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WoD Beta Keys Trivia Quiz - Outland/Draenor

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For our first quiz, we chose questions pertaining to Outland and Draenor, which is very fitting considering the theme of the next expansion.

Before anything, here is a reminder of the rules.

  • To reply to a question, you need to write the number of the question, followed by a fullstop, a space, and the answer itself, without typo. For example, if "Stormwind" is the answer to the question number 5, then "5. Stormwind" is the answer you should give.
  • We will run an automated script to find the winners, so typos will not be counted as proper answers.
  • You can reply to multiple questions, but you need to do so in separate posts.
  • Posts that have been edited will be disqualified.
  • If you made a typo, then make a new post.
  • Vlad and I are the only ones who know the questions and answers, so everyone else who works on the website can enter the contest.
Now, the questions.
  • 1. Whose actions ultimately caused the destruction of Draenor?
  • 2. Which Draenor zone became known as the Hellfire Peninsula after Draenor was destroyed?
  • 3. Who are the Human and Elf who remained on Draenor after its destruction, have not been seen since, but are still presumed alive?
  • 4. Who is this character who led the expeditionary forces of the Alliance to Draenor and whose name means "trust" in Dwarven?
  • 5. Before the destruction of Draenor, Akama was one of the leaders of the Draenei. How were these leaders collectively referred to?
  • 6. Who was Mannoroth serving when he affected the Orc chieftains with the Blood Curse?
  • 7. Who, together with Gul'dan, first opened The Dark Portal that enabled the Horde to invade Azeroth?
  • 8. In the original timeline, who accompanies Grommash Hellscream during his fateful confrontation with Mannoroth?
  • 9. Founder of the Shadow Council and the Orcish Horde, mastermind behind the creation of death knights, he was the first Orc warlock. Who is it?
  • 10. Who was the first Warchief of the Horde?
  • 11. Who is the famous leader of the Bleeding Hollow clan?
  • 12. Which faction leader is known as "The Prophet"?
  • 13. What race built Karabor, the Shadowmoon Valley temple that later became The Black Temple?
  • 14. Who is the first Blood Knight, and current leader of the Blood Knight Order?
  • 15. What is the name of the Draenor zone where Deathwing lived for a while?
  • 16. Who is the Blood Elf military leader sent by Illidan to conquer Shattrath that unexpectedly surrendered himself and his troops to the Naaru?
  • 17. Who periodically roars around Auchindoun?
  • 18. What is the name of Kargath Bladefist's weapon (and also his right hand)?
  • 19. Who is responsible for the slaughter of the Black Dragonflight in Draenor?
  • 20. What was the name of the Draenor sea that came to be replaced with the Twisting Nether, after the destruction of Draenor?
All questions have been properly answered, come back tomorrow for more questions and more beta keys!
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