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Prot Warrior Log Analysis

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Running for Paragons of Klaxxi heroic about a week our raid needs sometimes one of my alts for tanking those hoppers.




Being about ~15-20 ilvl under the average and normaly running on spriest or disc, i'm feeling the need for some advice for keeping up with our common tanks.


Log to check: (longest try - 9th klaxxi @~50% when enrage killed us)




Reading one of the former threads,



i know where to look, and have spent some time.


For you to know:

Our Maintank left me at ~8min alone. So i tried to keep it going as good as possible.


Rage use:

Could be a bit better with 2,35% wasted. Perhaps doing some WA for alerting me @80-90 Rage.

But did i spent to much in Mitigation? (8:10 our maintank died)



SBlk uptime: 50% overall (~60% the last 4min being the only tank)

SBar uses: 31 (7 the last 4min)

SBar avg size: 391k

SBar overhealing: 21%

So .. SBlk uptime to high? To low Sbar uses? Wrong time uses resulting in 21% OH?


Cooldown usage:

I guess there are severall CDs i should use more extensively. But which one are recommended?



So, how can i keeping up to the way more experienced prots?


Thanks in advance,


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Thanks for filling out the rage waste and mitigation information. Saves me a lot of time!


Looking at your CDs, your use of your defensives could have been better. Shield wall wasn't bad, but you have room for a few more, but Last Stand and Demoralizing Shout are definitely underutilized. Your offensive CD usage seems fine, though. I did notice you had 19 uses of Thunder Clap. I'd highly recommend cutting that down substantially. Your main tank seems to be a prot paladin and they apply the weakened blows debuff as a part of their rotation, so you don't need to waste the GCD in yours. From your buffs, I can see you had 25 Ultimatum procs, but your damage shows 2 Heroic Strikes and 2 Cleaves. You should be using Heroic Strike for this fight and make sure you're using all of those procs. It's completely free damage.


From the graph of your attack power over the course of the fight, it looks like you were mostly in the 300k range. About 50k of your attack power won't be counted into your SBars because the calculation neglects AP from strength, so your average attack power was probably something like 250k. Thus, I'd expect your average SBar to be about 450k whereas you had an average of 391k, so it looks like you may not be using all of your SBars with 60 rage. Your overhealing may either be due to mistiming your barriers or overwriting them. SBlk duration stacks, but SBar does not stack amount OR duration. Your SBlk uptime looks good.


Overall, you lood like you're doing pretty well. Make sure you're timing your SBars for when you'll be taking large amounts of damage or when you'll be taking magic or bleed damage (Fiery Edge, Korven's Vicious Assualt and the bleed it applies, etc). Your damage could be better. You need to use all of your Ultimatum procs. Also, don't be afraid to use Heroic Strike to dump a bit of rage if your next ability will cap you. If you're going to use Shield Slam and you have a Sword and Board proc up, then you can gain up to 35 rage with that Shield Slam. Make sure you have no more than 65 rage, or no more than 70 rage if you don't have a Sword and Board proc.


I know it may be something you don't have the authority to change, but why are you keeping Iyyokuk alive until the end? Fiery Edge and Diminish both do a massive amount of raid-wide damage. If he's killed before Kaz'tik, then your team avoids that. Then you'll have Ka'roz and Kil'ruk alive at the end. At that point, Ka'roz's Whirling can oneshot people, but other than his melee attack, all of his damage is avoidable. If you keep Ka'roz alive until the end and he enrages, his Whirling and throw amber buys your team time to kill him after the enrage and if you have a lucky string of dodges and parries, you can stay alive for a while longer as well.

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First, thank you for the fast and very usefull reply. It's exactly what i was hoping for signing in here. Now i have a better CD-Tracker and 3 WAs for Rage, weakened blows and the ultimatum procs.


Being in panic on the linked fight i'm sure about using Sbar under 60 rage or sometimes overwrited an "only 50k left"-one. But i'll try to avoid this the next time.


Our first Kill Order was killing Iyyo on 8 and Ka'roz last. But having a Brewmaster getting hit to hard at the later fight from Ka'roz plus having to much deaths from the Amber we decided to kill him earlier. We are still arguing about a suited strategy, and your arguments for killing Ka'roz last will be part of our discussion. I think we'll test for Ka'roz last and Iyyo 6th, including how long we can handle a longer living Kaz'tik for probably killing him on 8 and Kil'ruk last, if we can't manage the longliving Ka'roz


being of topic:


On Sunday i'm gonna tank Blackfuse for the first time. Do you have one or two usefull tips for me? We're doing Anti-Mines with a 4-6 Stacks strategy.


