[EU-Al'Akir][H] Apex is looking for more ranged DPS!

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About us


Apex is an English speaking, high-end PvE raiding guild on Al'Akir, Europe. We raid 25 player heroic (soon to be 20 player mythic). We formed in June 2007 during The Burning Crusade expansion, a few weeks after Black Temple was released to public. This makes us one of the oldest guilds still active.


Current recruitment needs

  • Warlocks
  • Hunters
  • Mages
  • Rogues
  • Windwalker Monks
  • 1 Elemental Shaman
  • 1 Balance Druid
  • 1 Mistweaver Monk
  • 1 Retribution Paladin

Mists of Pandaria

  • Siege of Orgrimmar (Tier 16): west 39th, Europe 28th Garrosh Hellscream.
  • Throne of Thunder (Tier 15): west 9th, Europe 6th Ra-den.
  • Terrace of Endless Spring (Tier 14c): one week plus two days of progress, west 7th, Europe 4th Sha of Fear.
  • Heart of Fear (Tier 14b): one week of progress, west 8th, Europe 5th Grand Empress Shek'zeer.
  • Mogu'shan Vaults (Tier 14a): half a week of progress, west 6th, Europe 4th Will of the Emperor.


  • Dragon Soul (Tier 13): 3 weeks of progress, world 13th, Europe 6th Deathwing.
  • Firelands (Tier 12): 6 weeks of progress, world 15th, Europe 8th Ragnaros.
  • BD, BoT, TotFW (Tier 11): Two months of progress, world 16th, Europe 10th.

Wrath of the Lich King

  • Icecrown Citadel (Tier 10): world 39th Lich King.
  • Trial of the Grand Crusader (Tier 9): world 9th Anub'arak.
  • Ulduar (Tier 8): World 28th Algalon.
  • Naxx25, OS, EoE (Tier 7): Cleared on the first week of WotLK.

The Burning Crusade

  • Sunwell Plateau (Tier 6.5): world 22nd Kil'jaeden.




Our raiding schedule varies. Most players take vacations or days off from work / school when new content is available. We raid every day, do early starts and late night pushes. After a while we tone it down and continue to raid every day, but only during evenings. And when we're on farm status we barely raid at all - few hours to clear all content with mains and/or alts.


Our "official" raiding times are:

  • 19:00 to 23:00 CET on the working days;
  • 16:00 to 23:00 CET on the weekends;

All members are expected to be able to attend raids at these "official" times. If a player can't raid more than that - can't participate in an early start or play until 5 in the morning - then it's still ok. "Official" raiding times are mandatory, everything else is a bonus.





Raiding is mandatory. All members are expected to raid as much as possible. Having alt(s) is strongly encouraged, we stack and minmax our lineup based on the encounter. Players are rotated, we try to keep favoritism somewhat low and offer everyone a shot. However, we won't trade raid strength for fair rotation on a difficult progress mode fight - stronger players will be preferred. We use loot council for loot distribution. The guild also covers repair costs, funds gems and enchants and some consumables for members.



The Recruit


A potential recruit has to be punctual and independent enough to have a very high raid attendance. This is especially important for progression raids. The recruit has to be competitive and always trying to improve his game. We are looking for players who want to deliver flawless performance and aren't content with being average. It's also a huge plus if the player isn't afraid to talk and bring his own ideas into the fight and can grasp the whole picture.


There is no specific gear requirement. We have recruited, attuned and geared up several undergeared players in the past. But the player has to convince us that he is going to be worth the effort.


It's always worth sending in an application, even if your class is not listed as needed. A good application may open up some new possibilities. You can apply through our website at



Updated: October 4

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