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FFXIV PLL #75 Recap - 6.3 Live Letter Part 2

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FFXIV PLL #75 Recap - 6.3 Live Letter Part 2

Hello everyone! Welcome to the recap of Patch 6.3 live letter part 2.

Video recap can be viewed here:

Live translations of every PLL can be viewed on HurricaneChiela's twitch channel.

On Friday December 23rd, part two of the 6.3 live letter was held, revealing new information about what’s in store for us.

Yoshi P starts the PLL by mentioning how tight it was for them to deliver patch 6.3 on schedule. Many difficulties for the dev team to overcome in delivering this patch. They talk about quickly selling out tickets for the Eorzean symphony, and while it was difficult to manage in the current climate they were glad to be able to have it.

Patch 6.3’s name is “Gods Revel, Lands Tremble” and will be released on January 10th.


Content to come in 6.3

  • New Main Scenario Quests
  • Sidequests
    • Tataru’s Grand Endeavor
    • Tales of Newfound Adventure - a side story after finishing the MSQ. This time there will be more for you to do.
  • 6.35 somehow further Hildibrand adventures - some crazy things to come
  • Further Manderville Weapons 6.35
  • Tribal Quests - The Loporrits 6.35. Will take a look at the life of Loporrits, and how they move forward as creations of Hydaelyn. Some of Yoshida’s favorite content amongst the 6.3 patch!
  • New Dungeon - Lapis Manalis, players joined by fan favorite Zero
  • New Trials - can’t reveal further
  • New Unreal Trial - Sophia
  • New Alliance Raid: Euphrosyne, there is much they can't show yet

Ultimate Duty 5 - The Omega Protocol (Ultimate)

2 Ulti tease.png

  • Release two weeks after patch 6.3
  • Players must first complete Abyssos the eighth circle savage
  • It feels pretty fast (since the last ultimate) but they’d had to keep it a secret to prevent players from speculating too much on what mechanics might be included
  • Duty Support for various Heavensward duties
  • Job Adjustments
  • PvP series 3 begins, season 5 of crystalline conflict begins, new arena The Clockwork Castletown
  • Crafting and Gathering Updates
    • Tool Enhancement Quests - Splendorous Tools
    • New Custom Deliveries: Anden - could he be turned back into a human?
    • Collectability value UI improvements
  • New course added to leap of faith in the gold saucer - the first in a while.

4 loporrits.png

5 loporrits.png

Deep Dungeon 3 - Eureka Orthos

  • Must complete the MSQ “Endwalker” and progress to floor 50 of palace of the dead
  • If you’ve done any palace of the dead you will understand what kind of content this is
  • The bosses coming in Eureka will be much more like regular bosses compared to in Heaven on High - maybe this means more mechanics?

Island Sanctuary Updates

  • New ways to sort through the UI to figure out what's best to queue in the workshop
  • Can view factors like popularity and supply while setting agenda

6 Island UI.png

7 Island UI.png

Treasure hunt update

  • New dungeon only appears in Elpis.

Housing update 

  • additional 6 regular wards and 6 subdivisions per world - available for purchase via the lottery system. In newer servers with houses still available currently, the wards will not be added just yet. Look for the lodestone post to come to see which will be available to private buyers and free companies

UI improvements

  • Icons for damage type in battle log and flying text. Up until patch 6.3 there is a lot of content, and they want to make sure to get all of this info up to date with this information - please let them know if they miss anything or make an error!
  • Display remaining time for buffs / debuffs in the party list

Miscellaneous Updates

  • Alternative UI theme Clear Blue

15 clear blue UI.png

  • Portraits will now display when using the duty finder - alliance raids will show your 8 person party only. Don’t forget to set it so that you’re not the only one with the default portrait!
  • Expansion of activities available while using fashion accessories. Some parts of it will be customized - certain parts may be able to be turned on or off. More emotes will be able to be used and potentially usable while mounted.
  • Ability to automatically open an umbrella when rain is detected. They wanted to represent the feeling similar to real life - if it’s raining you pull out your umbrella
  • Ability to collectively entrust duplicates of stackable items to your retainer
  • Export from portraits editor to adventurer plate and vice versa