Back to topic:


Thank you for the much helping reply and the thougt-provoking hints!

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If you pull the boss, you need to make sure you get the first hit in order to receive the initial stack. If a DPS pulls early, they'll get it and make getting the first shredder down substantially harder. You shouldn't need a barrier for the first stack, but have one up for the second and use a barrier and a small CD for the third. The third stack will go out right before the first shredder spawns. As long as you got the first hit on pull, you now have 3 stacks. Heroic Leap out to meet the add. You want to do roughly 40% of the add's health in damage before Death From Above, then use Dragon Roar, Shield Slam, and Execute. Three GCDs after DFA should be all it takes to kill the add with three stacks. If you can put the add on a sawblade, do so. Pop Reck and Skull Banner about 5 seconds before DFA starts casting.


Your OT will generally have 2 stacks at this point. Taunt for the fourth stack and use Shield Wall and a full barrier. If you can, call for an external for the 5th stack and use a full barrier. If there are no externals, use Demo Shout. Why SW for 4 and Demo for 5? You might not have full vengeance for your fourth stack and may need to compensate by using a bigger CD. If your fifth stack is killing you, switch Shield Wall to 5. Just before you fifth stack, the second shredder will spawn. Make sure you switch to it immediately and start taking its health down, but keep an eye on the boss to make sure you have a barrier up in time. You shouldn't have to worry about finding a sawblade. If you have Curse of Hubris, absolutely use it on this fight and pop it as you're fighting the second shredder. It should be the same routine with DFA, then DR, then Shield Slam, then Execute. With 5 stacks, it will probably die before the third GCD. Go back and taunt the boss. Call for a Hand of Sac or Pain Suppression if possible for the 6th stack and use a full barrier. If you cannot get an external, use Rally and Demo Banner. For the 7th stack, use Last Stand and Demo Shout. (If you're only going to take 6 stacks, use Last Stand for your 6th). The third shredder spawns here. Go blow it up. At this point, you will probably need to drop stacks, so don't taunt after killing the add. After your OT gets his or her 6th stack (or 7 if you only took 6), taunt the boss. They'll kill the 4th add while you get your stacks back. You should have 4 by the time the next shredder spawns. Pop Reck and Skull Banner and wipe it out. Rinse and repeat from there if the fight lasts longer than 5 Shredders.


For talents, I recommend Dragon Roar and Bloodbath. Pop Bloodbath as soon as you get to the add every time, do not wait. It'll help you get to the critical point where you'll be able to kill the add within 3 GCDs after DFA. Use Heavy Repercussions, Incite, and Hold the Line glyphs. The three free Heroic Strikes are immensely useful when killing on a time limit. Keeping Shield Block up when you're on the add is essential. Make sure you have enough rage and a charge to use right after DFA.


For trinkets, I recommend Curse of Hubris and Vial of Living Corruption.


When positioning the add, make sure you're not too close to your ranged or melee. They shouldn't have to move for you. Be careful about damage because you may be out of range of your healers. This is the exact strat I used during progression, so you don't have to worry that it won't be enough due to your item level.


Let me know if you'd like any more tips or clarification.

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At first.. Thank you!


But i hate to say we killed him at 08:30 PM. So .. T-1 to your post.


I collected myself some tips of yours and Ragebarrs from the forum so it was a very easy job for me.


Especially: popping Bloodbath early and charge with SBlk up after DfA and then Dragon Roar, Shield Slam, Execute. Being a little bit to aggressive i charged 1/3 of the time half a second to early in the shredder so i was thrown up. I leaped down and had to spend sometimes 4-5 GCDs on the Add. I was also able to use Skull Banner for our Boss-Pull with Bloodlust.


Having a Rsham+Disc makes it very easy taking up to 6 stacks with holding back Last Stand. With the extra HP and a PW:S on demand + Sbar with Demo for my 5th and Sbarrier for the 6th there wasn't danger any time getting killed.


We were doing a 6 Stacks-Strategy. Our MT found a table somewhere weeks ago which led us through progression. I modified it a bit and added your Strategy because we'll try it next time.


I think it's worth it to share. If you don't agree, you're free to delete it.






