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Older Guy Looking For New Home - Willing to server/faction change

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Hello, I'm Adam, a 46 year old male from the Southeast US, been playing WoW off and on for over a decade.  Took a break from WoW for about a year, returned several months ago for Shadowlands content.  I currently semi-main a Ret Pally (i lvl 291 atm) and a Warlock (i lvl 293 atm), I'll drop Armory links below.  Aside from the Pally and the Lock, I have everything to level 60 except for rogue, warrior, shaman (next to 60) and DK.  I miss having a solid group of guys and gals to push heroic/mythic raid and mythic plus content with, looking to find that again.  Having to pug constantly will kill the soul. 

My only requirements for a guild are consistently able to fill raids for normal/heroic content (mythic raiding great, but not required), mythic plus 15+ groups forming on a consistent basis, and social enough that people get along and become friends in game.  Raid times are a dealbreaker for me, as I have a real job/career lol.  I live in the Eastern time zone US, looking for a guild that starts raiding somewhere around 7pm ET and ends somewhere around 10pm ET, any days aside from Friday and Saturday.  Not realistic for me to raid on Friday or Saturday nights or raid too late during the week.  I need to be in bed by no later than 11-11:30pm (I'm old).  

Constructive criticism and being required to pull your weight is expected and wanted, but if your raid leaders yell at people with anger, skip me lol.  I want to know when I screw up, and expect to be held to a standard of performance, but morons yelling at people on a video game doesn't sit well with me.  I'm the type of person that holds myself to a high standard.  If I'm playing a dps toon and I'm not landing in the top 5, I'm upset (unless it's simply a difference in gear) and trying to figure out why and where I'm losing dps.  I use the usual websites to get up to date info, such as icyveins, Method website, etc.  Always open to suggestions and sources of up to date information.  

I am open to playing whatever toon/role the guild is most in need of, as long as the current status of the class/spec isn't painful lol.  Over the years there is very little I haven't raided on.  More than willing to pay to server transfer/faction transfer to a solid home.   I will, of course, scan through all the guilds on here, but thought a post wouldn't hurt for those looking for mature, experienced players with a broad knowledge of the game. 

I can be contacted on Discord =  DS_AdamBourne#6569 and on Battle.net = AdamBourne#1617


Armory links:

Thyrà - Character (worldofwarcraft.com)

Anuksunamun - Character (worldofwarcraft.com)

Ryarii - Character (worldofwarcraft.com)

Voloros - Character (worldofwarcraft.com)

Narella - Character (worldofwarcraft.com)


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