Job Adjustments

General adjustments

  • There will be adjustments to usability for certain actions - this will be explained when the patch releases


  • Significant adjustments extending to action rotations.
  • For everyone who mains Paladin, the rotation has changed a lot - they apologize.
  • Adjustment Objectives:
    • Improve ability to deal burst damage, because of PLD's reliance on DoT damage, they don’t have as much burst - they will try to damage over time into burst damage.
    • Paladin's defensive abilities compared to other tanks are quite difficult to use, so they are trying to alleviate some of that difficulty.

Main adjustments (not all of them just the biggest ones):

  • Rotation has been shortened to accommodate high powered actions.
  • Damage over time effects for Goring Blade and Blade of Valor was removed and their potency was adjusted.
  • Divine Might is now applied after weaponskill combos, allowing an enhanced holy spirit to be executed once without casting.
  • Holy Shelltron’s effect has been changed to reduce damage taken, enhancing defensive capabilities against DoT.
  • Previously removed bulwark ability has been revamped and reintroduced, offering increased defensive capability.
  • This is just a general overview as they are continuing to work on Paladin and will be until the patch releases.


Demonstrates the new CC arena, showing teleporting doors. There are environmental effects reminiscent of Eden’s promise 1 tiles.
8 CC map.png

9 CC map.png

10 CC map.png

A festival begins and effects are activated such as AoE's, gold coins are scattered around the arena granting LB gauge when collected. This will happen once per match.

11 CC map.png

12 CC map.png

New outfits to be released in 6.3, including the PvP series reward armor set.

13 outfit.png

14 PVP armor.png


Alliance Raid - Euphrosyne
After entering, Yoshi P shows off fields of yellow under blue skies and clouds.

16 AR.png

We follow G’raha Tia through the fields. They marvel at the environment changing, and question what G’raha is doing with his strange instrument.

17 AR.png

18 AR.png

They feel that the development team has been doing a great job recently. The work that has been done is particularly impressive. Many of the environments and designs are going to be unique to what we’ve seen so far in xiv. People seemed to have a lot of fun with the first alliance raid, they look forward to expanding on the lore and there are many new mechanics to show off in the new fights! Yoshi P mentions the third fight in particular is his favorite.

Alliance raid armor sets:


19 AR Tank.png


20 AR Maiming.png


21 AR Striking.png


22 AR Ranged.png


23 AR Ninja.png


24 AR Healer.png


25 AR Caster.png


The Omega Protocol (Ultimate)

26 Ulti.png
The entire fight is Omega, from start to finish. Similar difficulty level to DSR, but not more difficult. Will release 2 weeks after 6.3 and they will finish their final adjustments by then.

27 Ulti.png

30 Ulti.png


New Treasure Dungeon - The Shifting Gymnasium Agonon
Yoshi P shows off some gameplay in the new treasure map dungeon, working in a similar way to the shifting altars from previous expansions. Yoshi P runs through the typical emotions as the roulette kicks him out of the dungeon.

31 Treasure map.png

32 Treasure.png

33 Treasure.png

New treasure map glamour

34 Treasure.png


New Leap of Faith course
A pretty jumping course in the treetops. Be careful or you will fall! Collect the medals in the same way as in previous iterations. Yoshi P struggles through the course and marvels at how well some players do at these courses.

36 Leap.png37 Leap.png


Deep Dungeon 3 - Eureka Orthos

38 DD3.png
Deep dungeon Overview - What is deep dungeon?

  • Must be level 81 or above to enter
  • Entry for 1-4 players no role restrictions, difficulty unaffected by party size
  • To unlock, accept quest from “Koh Rabntah” in Mor Dhona to unlock, with the addition of this quest previous quests associated with Koh Rabntah will be removed.
  • Going in looks the same as with previous Deep dungeons, with the familiar two save files.
  • Yoshida talks through some of the basics and fights a few monsters, explaining features like aetherpool, pomanders, traps.
  • Because of the randomization, it's a different challenge every time you enter

39 DD3.png

Yoshi P briefly fights the floor 10 boss, an allagan-looking Korrigan, with various mechanics related to parts of the floor.

