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Endgame Content to be Released With 6.2

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Much like Shadowbringers, Endwalker has outdone itself with the quality of endgame content, being widely praised across the board. What's coming next for the most devoted of players in 6.2? Let's take a look at what we've got, and what's to come!

Each expansion, we see a new turn in the cycle of content. This cycle usually roughly stays the same; 3 instances of the 24-man Alliance Raids, 12 instances of the 8-man Normal Raids, a new Trial storyline usually having 3 new Trial bosses, and the occasional Unreal or Ultimate content. Endwalker is no different thus far, but in this case more of the same isn't a bad thing.

While the release schedules and formats may stay the same, the storylines and fights themselves do not. The most recent raid to arrive, Aglaia, is incredibly fun with a lot of fresh mechanics that the game hasn't seen before - or if we have seen them, they've been altered just enough to make it a fresh experience.

Endwalker's raid tier began with the first four Pandaemonium fights - Asphodelos - with the Savage versions released some weeks later. The Dragonsong's Reprise (Ultimate) was later released, with Ultimate fights being considered the most difficult content in the game. 

So what can we expect in patch 6.2?

The Special Site for the patch lays out a glimpse of what to look forward to, but for those itching for the latest and greatest challenges, you've got a few goodies coming your way.


This patch's Unreal trial will be Containment Bay S1T7; the fight from Heavensward in which we take on Sephirot, the primal of nature. Sephirot is an incredibly fun fight (and has one of the best music tracks in the game if you ask me), and I can't wait to see what a level 90 version of the encounter looks like.


The second wing of Pandaemonium, Abyssos, will also be released with Patch 6.2. If the past raid schedule is anything to go off of, we'll get 4 new fights in this section of the normal raids with the Savage versions released a two or three weeks later. Pandaemonium has us exploring the darker side of Elpis and the distant past, with some faces that seem familiar. The fights have been really unique and challenging, and I can't wait to see what else they'll do!

And finally, we'll get a glimpse of Criterion dungeons; 4 man dungeon content designed to be more difficult and rewarding. It's an interesting concept, but more endgame content is never a bad thing!

What are you most looking forward to, raiders? Any Endwalker fights that stick out as your favorites thus far? Admittedly, mine's got to be Rhalgr from Aglaia. Let us know below!

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      The Final Fantasy XIV team is excited to see all the Warriors of Light showcased under the new graphical update! You will need to submit a screenshot of either the character creation screen with the character you created or your benchmark score featuring the character you created, using the Final Fantasy: Dawntrail Benchmark Software.
      The sweepstake takes place from Sunday, April 14 at 12:00 am to Monday, April 22 at 7:59 am (PDT).
      Here is what you have to do to enter:
      Take a screenshot of your character using the Dawntrail Benchmark software. Log in to your X account (if necessary, first create an X account for free at x.com). Follow at least one of the following official FINAL FANTASY XIV X accounts from your X account:  FFXIV - EN FFXIV - FR FFXIV - DE Using the template and post a reply to the announcement post that contains each of the following:  The Screenshot The hashtags: #FFXIVSweepstakes #DawntrailBenchmark Your full in-game character name. Your full in-game Home World name. Your preferred prize from the following list of virtual in-game items: Bluebird Earrings Gaelicap Modern Aesthetics – Strife Noble Barding Template:
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      #FFXIVSweepstakes #DawntrailBenchmark
      Make sure you provide the correct spelling of your character's name and world!

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