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[A][EU-Frostmane] <Infinite Eternity> Mythical Raiding

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. : : [ http://iefrost.enjin.com ] : : .


Hello world.

The old hc raiding guild Infinite Eternity is now recruiting for Mythic raiding in WoD.

We will prioritize players with previous experience in mythic raiding.

Attendance is key, if you are one of those that can't control your own life, in example; you have school, job, girlfriend/wife that makes you unable to play, then don't bother applying.

We prefer to have a 18+ age limit in the guild, but don't be scared off. We know there are many good youngsters out there that deserves a chance. The reason for the 18+ is attendance, those who are below 18 usually can't control their own life.


So what to expect of our guild?

- We will be semi-hardcore in WoD. Raiding 4 hours, 4 days a week.

- We will have a thriving community, lots of socials. There are currently many interested in doing PvP and PvE for their alts.

- We can promise good leadership, with gamers that have years of experience in many, many games.

- A good atmosphere while raiding, we will have fun, probably with lots of internal jokes during trash. But during bosses and encounters high focus is key.

- Our main goal is to be one of Frostmanes top 10 guilds in WoD, so if you are planning on joining. Do not expect that you can sit back and enjoy the ride. You will need to carry your own weight.

The raiding hours/days will be discussed, but one proposal is Wed, Thur, Sun, Mon 19-22 servertime, another is same days but 19-23 instead. Contact Ieftw @ EU-Frostmane in-game if you have any questions.


You can make Tryout and Social applications on our homepage listed above.


Sincerely yours,
Aldewyn - Guild Master of Infinite Eternity

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Hello , I am interested in joining guild. I've been in a break for too long and decided to return back to WoW. I work as mechanical engineer and I am capable to raid at nights. I tried to reply you on wow forums but I cannot add a reply there because of my subscription.


My character name is Giggy ( from frostmane server )


I've started wow with naxxramas 80 lvl and raided some casual raiding guilds during naxx and ulduar. Then i decided to move some hard core raiding. Joined Atic Atac and managed to get top 10 in frostmane during Wotlk.


I've been pvping and casually raiding during cataclysm and mop ( because i didnt find raids any good ) but mostly rated bgs and arenas.


I am looking forward to join a proper guild for  WoD and i hope you can find me a spot in your team :). 


Once again your raid times work perfectly and my attendance will be close to %100 for sure ! 


I am looking forward for response. Thank you very much ! 

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Hi Giggy!


Please make a formal application on our homepage, which adress is listed in the original post.


Good luck!

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