith and put points into that skill to become better at crafting armor. This opens opportunities for players within the same guild to specialize in varying aspects of a profession to add value to the guild.


Crafting Tables in Dragonflight

Crafting tables for all Professions will be added to the new The Dragon Isles hub — Valdrakken, providing a great way for crafters to meet up in the city or for other players to find a crafter if they want to meet face-to-face.


Recrafting Orders in Dragonflight

Recrafting will allow you to take any piece of Dragonflight crafted gear and bring it back into the crafting screen as a crafter. You can then spend a special reagent, plus a small subset of the original reagents from the recipe to recraft the item.

During this process, you can completely change out optional reagents if you want. The new quality of the item will be determined based on the new setup of reagents and your current skill. You can have an item crafted at low quality and later recraft it when you are higher skill to a higher quality.

Recrafting will be available to non-crafters too. In that case, you can send your item to get it recrafted to have its optional reagents changed out, or to potentially have its quality increased.


New Profession Gear in Dragonflight

Crafters can obtain new types of gear for their Profession, which you will automatically swap into when doing something like tapping a mining node.

The new gear will not take up any space in your backpack and will have special stats on them that will help you become better in your profession.

You will not have to carry the gear with you the whole time!

Here is a preview of the Jewelcrafting and Mining Profession gear.



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