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[RET] Mastery vs Crit and 50% vs 40% at Lower Gear

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So after reading in the other topic a lot about it, I came to the conclusion that at heroic/heroic warforged gear, we are better of going with 50% haste and then reforge all into crit, going as far as getting gear with Haste+Crit, as seen here: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/turalyon/Zardox/advanced


My question tho is, when is it viable to make the switch, when should I stop capping my haste at 40% and when should I start to go for crit?


This is my character at the moment, I decided to reforge and gem without capping myself at the 40% haste to see what it would feel like, still haven't raided with this setup: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/Tol%20Barad/Zeeza/advanced


My last question is, should I be aiming to get the gear that Zardox is using, the gear found here http://www.wowbis.net/paladin/retribution/ or a mix of both? Or neither? ohmy.png


Thank you everyone for your posts so far, as someone that just came back after cataclysm, I learned a lot from reading this forums!

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Ahh I love this topic! It seems to be the most discussed topic lately among Ret Paladins, and yet there seems to be no definitive answer one way or the other. I myself tried 50% haste>Crit>Mastery a month or so ago and I did see some good rankings but nothing that was really impressive compared to my previous and future rankings. A big draw back for me was that I was lacking a HWF Sword and the HWF Chest from Immerseus. I don't know if those items really would have made a big difference but I imagine that they would have. The one draw back for Crit is that it seems to lack in comparison to mastery on AoE fights. With the exception of a few fights, most encounters have some AoE components to them.


Do you have HWF Bracers from Nuro or a HWF Neck from Malk? I was using the HWF Bracer from Nuro and HWF Neck form IJ when I was trying out the previously stated build and moved them around until I got my stats where I wanted them. When you get a chance, I would really like to see some logs of the different stat priorities that you have tried/will be trying.

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This goes beyond my knowledge but I think this top tier scenario is getting into SimC territory in working out what is more effective. It's been mentioned that mastery tends to come out ahead of favouring crit when aoe is involved although I'm not sure of that. One thing I'll say on 50%  vs 40% haste is that it will be more demanding to actually utilise your stats, you need to have higher apm or you're wasting stats that could be passive such as mastery/crit. Those are just my thoughts, don't really have a suggestion :P

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Having the APM to sustain DPS during lust means someone will have the APM for 50% haste. It's a completely moot point and is generally raised without any real thought as to just how big an issue it is in reality.


SimC allegedly doesn't account for the full effect of haste, leading people to doubt its accuracy at these gear levels. 50% is obviously superior to 40% based on empirical evidence but nobody really knows how to build up to it efficiently. Personally, I'd stick with the aim prior to 40% haste of simply putting everything into haste and redistributing what's left so that mastery and crit ratings will be somewhat close to each other, with crit slightly ahead. That's, of course, based on the assumption that SimC at least gets the mastery:crit ratio right.

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Yeah the lust thing is a good point and most players that will be clearing content that would allow them to get those stats most likely are above the skill threshold of playing 'fast'. The only difference i'll point out for lust is that you need higher apm for 30sec burst as opposed to higher apm for the entire duration of a fight, but again I don' think that's a problem for most people at that level of gear/content.

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