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Dragonflight Pre-Patch Known Issues List

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(Updated November 15th): You can check out the new pre-patch phase 2 known issues here.
(Updated October 28th.)
For those experiencing FPS drop issues, there's a possible fix you can check out here.
Blizzard have posted the known issues list for the Dragonflight pre-patch, from empty talent frames to AH issues, many UI problems and more.

Blizzard LogoKnown Issues (Source)

Auction House

  • Many non-PvP items are displaying the PvP item level marker while browsing. These items do not have PvP attributes.


  • Action bar buttons may fail to glow when an ability becomes available for use (for example with Maelstrom Weapon or Execute).
  • When logging into the Dragonflight pre-expansion patch for the first time, the Talent Frame and Action Bars may be empty. Logging out and back into the character should fix this issue.
  • The Micro Menu may flash with an indicator that something is undone, even after you’ve leveled and spent a talent point.
  • Covenant Abilities may not be properly replaced by their respective Talent, leading to the appearance of duplicates in the player’s spellbook. These Covenant Abilities and Talents will share a cooldown if either are cast.
  • Spells that have multiple charges via talents (such as Shadowstep or Healing Stream Totem) will not show their cooldown on the spell tooltip until you have at least 1 charge talented.


  • Shadowlands Conduits may display incorrect statistical values on their tooltips. This is a visual bug only.
  • Weapons that drop from all M+ sources, including the Great Vault, may have an incorrect item level.

Player versus Player

  • Following Rated PvP matches, except for Solo Shuffle, accurate credit is not being provided to players. The fix for the issue will require realm restarts.


  • The overall skill bar UI appears to be full regardless of your actual skill level.
  • When you drag invalid equipment over a Profession slot, an error can make the gear disappear and move to your normal character equipment slot.
  • The Reagent Bag slot is currently visible. This will be disabled and will return when players have access to Dragonflight Reagent Bags for this slot.
  • Newly crafted Profession items in the Dragonflight pre-expansion patch cannot be placed into Void Storage.

User Interface

  • Spells may not appear when placed, unless action bars are set to always show.
  • The Interact Key and Action Targeting Options may not be saved when you log out.
  • Abilities may incorrectly display on top of the action bar borders while cooling down.
  • Unit Frames may disappear, and then reappear when Edit Mode is activated. This may occur when the Unit Frame is anchored to the Extra Action Button.
  • The default placement for Group Loot Frame may cause items to move off screen. Use the command “/Reloadui” to fix this.
  • In the Group Finder, the Start Group button appears in the middle of the Custom category list.
  • Elite enemy nameplates do not include dragons, as intended.
  • Cast bars may appear behind some UI panels.
  • Unit Frames can unintentionally snap to another area when too close to the party frame.
  • The Recruit-a-Friend tab is not displaying correctly on the social window.
  • Action Bars 6-8 are enabled when selecting Default reset in Options.
  • The HUD Tooltip element is displaying on top of the settings window the element.
  • Finishing the Exile’s Reach experience can print “START” & “END” into the chat.
  • The Guild and Communities window selection for custom icon for new community appears oversized.
  • Inspecting out-of-range players shows your own talents.
  • Accessibility
    • Hold-To-Cast may not work with mouseover casting.
    • Melee attacks cannot be canceled by the Escape key with Action Targeting enabled.
    • Your Locked Target may be cleared when a different enemy Soft Target dies.
    • When using a Gamepad, button bindings can disappear from action bars.
    • The Interact Key sound cue sound does not play when you are able or unable to interact with an NPC.

User Services

  • When purchasing a Character Transfer, on the Select Destination Account step, you may notice the character in the dropdown appears to change to the first character on the character select screen. This is a visual bug, and your chosen character is still locked in from before.
  • Some NPCs who redeem codes from outside the game have been temporarily removed. They will return to their usual locations soon.


  • WoW Armory web pages may display duplicated or missing Talents for specializations with multiple loadouts. This is a website display issue only and does not affect the game.

WoW Companion App

  • A bug can cause the Auction House tab to incorrectly display 0 currency and events on the Events tab to disappear. This may sometimes be resolved by logging out and back in.

For those just returning or who otherwise need to be caught up we have guides for both new and returning players.

As with any update, it is important to make sure that if you use addons that they have been updated.

Helpful links for various tech issues:

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Maybe this company should let betas sit for an extra month considering all these issues they have on launch lately.


It's done when it's done.

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If you´re experiencing issues, remember that is always a good idea to delete the Cache, Interface and WTF folders. I would also suggest disabling your addons temporarily.

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4 hours ago, 420Djupi said:

My fps dropped from 200 to 20 and i dont know how to fix it.

Im having a lot of issuses, everything is loading slowly and Im getting massive fps drops. Everything was smooth before the pre patch...

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While they officially call this “pre-patch”, it is actually the beta (the official “beta” period was more like an alpha).

