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Dracthyr Evoker's Soar Has a 3-Minute Cooldown in Dragonflight Alpha Build 44999

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Blizzard reduced the cooldown of Soar to 4 minutes in this week's Dragonflight Alpha build. On top of that, an updated racial passive now reduces the cooldown by another minute, resulting in a 3-minute cooldown on the Dracthyr Evoker racial.

  • In Dragonflight Alpha Build 44895, Blizzard nerfed Soar's maximum speed from 930% to 640%.
  • In this week's Alpha Build 44999, the cooldown of Soar Soar was reduced to 4 minutes (down from 5).
  • The Familiar Skies Familiar Skies (Racial Passive) was changed from: You fly 20% faster on continents that you have fully explored. to Soar Soar's cooldown by 1 minute on continents that you have fully explored.
    • If you fully explore a continent, you can have Soar on a 3-minute cooldown.


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They really don't understand do they? Why does the skill even has a cooldown when normal dragon riding mounts don't? Specially with the speed nerf making it now worse than basic dragon riding.

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I never seen people make such a big deal out of nothing.


Wait. Yeah I have. Literally every change blizz does people make a big deal out of it lol.

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