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[US-Uldaman][H] <Down For Life> 14/14H 10M LFM

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Down For Life - Uldaman Horde US is currently seeking EXCEPTIONAL additions to fill it's core raid. We are a tight knit guild made up of very few accounts, you could say a true place to call your home. Simply put, we are not looking to carry people. We expect you to be on top of your game. We're looking for dedicated raiders, people who will want to down content fast and progress through WoD.

Currently Recruiting :

- Enhance
- Elemental
- Resto Shaman
- Mage
- Warrior (DPS)
- Windwalker Monk

- Mistweaver Monk

- Retribution Paladin

- Feral Druid

**Any other exceptional applicants will be taken into consideration, we take your applications seriously and will go threw every one of them

**Raid times :

Tue , Wed , Thurs: 8 -11 PM EST
Sunday: 7-11 PM EST

**Current Progression :- Currently 14/14H ( 13/13H : 12/12 ToT ;16/16H)

What we expect :

*We don't think gear makes the player, but expect you to be fully geared to the best you can (acquired by yourself), gemmed appropriately and have all your gear enchanted. 

*We don't want computer problems, so no disconnecting every 30 minutes

*We are looking for core raiders, online every raid night. We're not inconsiderate, we understand real life has some unexpected plans, but we simply asked to be advised. Then again we aren't here to recruit someone else 1 week after we get a new recruit.

*To be understanding that you might get sat for composition.


Guild Website: http://down-for-life.enjin.com
Characters (In Game) Holy or Xyalda
You can also add us to BTag: ScottDFL#1446 or KiKi#1252

We are looking forward to your applications. 

*Please note : We will put the same amount of time looking into your application , that you yourself have put in it to make yourself shine.

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