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Rupture - KS/AR - Blade Flurry

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Hey guys,


it's me again - Lunatia - and I'm bringing a couple of question that I'd like to discuss with you :)


First off, I'd like to make clear how you use your Rupture perfectly as a Combat Rogue. There are hundreds of threads and I read a couple of them but in the end it doesn't feel like people have found the 100% fine solution.


A small summary of what people wrote was: Use Rupture on high levels of Bandit's Guile only and let Rupture drop before you refresh it. Make sure not to use Rupture while you're energy capping, i.e. during Heroism or Adrenaline Rush.


Is that right? Do I have to watch anything else? Because afaik the usage of Rupture is only worth if you choose the perfect moments. If you don't watch that it's basically a dps-loss.


Secondly I've got a question about the cooldowns Killing Spree and the Adrenaline Rush/Shadow Blades-Macro. Let's say my AR/SB-Macro just came off cooldown and I've got X seconds CD on my KS. How long should the CD be at max to make it worth delaying the usage of the AR/SB-macro? Did someone calculate that already? Is the (potential) loss of one AR/SB during the encounter worth maybe one, two or even three extra Killing Sprees?


Thirdly my last point. Is there any addon or any help to track if your targets are in Blade Flurry range? Something like a big 8yd-circle around your character that pops up as soon as u activate BF? Sometimes it feels like im not hitting any target with my BF which would result in a dps-loss. Would be great if someone had a helping hand there :)


If you have problems understanding my questions, just ask me. I will be around for the next couple of hours, so I can answer regularly.


Thanks in advance!


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1. You've summarized the right information, and here's why. Rupture is ever so slightly ahead of Eviscerate on effective damage because of the lower energy cost. Smart people have told us that overwriting Rupture at all will take away that slight advantage, so let's assume that's true. The reason you want Rupture at high Bandit's Guile is because it the DoT will currently keep it's damage bonus as Bandit's Guile resets itself to lower levels. If you use it at lower levels, it will be active through your Deep Insight and you'd have to overwrite it to get the damage bonus, meaning you shouldn't have used it in the first place. You don't want to Rupture while bumping against energy cap simply because it costs less than Eviscerate.


2. See this thread: https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/4987-restless-blades/


3. It's my understanding that projected texture addons have been broken since the infamous AVR back in ICC days, so you won't find anything like what you're saying. However, I'm imagining some kind of tricky setup with Scrolling Combat Text or Mik's Scrolling Battle Text that creates a custom window showing only Blade Flurry damage accompanied by the name of the target who took the damage. I'd have to attempt this myself before confirming if it is possible though.

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I read in another thread that;




The only qualifiers for rupture are this:
It runs it full duration.
Rupture has dropped.
Blade flurry is not up.

Procs do not effect wether or not you refresh rupture.



which was in response to me passing on the info I got from the Icy Veins guide (and have heard mentioned before)


If I were at home, I might play around with SimCraft, which I notice uses Rupture when "ticks_remain<2", so that line could be optimised, I'm sure


Is it possible to track Insight levels in SimCraft? I'd be interested to play around and see how noticeable it is to use Rupture under different (simulated) conditions


EDIT: Someone else giving advice on the US forums (my quote was taken from the EU forums) says that insight levels (and I guess, by extension, trinket procs) don't effect whether to refresh or not

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Well, depending on the forum and the person giving the advice, I've found people saying that;


Refreshing with < 2 seconds is the same as waiting for it to drop, so it doesn't matter either way, and clipping it means you get the full duration. Any loss from overwriting it with something with a lesser proc is negligible.


and also that;


Either procs do or don't make a difference when it comes to refreshing Rupture





Slightly more discussion here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/11206580627



Seems like anything advising against basing your decision on procs is from a few years ago when DoTs didn't snapshot stats at the time of application/refreshing.

Everything else seems to be based on current DoTs which snapshot stats. So having Rupture run over from Deep Insight into none at all doesn't mean it loses its damage


Some places also suggest that Rupture is always a benefit over Evis regardless of procs, but procs make it more of a benefit... I don't know the numbers, so I'm confused by all the conflicting info at the moment

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