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[EU-Kazzak] <Agnostics> Late night raiding guild

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We are a new late night raiding guild preparing to take Kazzak by storm in Warlords.
The guild was formed on the principles of fast, strong and decent progress and team managed, on a relaxed raiding schedule.

Our Raid Times:
Wednesday: 2230 - 0100
Thursday: 2230 - 0100
Monday: 2230 - 0100

Our Rules:
Be on time, prepared and co-operative to all raids.
We do not expect 100% attendance, (real life happens and we accept that. Attend as many as possible without taking the piss)
Loot Council will distribute loot fairly according to performance, current item and rank. (Raider > Trial)
Enjoy yourself
Keep a calm and relaxed atmosphere
Respect and accept everybody, relish in the banter.

We expect:
Dedicated raiders
At least 580 item level
We would prefer at least 12/14hc, but all applications will be taken strongly into consideration
Mature and passionate attitude
Willing to learn

Currently Recruiting:
Death Knight: All - DPS preferred
Druid: - Feral DPS
Hunter: - All
Monk: - Tank/DPS
Mage: - All
Rogue: - All
Priest: - All
Warlock: - All
Warrior: - DPS

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact myself or Pyromaniac, for applications please apply at http://agnostics-kazzak.enjin.com/home

Dykona#2182 is my real ID for any direct questions.

Thank you for your consideration,

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