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[H] [Tarren Mill/Dentarg] <Gambit> (5/8M) 2 day mythic team recruiting!

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[H] [Tarren Mill] “Gambit” 2 day mythic raid team and social community!

8/8H Vault of the Incarnates
5/8M Vault of the Incarnates


“Gambit” was founded in April 2021 under the name “Journey”. It was started by a group of old friends wanting to reconnect and create an enjoyable raiding team, where competitive players could work together in building a Cutting Edge team, free of toxicity and on a relaxed 2 day schedule. Everyone in the founding group had proven themselves in Cutting Edge raiding before and wanted to do so again with this team!

In early 2022 we went through a transition in the leadership as we wanted to expand our focus towards building a community and not just running a raid team. The raiding goal remains the same, to accomplish Cutting Edge! But we also want a community where friends can play together, both in- and outside raids, and whether or not they are part of the raid team. A place where we can also play other games when content might be getting a bit old or we just wanna dabble in something else. We therefore opened the guild to socials, who want to be part of a small tight knit community of friends with which they can explore this game as well as others, without having to be part of the raid team and committing to a set schedule. With this expanded focus we decided to also rebrand the guild and involved all our members in deciding a new name which led us to become “Gambit” in late January 2022.

Having fun with friends is key to our community, and despite our high-end raiding goals, we have zero tolerance towards toxic behavior and misplaced egos. We all play the game for enjoyment and to achieve our goals together. We don’t obsess over meta and bench people for being the wrong class, but remain realistic about what is required to beat certain fights and will work with our team to adapt to the content that is thrown our way. That being said, performance obviously matters when pushing for Cutting Edge, and raiders are expected to always strive towards improving and being the best they can be, but we work hard on keeping the atmosphere positive, as having fun while raiding is the key to the longevity of the raid team.

To reach our goals in raiding we are always working to maintain a roster of like-minded players that know how to have fun, but also know how to dig in and grind when needed. People that know their class and play it to a high standard!

We offer:

A community of friends and passionate players

A raid team of players working together to achieve their goals

A competitive and drama free environment for raiding

A home for both raiders and socials wanting to play together both in- and outside World of Warcraft

Officer and raid leading team that have accomplished Cutting Edge before, but also value the community and social aspects

Our expectations of raiders:

English speaking and willing to use your mic

High attendance

Always striving to be the best you can be

Able to take constructive criticism

Ability to come prepared on tactics and stocked on consumables for your own usage

Our expectations of socials:

English speaking

Friendly and interested in being engaged with the community

Raid Schedule (server time):

Monday 20:00 - 23:00

Thursday 20:00 - 23:00

Optional non-mythic raid on an off-night same time for as long as HC farm is considered relevant at the beginning of a tier. (Not mandatory)

We will have a break roughly halfway through the night.

Loot system

We use loot council to ensure that upgrades are placed where they benefit the teams progression the most. Raiders always come before trials in loot distribution.

What we are currently looking for in the raid team:

Dedicated raiders that don’t give up when it gets a little hard is the type of player we like! -see open spots below.







Ranged DPS

Spot 1:  Shadow Priest - Warlock - Balance Druid
Spot 2:  Shadow Priest - Warlock - Balance Druid

We always consider exceptional applicants for the raid team and ask that you fill out our application form on our discord in order to be considered:

If you’re only interested in joining as a social, then feel free to reach out to an officer in game for a chat, but note that we do not recruit raiders this way - we need a more organized approach to recruiting raiders which is why the application form is the only way into the raid team!

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