To be fair, a project of the scale of WoW really does need a period of mass beta testing like this (not enough participation in the official beta to fully test what is needed at this scale). And if they called it beta instead of pre-patch, lots of people would just sit it out instead of contributing to the test, I guess.

Certainly, though, this is not to excuse the many problems (both with the game and with Blizz itself).

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  • Even with all addons disabled, I was randomly having action bars 4 and 5 covering the right-side halves of my opened bags when picking up items.
  • When I was invited to a group, the default party frames did not display until I was out of combat. Did Blizzard combat restrict their own user interface? LOL

Definitely going to be working out the kinks for months.

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Since this morning the game is unplayable.

Constant crashes, fps is awful. It went from 100-200 i. orgrimmar to 40-50

I really have no idea what is going on.

Does anyone have a solution please?

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8 hours ago, Lucindel said:

Im having a lot of issuses, everything is loading slowly and Im getting massive fps drops. Everything was smooth before the pre patch...

weird, my fps went up from 130+ to 230+ but most my addons are having problems even though they were updated yesterday.

Edited by shanks

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Also debuffs not working properly, when you change direction you want them to stack, always go from right to left.

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Hey there, I don't know how many people encountered this problem. Today we had a guild m+ run, a lot of people ran different dungeons. What we found out: in Iron Docks, Grimrail, Lower Kara, Junkyard, the covenant abilities, conduits and soulbinds do not work. Not a visual bug, we checked details and logs. Affected classes: dk, hunter, monk, warlock, warrior. I personally ran frost with nf, koryan. The first strike buff was never applied, dnd cleave didn't work at 3 targets (although it should if talented into "Cleaving Strikes"), everfrost was also never applied to mobs. Now the weird thing is, that we all could still use the covenant ability like soul shape, call oul, necroshield. Another note: from our testing no one ever had an issue in streets or gambit, had around 10 runs in those two today. 

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7 hours ago, Atrikas said:

Everything i point at, i get a 3d screen With a zombie. I mean on everything, names, items etc. How do I fix it?

Update your “All The Things” add-on. The older version had that bug.

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Has anyone experienced an issue that "Adventure Guide" without pressing any button pops up eventually (sometimes 1x, but it may occur that 2-3x during a trash fight in M+)? Honestly its quite annoying. First I thought I'm pressing some buttons which trigger it, but then I changed the shortcut for that, afterward while we were waiting for 2 people to return it just opened itself 2x. Also some addons "prevent" doing an action and I cannot use my keybinds unless I disable the addons. This is madness. My FPS is somehow better than it was, but fluctuating as hell. In Oribos I get 50-300 FPS. At least before prepatch it was a consistent 145. If I did my job as "well" as these people at Blizzard I would be long time homeless by now. In our developer team we have 300x lesser people than Blizzard has, yet we never release anything in a state like that. This is a paid game, you would expect at least they don't give a damn about the quality..

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On 10/26/2022 at 7:05 AM, MiNiGiANT said:

my keyboard is not working...

The same has happened to me, laptop keyboard not working in Wow at all,  no idea how to fix it or what's causing it🤪

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On 10/30/2022 at 2:53 PM, Babs said:

The same has happened to me, laptop keyboard not working in Wow at all,  no idea how to fix it or what's causing it🤪

Do you have Neatplates installed? I tried to answer to the first person in this forum entry, however moderators seemingly didn't care about it back then. I had the same issue, but disabling / updating Neatplates resolved it.

If another addon is causing the issue, that's what I suggest:

Check in your addon manager which active addon has a 9.2.5 / 9.2.7 version, visit curseforge and check for the newer version manually. Some of the addons straight after prepatch had a 10.0.0 version available while in the addon manager only 9.2.7 was shown as the "latest". If that doesn't work, try to disable addons one by one and check which one resolves your issue. I hope this helps.

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On 10/26/2022 at 1:30 PM, BunnyTracks said:

Disable Bartender Addon if you have it as it messes with some of the ui.

Out of the question. blizzard should work their ingame things when converting from patch to patch in favor of the addons/addon devs instead of the addon makers having to basically rewrite the addon from scratch due to new patch incompatibility. we are paying for the game AND for the addons... either directly or through ads, but addon writers get paid too.

For blizzard staff to change the ui look and game settings is so easy, but a sane person will allways consider these questions: "Why would we change that? What will happen to the addons of our beloved gamers if we change things a certain way?" (if those changes are done like a kid would do them, cause that's how literally they are doing it in the last few expansions).

I don't know if the problem is the laying off of staff members from back years ago, but lately it clearly indicates they need a lot of staff members, coders, bug fixers, and mainly MAINLY game testers who are the ones that give the best feedback and list of things to fix directly to blizzard in a comprehensive format instead of relying on streamers and their video feeds. Pathetic!

Edited by Dein

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