One and a half our later we had our first kill on pull ~120. According to you, Estarriol, we changed our Kill Order tried 2 or 3 times and came to this:


1. Skeer

2. Rikkal

3. Korven (with scorpion)

4. Hisek

5. Xaril (finished with scorp)

6. Iyyokuk (first percent with scorp)

7. Kaz'tik

8. Ka'roz

9. Kil'ruk


Having a Priest, 2Hunter, Rogue and a Mage we thought it wouldn't be a big problem to deal with Kaz'tik's Mezmerize having only 3 Players (Sham/Druid/WL) who couldn't break it. I don't know if it was the right decision because we lost our Druid getting eaten, but i guess it was bad luck because the mezmerize before aimed on our Shaman so the our priest's grib was on CD.


We did the mistake that I took Xaril, so i wasn't able to tank Kil'ruk which leds to our other tanks problem not being able to use the scorpion the third time on Ka'roz or Kil'ruk. Perhaps he would be able to but we didn't want to risk our really good fight which finaly was our first kill.


So now it's only Garrosh and 300-600 tries standing between us and ", Hellscream's Downfall".


I would appreciate getting some tips for tanking Garrosh wether i'm hoping for being able to play Spriest again on this fight. But in any case the fight seen through Protetction Warrios' eyes will help us reducing the amount of tries on Hellcream, because our Brewmaster is going to switch to his Warrior for MoP's last encounter.


Thanks for the work done till here.

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Good work! Glad to hear everything went so well for you and your team. Sorry I was a bit late on my post. I'll try to get to Garrosh tips ASAP. Would be helpful knowing what kind of strat you're using or him.


Also, I like the table. Very tidy to look at.

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Kay, so general Garrosh tips. I'm pretty exhausted, so if I'm not making sense, I'm blaming that.


Talents: Enraged Regen, Disrupting Shout, Dragon Roar, Vigilance, Bloodbath


Trinkets: Curse of Hubris and either Juggernaut's Focusing Crystal or Vial of Living Corruption


Tips: I would suggest having a prot warrior on the boss for the first phase. Our single target damage output is untouched. You should be able to use Dragon Roar twice in the first phase as long as you use it fairly soon after the fight starts. Nothing complicated in the first phase after that. Use Shield Block primarily with a Shield Barrier before the Iron Star hits.


During the intermission, don't miss your interrupt. Make sure you're standing basically in the middle of the three to ensure that your shout hits all three. Charge into the boss as soon as possible. He does one melee hit just before starting the Annihilate rotation and hopefully that'll proc your Riposte. Assuming you got the buff, pop Shield Wall, use a full Barrier and stand in the Annihilate. Once Shield Wall's about to fall off, use Last Stand and continue using Shield Barriers and standing in Annihilate. Once Demo Shout, Bloodbath, and Dragon Roar are up, use those and get some damage in on the boss. Normally, I fiercely oppose scumbagging, but the DPS check on Garrosh is tight enough that the extra damage you'll gain is a necessity.


For phase two, you'll be able to get every other Touch of Y'shaarj with your Dragon Roar. DR should break everyone immediately, and Bloodbath will clean up the rest if the initial hit from DR doesn't. Use Shield Block until you get 3 stacks or earlier if needed, then switch to Shield Barrier. If your Riposte falls off at any point, you can use Intervene to try to proc it again.


Intermission two is pretty straight forward. I don't actually recommend Mocking Banner. Make sure you're not standing in the grey swirls. If you do get hit by one, use Berserker Rage to break out and make sure you get down to the end.


Phase three is really just more of phase two. Save your Rally and Demo Banner for Whirlings. Your raid may need a CD when the tank debuff detonates.


Phase four has no tank swap mechanic. taunt for vengeance and Riposte. Make sure you have active mitigation and a CD when moving the boss. Make sure your raid knows not to leave fire where you'll be taking the boss.


That's pretty much it. Heroic Garrosh is an easier fight for tanks than Paragons or Siegecrafter.

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Ok, this sounds pretty easy with nothing to get really excited about - as a tank.


We're going to learn the fight by 2 healing him. On first Transition we'll test on the one side a 2-man teams on every pack strategy and on the other to aoe the 3 Grps in room one. On second Transition we'll compare the afk'ing and the normal way to deal with it and gonna weigh up the pros and cons.


The most hardest thing for us to struggle with will be the Empowered Whirls. Never really dealing without problems with them on non-heroic, it will be fun seeing our team running confused across the room.


I guess Hellscream is going to be one of the most enjoyable encouters i've ever seen.


Thanks for all your advice and the tips&tricks. Just get nearly exalted to IV. ;)



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