41 DD3 boss.png

Yoshi P showcases a new pomander, dreadnought, a transformation pomander with 2 abilities, one similar to the "rage" pomander in PotD (one shots enemies and knocks them back) and the other similar to the "lust" pomander (applies a stacking debuff on enemies). 

42 DD3 Dreadnaught.png

He also used EO's replacement for magicite: a Demiclone that follows and helps the player fight enemies on the current floor. It disappears after the player moves to the next floor.

43 DD3 Demiclone.png


New items available in 6.3

New short hair style will be available, most likely from EO.

58 hair.png

New mounts. A new gold saucer mount and what seemed to be expensive gilded mounts, perhaps purchasable for a large sum of gil.

45 mounts.png44 mounts.png50 mounts.png48 mounts.png47 mounts.png46 mountss.png


New way to transfer items between retainer and inventory

Yoshi P shows the new UI interactions with retainers, including selecting all types of items you want to mass transfer onto the retainer - for stackable items only at the moment. He further explained the loading bar was required while communication between the client and database occurred. 

51 retainer UI.png


Housing Exterior and Items

55 housing.png54 housing.png53 housing.png52 housing.png


New collectable minions

56 minions.png







Misc. Announcements

  • Nier reincarnation collaboration event starts from December 25
  • New years mahjong broadcast on january 9 2023, where various ffxiv related people will be playing mahjong. 
  • 2023 will mark 10 years since A Realm Reborn. Because it is the 10 year anniversary, there is a lot of plans and things for the community to look forward to in 2023.
  • Limited time pop-up collaboration skincare shop opening in LUCUA 1100 Osaka, from January 18 to 24. 
  • Crystalline Conflict Community Cup Japan. Sign up between 23rd December and 15th January. Taking place at the end of January and early February they will be streamed live on twitch.
  • Eorzean Symphony orchestral album vol. 3. will be released in April 2023.
  • Eorzean Symphony North America and Europe announced, in North America on July 30th the day after fan festival. In Europe October 23 also following fan festival.
  • Japan fanfest announced for January 7-8 2024 in Tokyo. Thanks to all of the ffxiv community support that made this possible, with this fan fest to cap off the 10th anniversary year.

57 fan fest.png

  • Recommencement of housing auto demolition.
  • Now Hiring Marketing Manager for MMO products in North America.
  • Heavensturn event starting January 1 2023.
  • 6.3 Patch note reading January 10 at 3pm JST. Patch maintenance time will not be 24 hours.
  • Final Fantasy 16 pre-orders are now available - releasing Thursday June 22.

We hope this info was helpful to you, and we will continue recapping the live letter in the future. Happy holidays everyone!
Check out the next PLL translation live on HurricaneChiela's twitch channel.

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On 12/25/2022 at 10:53 AM, Arrancar said:

For a split second, I thought we would be collecting lalafells ._.

