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[A] Outlands - Zeus - 2 nights a week Raiding guild

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Primary Language: English
Raids per week: 2
Playstyle: Casual
Discord - https://discord.gg/feTswkz 

Hello everyone

Zeus has been around since 2006 and to this day continues to grow and progress through new content, We are proud of our laid back, respectful and fun environment yet our mythic team is well focused and committed to doing the best it can and progressing at our own speed. We are looking for mature players from all walks of wow life to join us, also welcoming social players who also enjoy casual & alt raids, levelling & mythic+ etc.

Currently 4/8 Mythic - 8/8 Heroic.

We have built the best team that we can with solid raid leaders and in return we expect each raider to put in equal amounts of effort to keep there class up to date, be well prepared and so on.

For main team we are currently considering all dps classes however Mage is priority at this time.

We have the following raid schedule

  • 20.30 -23.00 ST Wednesday
  • 20.30 -23.00 ST Sunday

We run a weekly social event each Friday, all members are welcome to join.

  • 21.00 ST Friday

Please contact any officer in Discord or in game if you have any interest in raiding in Dragonflight with us

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Social players that just enjoy to level, play alts, pet battle and all that awesome casual content are always welcome to Zeus. Contact for an invite if your looking for a new home that is welcoming and friendly


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Pre patch is on its way and we are hyped for new content around the corner!! please feel welcome to come chat with us about being part of this new chapter with us - Mythic+ players encouraged, raiders while we have limited spots now are always considered and wow players from all walks of the game, including pet battling, leveling, pvping and any other fun side of wow are very welcome.

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We are looking for players from all walks of wow life to join us on our next journey, We are a midcore mythic pve guild who also enjoy casual & alt raids, leveling & mythic+ etc and just having fun.

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Limited raid spots available for main team but we are always open to welcome new players, casual players, social players, pvpers and all kinds of players. 

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      At the moment we are looking for a couple friendly but committed players to complete our mythic team.
      Raid hours:
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      Thursday : 20.00 - 23.00 (3h)
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      Requirements for raiding
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       - Know your class and spec, or be ready to receive constructive criticism, to learn and to improve quickly
       - Working discord voice communication (mic is not mandatory, but you are required to hear and respond)
       - Be organized & prepared - research boss fights, have consumables to last through the raid, be up-to-date on power progression and gearing opportunities outside of raids
      Other activities:
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      We have a good number of highly ranked and active mythic-plus players, who will be glad to see more joining them in their adventure. 
      In-Game Community
      Our guild has an in-game community. We welcome and encourage our members interacting with players from other guilds and on other realms. Come, join us. meet our people, see if our atmosphere fits you before you decide to dedicate yourself to our raid team.
      Community Invitation

      If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to answer any of your questions about our guild.
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      We’ve also recently begun a Friday evening Heroic/alt run and are happy to accept players looking for a more relaxed Heroic experience.
      Additionally, we're also looking for fun players who focus on Mythic+ or even just socialising. As we're a relatively new guild now is the perfect time to join to help shape the future of the guild and become an integral part of it.
      [Raiding Schedule]:
      Mythic: Tuesday & Thursday 8pm - 11pm realm time
      Heroic/Alt Run: Friday 8pm - 11pm realm time
      • Brewmaster Monk
      • Unholy DK
      • Warlock
      • We have a set of guild rules on our discord that cover the usual things you'd expect to see, e.g. no toxicity, hate speech or harassment, being a good team player and things like that.
      • We have a set of raiding rules on our discord that cover things like researching encounters, knowing your class and being proactive in improving, being reliable and punctual and having a microphone.
      If you are interested in joining and would like to chat to get more information please contact me or one of our officers with the below details:
      JusticeGlory#1448 (Discord)
      Justice#2530 (Bnet)
      Cera#9800 (Discord)
      Cyphron#2949 (Bnet)
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      Guild Goals: 
      Compete with top guilds in TBC.
      Never Miss a Lockout
      Clear Content Fast and Efficiently
      Sunday/Monday 5:45-10:00 PST
      Fury Warrior
      Holy/Disc Priest
      Shadow Priest
      Fire Mage
      TBC Recruitment is going to be open competition for raiding spots.  There will be an alt run, and the guild will be hosting GDKPs.
      1. Come Prepared.  The content is 13 years old, there is no reason to not know the mechanics of a boss.  We will post Strats and info graphics prior to a raid release, but it is the raiders responsibility to understand the Mechanics.   Bring your consumables, there is no excuse to not have your flasks/Potions/Food for any given week.
      2. Be open to criticism.  No one is perfect, and we expect anyone in the raid to be able to handle being asked or told (respectfully) how to do something better.  We will not tolerate any kind of childish behavior, the raid comes first, and no one is above it.
      3. Perform.  With all the resources available to the player base today, there are few excuses to not know how to play your class effectively.  We expect raiders to have a knowledge of the class they play, and be able to absolutely pump in whatever role they are filling. 
      Casual has been a loot council guild from Day 1, we have a public spreadsheet that tracks where every single piece of gear has gone.  Factors for the Loot Council include, but are not limited to:
      Raid Benefit
      Please contact Cool#1211 on bnet Cool#8812 in discord 
      Discord: https://discord.gg/XfaPyme 
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