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[EU-Lightbringer][H] Dark Fusion Recruiting for WoD

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Dark Fusion Eu-Lightbringer Alliance

Dark Fusion was formed in 2006 and has raided all content spanning across all 3 brackets (10, 25 and 40 man) and over the years has formed a solid group of core players. Our current focus is 10 man heroic progression in SoO using a comfortable, flexible raid schedule to accommodate RL commitments. We are looking to bolster the core raiding group in order to achieve the best possible progress and when we clear SoO on 10 man to go 25 man and prepare for WoD s 20 Mythic raids.
We’re an experienced group with many of us playing 7 years of more together. We’re looking for like-minded people that can commit to raiding for the duration of the expansion. Raid quality and progress will be our main focus.

Current Progress 13/14[H] SoO 10 man raid

We are recruiting to do 25man Heroics on SoO and 20 Mythic raid when WoD comes.

We are Recruiting the following classes/specs: 

Mage - Low Prio
Warlock - Medium Prio
Hunter - Low Prio
Priest - Disco High Prio
Priest - Holy High Prio
Shamman - Enhancement High Prio
Shamman - Resto Medium Prio
Shamman - Elemental High Prio
Druid - Feral High Prio
Druid - Resto Medium Prio
Druid - Guardian Low Prio
Druid - Balance High Prio
Paladin - Retribution High Prio
Paladin - Protection Low Prio
Paladin - Holy Low Prio
Rogue - Medium Prio
Warrior - Dps Medium Prio
Warrior - Protection Low Prio
Deathnight - Frost/Unholy High Prio
Deathnight - Blood Low Prio
Monk - WW High Prio
Monk - Resto High Prio
Monk - BM Low Prio

The raid Schedule:

We require our members to raid all 3 raid days a week. 

-Tuesday 20:00-00:00
-Thursday 20:00-00:00
- Sunday 20:00-00:00

We need from You:
- 100% attendance
- Good situational awareness and quick reactions
- Know your class spec talents and glyphs and prepare to change them for boss to boss
- Can Take Criticism
- Attitude is something that we are not allow in our Guild but Funny ppl have a spot here!
- Come prepared from the current boss and know the next as well
- Be on time for raid. 10min earlier is a must

What Dark Fusion can give u:

- A reliable mature raiding guild (most of us are 30 years old+)
- Progress-Progress-Progress
- Fair leadership well organized (loot wise and personal wise)
- Experienced and motivated team-mates.
- We will offer you a REAL LIFE!! Our goals are to raid 3 days per week, and achieve what's achievable during these 3 days.

To submit an app and arrange a chat please visit our web site: 

SITE: www.fusion-net.eu/

WoL: www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/6951/

Facebook : www.facebook.com/groups/128515112841/

Youtube : www.youtube.com/user/fusioneu?feature=mhee

add my btag for farther questions extraneous#2270

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