Evoker Class Overview, a New Hero Class in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

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The Evoker is a new hero class in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. This page covers information about this new class, its specializations, abilities, and mechanics.


Evoker Class Overview

The Evoker is a new hero class arriving in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight that uses the power of the five dragonflights to both devastate its foes and preserve the health of its allies while making use of Mail armor for defense. This class acts as a healer, ranged damage-dealer, or a unique support capable of buffing allied damage.


When Are Evokers Available?

So long as you have purchased any version of the Dragonflight expansion, you are able to create an Evoker. However, you may only have one Evoker created per realm.

You can purchase Dragonflight using the link below if you have not already done so.


What Races can Play Evoker?

In the Dragonflight expansion, the Evoker class is unique in that only one, also new race can play it: the Dracthyr. This is because all of an Evoker's abilities revolve around making use of the powers unique to each of the five dragonflights, and the Dracthyr are part-dragon themselves! What is also fairly unique about the Dracthyr is that they are the only race apart from Pandaren that can join either the Alliance or the Horde.

You can learn more about the Dracthyr race, its customizations, and racial abilities in our separate overview below.


Leveling an Evoker

As the Evoker class is a hero class (much like a Death Knight or Demon Hunter), they do not start from Level 1 like a traditional class would. Instead, a newly-made Evoker will begin at Level 58 and play through their own unique starting experience within the Dragon Isles to learn all about the abilities they have access to.


Evoker Specializations

The Evoker class can choose between three specializations, with the option first being given while progressing through their intro experience in The Forbidden Reach:

  • Devastation — A ranged DPS specialization that mainly focuses on the magic of the red and blue dragonflights to harm foes from a distance with a variety of concentrated spells and powerful breath attacks. If you ever wanted to unleash your inner Onyxia, this specialization may be for you!
  • Preservation — A healer specialization that largely utilizes the magic of the green and bronze dragonflights to heal allies with breaths and even rewind time on wounds themselves!
  • Augmentation — By reclaiming their missing powers of the black dragonflight in Patch 10.1.5, this specialization acts as a unique support role that uses many abilities to buff the damage of its allies, among other helpful effects.

Learn more about how to play as any Evoker specialization in our full guides to them below.


Unique Evoker Abilities

Having command of the powers of all five dragonflights, the Evoker can perform a potent variety of prismatic spells that shift into the flight whose magic is most useful, such as the red-flight-themed Pyre Icon Pyre ability. They can also Glide Icon Glide like a Demon Hunter and even go one step further by soaring over the battlefield while bathing their enemies in flame. An Evoker can also create a Wing Buffet Icon Wing Buffet to damage and knockback enemies or make use of their claws for damage when fighting up close with Azure Strike Icon Azure Strike.


Empowered Abilities

Another unique aspect of the Evoker's toolkit are special Empowered Abilities. These skills can have their keybind held down to increase their power the longer the button is pressed, until you choose to release it. You can also choose to toggle this hold and release behavior through the in-game accessibility options.


Evoker Covenants, Conduits, and Legendaries

Due to being released during the Dragonflight Pre-Patch, Evokers do have access to the Covenants, Soulbinds, and even the Legendary Powers that were available throughout the Shadowlands expansion. However, do not expect them to have powers and abilities on the same scale of the other classes due to only interacting with Shadowlands systems for a short time before Dragonflight began!


Evoker Covenant Ability

Evokers only have one Covenant ability, regardless of which Covenant they choose to join. This ability is Boon of the Covenants Icon Boon of the Covenants, which restores a large amount of health and grants you 10% Versatility for 12 seconds, all on a 2-minute cooldown. In addition, this ability passively gives you an additional 4% damage and healing done at all times!


Evoker Conduits

Although Evokers have been given a full suite of Conduits to use in Soulbinds, do not expect them to have effects that are as robust as the rest of the classes. Instead, these Conduits will offer more basic utility, such as a flat increase to a given stat.



  • Bronze Acceleration Icon Bronze Acceleration — Increases Haste
  • Grandiose Boon Icon Grandiose Boon — Improves the passive effect of Boon of the Covenants Icon Boon of the Covenants
  • Intense Awakening Icon Intense Awakening — Increases Mastery
  • Spark of Savagery Icon Spark of Savagery — Increases Critical Strike


  • Circle of Life Icon Circle of Life — Increases Leech
  • Inherent Resistance Icon Inherent Resistance — Reduces magic damage taken
  • Primal Fortitude Icon Primal Fortitude — Increases maximum Health


  • Graceful Stride Icon Graceful Stride — Increases movement speed
  • Legacy of Coldarra Icon Legacy of Coldarra — Increases the duration of Permeating Chill Icon Permeating Chill
  • Natural Weapons Icon Natural Weapons — Reduces the cooldown of Wing Buffet Icon Wing Buffet and Tail Swipe Icon Tail Swipe

Evoker Legendary Powers

Although Evokers do not have a large variety of Legendary Powers that other classes received throughout the Shadowlands expansion, they do still have access to both the "generic" Powers and a unique form of Unity Icon Unity that further empowers the passive damage and healing increase from Boon of the Covenants Icon Boon of the Covenants. If you have time and/or spare GoldGold, you may wish to pick up one of these generic powers and the Evoker version of Unity.


Further Reading

The Dracthyr Evoker race and class is just one of many new features of World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. You can learn more about some of the other exciting developments of the expansion in our dedicated roundup below.



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