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What am I doing wrong

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I have been playing since vanilla and took time off when mist came up I started raiding again and my raid leader dose not like my healing. I have read and gemed and fallowed guides and I am at where our other holy priest is and other holy priest that I have ran with in cross server runs. This is one of our last logs http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-fr6cvvryuyhu0vgu/sum/healingDone/  (Kharizzma) I was hoping someone would see what I am doing wrong because I seem to be missing it.I never have been a bad healer but apparently I am not where I need to be if I am being told I am not doing well over and over again. Thank you for any help.

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Few things at a glance:



Your Chest and Boots are not enchanted.


You do not have your Legendary Meta Gem equipped.


You currently are running a lot of Spirit, even a Spirit Flask.  Are you finding that you have a lot of Mana left when the fight is over?  You can get a lot more oomph out of your gems if you picked up ones w/ Crit and Mastery.  Whatever the answer is, you would benefit from re-equipping the LMG to save on some mana and work on becoming more efficient with your spell selection if you are running out of mana.  The lower you can squeeze your Spirit number the greater effect your heals will have.


The talent, Twist of Fate is the go to choice for Priests now instead of Power Infusion.


You need to switch out your Level 90 Talent on a fight by fight basis depending on the strat your guild uses.  Using Cascade for every fight is not the right approach.  Most fights have a strategy that involves most of the raid being stacked up.  Divine Star will shine in these cases.  Carry plenty of tomes on you to make the switch between fights as the strategy dictates.


You don't seem to be tracking your self buffs either.  I see Inner Will and Inner Fire up on the other Priests but I do not see it on your buff list.  You should have Inner Fire up at all times.


I'd also suggest switching your Logs to Warcraft Logs for better fight by fight help.  It offers a better picture of your and your guilds approach.  Make sure to enable Adv. Combat Logging from your settings in game as well.


Get WeakAuras to start tracking your CDs and Buffs this will alleviate some of the pressure of making multiple changes at once. Once you make these broad changes repost some more logs from WCL and you'll get more specific help from the community! 

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 I find it really hard to review Holy priests (without a video). I'm going to use your friend's log to review instead. Everything that i suggested to Silandra you're already doing, so that sucks, for me.


  The first problem i found is that your Tof uptime is horrible on every single fight (except Iron Jug, which has an amazing uptime btw). The only tip i can give to increase your ToF uptime is for you to use cues. What do i mean by this? You can use the boss' skills to determine when the boss reaches ~35%. Obvious examples are Protectors and Sha of Pride. Once Rook ( or He/Sun) comes out of his second Desperate Measure phase, you can easily use an @focus macro immediately after to get a Shadow Word: Pain on the boss. For non-obvious ones, i'll use Shamans as an example. I would ask myself "how many Falling Ash (usually) does the boss let out before he reaches 35%.?" If you Record yourself play, or use logs, you can easily determine the answer. In your case it's about the third one. So before the third Falling Ash hits the ground, use Shadow Word: Pain for 30seconds worth of ToF uptime (you can also try using it once you see the red circle a 3rd, or 4th time). Fortunately, Falling Ash has a 30second cooldown, so you don't even need weak auras to have a decent uptime on ToF. There are lots of ways to help increase your ToF uptime, this is just one. Hopefully my explanation is clear. Tip: For Shamans you should be using holy fire every time the slimes come out.


  I would recommend keeping track of your cape and gem proc (your logs lets me assume you don't). When your gem procs you can use 2 binding heals to get a free max stacked Serendipity. And if your cape procs you'll know when Prayer of Healing becomes smart.




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