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Crystalline Conflict Season One Ends Soon

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The first season of Final Fantasy XIV's Crystalline Conflict is coming to a close on July 5! Players have until the release date of Patch 6.18 to rank up and earn this season's special rewards.

What exactly is Crystalline Conflict? The new mode was introduced in Patch 6.1 as a small-scale, low-pressure PvP activity to replace the Feast. Crystalline Conflict pits two teams of five players, Teams Astra and Umbra, against each other with the primary objective of pushing the Tactical Crystal to the other team's base. To learn more about the game mode, you can visit our guide here.

Each season of Crystalline Conflict allows players to earn rewards through a battle pass system called Series Malmstones. Through playing casual and ranked matches of Crystalline Conflict, you can unlock emotes, glamour items, and portrait framer kits. These rewards are available until the end of the season, so be sure to grind some games out if you're interested in unlocking them!

Curious about the PvP leaderboard? You can find the current season's rankings on the official FFXIV website here. Good luck to all of those competing throughout these final days!

Square Enix LogoCrystalline Conflict Season One Ending Soon! (Source)


The competition has been fierce, but Season One of Crystalline Conflict will soon draw to a close with the release of Patch 6.18!

Once the season has ended, players will receive rewards according to their overall rank and tier within each data center.

The final results will be announced on Tuesday, July 5, so give it your all and prove yourself the fiercest fighter on the crystal line!

View the
 Crystalline Conflict Rankings page.
* Unlike the Feast rankings page, the Crystalline Conflict rankings page will continue to be updated up until the final rankings are announced.

Season Two will begin with the release of Patch 6.18. Upon the commencement of Season Two, you will be placed five risers below your final placement in Season One, with zero Rising Stars.

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      All Worlds Maintenance (Jul. 4-5) [Source]
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