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[US-Kil'jaeden][H]<CT> 11/14H 25m LFM!

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<CT> of Kil’Jaeden US Horde side is currently recruiting a couple more players to complete our roster for current 25-man content. We are getting prepare and finding the right players that meet our expectations for end-game 20-man PvE content in WoD. Our raiding schedule is Tuesday – Thursday from 8:30 pm (PST) server to 11:30 pm (PST) server. 


We have high expectations for our members, as well as having a great and drama-free time. We expect each raid member/recruit to be online prior to invites and to be fully prepared to raid. We are looking for players with high raid-awareness, that can follow & listen to directions, and show up on time. If <CT> sounds like the home for you, please feel free to apply at our website (link found below).


On our off night we do optional achievement runs for mounts and alt run. You will find that many members like to joke around in Ventrilo server which some may find offensive, so please apply with caution. Kil’Jaeden is a PvP server that is currently the 5th most populated US server, with having a horde-alliance ratio of roughly 2:1. 


Currently in high demand for


-Warrior (DPS)

-Enhance/Ele Shamans

-Mistweaver Monk

-Holy Pally

But all classes will be considered 


Must be a min of 8/14H


If you have ANY questions at all please don't hesitate to contact.


Me: Lunastar

Read ID: Luxuriouslyn#1897


Apply to <CT> by click the link to our website below!

ctkj.enjin. com

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