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Help, arms dps

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I've always found Arms to be extremely lacking when doing dummy testing, and only shines once you get into a raid environment and have a lot more rage generation at your disposal from the fight. Anyways, I'll try give some help from my experience of playing Arms till around 560.


Firstly, take off stormbolt for arms, it doesnt do enough to a raid boss when you only wield one 2h, Use bloodbath at all times smile.png Same thing goes with Bladestorm in single target situations, switch it to DR so you can line them both up, use it prior to a CS window, and spam that CS>Slam away (pray your CS procs again the in middle so you can follow on with another). Remember you dont have to stick to the "set rotation" if you have plenty of rage to spare, which happens a lot more in a raid. As for your CDMacro, You should split Skull banner and Recklessness up if you have them bound together, especially now that you have EEoG your Recklessness will come off CD earlier. Furthermore, Skull banner is a raid CD (thanks IV) and should be considered as one, if you jam them together you'll lose quite a bit of flexibility in a raid environment (and most probably lose banner stack time when the opportunity comes).


I'm gonna guess by unbuffed you just mean not raid buffed, if that's the case, you can try flask+ pre-pot+shattering before you charge in during your dummy tests tongue.png But I'd rather save those till an actual boss.

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...you can try flask+ pre-pot+shattering before you charge in during your dummy tests tongue.png But I'd rather save those till an actual boss.


A simple note on this one comment; ability_warrior_shatteringthrow.jpgShattering Throw is another raid utility cooldown and not beneficial to the warrior when doing dummy testing. Note the debuff reduces the armor value on the target. Our ability_warrior_colossussmash.jpgColossus Smash allows us to bypass 100% of the armor regardless of what value it's at.


The only time, theoretically, that Shattering Throw would benefit a warrior is if Colossus Smash isn't applied and in both the Arms and Fury rotations, that time frame is never long enough to constitute the cast of Shattering Throw (again... only considering a one-on-one, single target, DPS-seeking raid dummy test).


Shattering Throw is a raid utility to benefit the other DPS in your group. I would not waste it's cast when parsing against a test dummy.




@ Raxyy:


SimulationCraft is a great tool to use but it's not an "end-all, be-all" tool to take to heart. There are various settings in there that you are getting results for that probably do not match what is actually happening in game and that - by itself - dismisses any comparison of the two results.


Here are some things to compare when looking at the two:

  • Food & Flask - Are you using what SimCraft is simming you with / did you adjust SimCraft to sim what you used?
  • Did you set the settings to reflect the accurate number of targets? A test dummy usually has mobs around it and, thus, is more targets. Did you make sure Sim reflects more than 1 target (which is the default setting)?
  • Time length: Again - were the two times relatively close? A 5 minute Sim vs a 4 minute parse or even a 6 minute parse will throw out any results.
  • Did you use the rotation described in SimCraft's reasoning? (You can read through what it does and reasonably understand what's going on. Two different rotation priorities = different results = incomparable results.)
  • What skill level did you set the Sim to? "Elite" says you make absolutely no mistakes. Period.

For these reasons, I never advise any DPS player to look at SimCraft and go "This is what it says. You are not making the numbers it says so you must be doing something wrong." SimCraft is a tool. Use it accordingly to it's purpose and use it correctly - it will help. Use it outside of these expectations and it'll make you feel like you're always doing something wrong.


As far as the rotation is concerned I would read over Icy Vein's Guide of the single target rotation or you can review my written guide here. Either one is a great place to start and practice on the raid dummy.


Additionally, when all else fails, providing a parse of a fight is always beneficial to seeking out problems and areas of improvement on your rotation.

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