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Hi, if you are looking for a reliable, steady guild, please read on. This may be pretty long.


Imperative is an old guild that has been revived again on EU-RAGNAROS Horde. We are looking for mature and experienced players to fill out our 10man raiding core. We are looking to clear SoO before WoD hits. However, our main aim is a sustained raiding guild for WoD. We are aiming high in the realm rankings in WoD, so we are looking for capable players. 


The main aim is to be a competitive mythic raiding core.


For the rest of this expansion we are looking the below:


+1 Healer (monk or holy paladin. Would be beneficial if you had a DPS off spec)

+1 Tank (Would prefer a warrior or a paladin)


As it stands, our raid times are as follows, this is EU realm time. It is required that you are able to attend every raid.


Wednesday: 22:00 - 00:30

Thursday: 21:00 - 00:30



Add my battle tag, we can talk and maybe arrange a trial. We will be sorting a website out soon so that people can apply through there. Thank you for reading my wall of text, I hope to see some of you soon. If you are willing to realm transfer, then that will be great!


Please add these battle tags for more information:






Thanks again!

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