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A question about gear.

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Hello Warlocks,


I don't know what to do here. I have 3 WF HC thingys with no mastery on them and i have not replaced my HC thingys with them just yet. I looked at MrRobot and got that if i replace them all three i would raise from a score of 616K to 619K.


What i gain from replacing my items are:


776 intellect to 32431 intellect

853 Spell power to 52836 spell power

2,42% Crit to 30,65% crit


What i loose from replacing my items are:


10,83% mastery lowering me from 144,84% to 134,01%.



Should i replace the items or is it a too big loss of mastery?

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Alright, so considering that I just did the math on this in another thread...(https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/6324-ilvl-gains-or-stats/)

The DPS differential is minimal. Like literally within 2% per piece of gear. And almost always favoring mastery-heavy items. The actual difference will vary based on which items you are replacing, but overall, you're not going to notice any difference.

As for the idea of "gaining score" on AMR... don't. Unless you are Simcrafting out your specific DPS thresholds (and even then it's an imperfect estimate) as AMR stat weights, relying on their base values is not going to efficiently and accurately improve your DPS on any kind of consistent basis.

As an example of this, 1% crit rating = 600 crit points. 1% mastery = 200 mastery points. 2.5% crit x 600 = 1500 points invested in crit. 1500 points / 200 = 7.5% mastery.

Meaning for that 2.5% crit you gain, you could (in theory, limited by your ability to reforge aspects of your gear of course) be gaining 7.5% mastery, which is way way way more DPS, and will overshadow, generally, the increased dps gained from spellpower.

But again, it's a DPS differential that is inconsequential.

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