i mean



you can

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      *We will be providing you with an in-depth guide on the Viper's abilities soon!
      RANGE DPS:
      Adjustments to overall Ranged DPS actions: Second wind’s healing potency will be increased in the 90s level range. Damage reduction of job-exclusive defensive abilities will be increased to 15% in the 90s level range. Bard: Mage’s Ballad, Army’s Paeon, and the Wanderer’s Minuet will be changed into buffing actions that do not attack enemies. Pitch Perfect will be changed into an AoE attack for ease of use in encounters with multiple enemies. Procs attacks will be merged. Machinist: Barrel stabilizer will no longer increase the heat Gauge by 50 and instead will allow execution of Hypercharge. New trait that accumulates charges for Drill. Dancer: New action that can be executed after Flourish. Additional follow-up attacks. New action that consumes Esprit and can be executed after Technical Finish. Action granting standard steps without having to go through the dance. MAGICAL RANGE / CASTER DPS:
      Adjustments to overall Magical DPS actions: Swiftcast recast will be reduced to 40 seconds in the 90s level range. Addle’s duration will be increased to 15 seconds in the 90s level range. Black Mage: Adjustments to streamline certain aspects of the job, such as restoring MP upon landing ice spells while Umbral Ice is active, instead of passively over time. New action which repositions Ley Lines beneath the caster. Summoner: Solar Bahamut: a new summon akin to Bahamut and Phoenix. New action that can be executed after Searing Light. Skill rotation updated based on the new Summon: Solar Bahamut - Bahamut - Solar Bahamut - Phoenix. Resurrection stays for 7.x, but 8.0 may remove raise from the Summoner skill set. Red Mage: Manafication will no longer increase Black Mana and White Mana by 50, and will instead allow the execution of enchanted swordplay actions without cost. The AoE enchanted swordplay combo beginning with Enchante Moulinet will now consume a total of 50 Black Mana and white Mana, similar to its single-target counterpart. Pictomancer: Prepares by painting a variety of motifs, then renders them to life to produce an assortment of effects. Renders multiple motifs to execute high-powered attacks. Grants buffs to the party and self. Creature, Weapon and Landscape motifs: Pompom, Weapon and Landscape in the hotbar will create their respective motifs. Ability to change the palette's elements.
      *We will be providing you with an in-depth guide on the Pictomancer's abilities soon!
      Adjustments to overall Healer actions: Swiftcast’s recast will be reduced to 40 seconds in the 90s level range. White Mage: New action allowing the caster to quickly move forward. New AoE attack, which can be executed up to three times after Presence of Mind. Scholar: Seraphism: a new action that changes the caster’s appearance and enhances healing magicks. New AoE attack that can be executed after Chain Stratagem. Astrologian: The Card system will no longer be random and will instead simultaneously draw cards with offensive, defensive, and curative effects. Astrodyne will be removed in accordance with the discontinuation of astrosigns. Sage: Eukrasia will now enhance Dyskrasia II into Eukrasian Dyskrasia and AoE attacks, which deal damage over time to enemies within range. New party Buff which heals nearby party members whenever the caster casts a spell. Additional Updates on Dawntrail's Progress, Security Measures, and more:
      Yoshi-P has reassured fans that the development of Dawntrail is progressing smoothly and that its release is on schedule. The team is dedicated to ensuring that all aspects of the game are polished and ready for launch. Addressing the recent DDoS attack, Yoshi-P confirmed that it was one of the most significant in terms of scale and duration since the start of FFXIV. The development team, in collaboration with external partners, has been actively implementing new strategies to safeguard players’ experiences. While the attack has caused frequent disconnections, Yoshi-P extends his apologies and emphasizes that no critical systems were compromised. The FFXIV team is doing the best they can to resolve all the issues as soon as possible.  PVP Update:  Viper and Pictomancer will be added in 7.0.  New PVP actions, adjustments, and map updates are planned for 7.1. Crystalline Conflict ranked matches will be in preseason between 7.0 and 7.1 (no ranking updates, but tiers and credits will be affected by wins and losses). New Major Characters: Bakool Ja Ja and Koana. The Fall Guys Event returns from Thursday, May 23 to Monday, June 10. US Only: Mountain Dew collaboration starting May 16: buy Mountain Dew and win prizes! New merchandise is available for pre-order! Immerse gamepack version 2.2. The Primals Live Concert. Japan Only: KFC collaboration returning soon! If you want more detailed information or simply want to catch up on the Live Letter, you can do so here: Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter from the Producer Part LXXXI
    • By Neviriah
      During the recent Live Letter, Yoshi-P shared new details about the Fantasia potion! Find out what's new and what it means for your characters!
      With the release of Dawntrail, a new NPC will be introduced in Ul'dah to teach you what Fantasia is. The quest will be accessible to players of all levels and will reward a Fantasia Potion. The aim of this quest is to educate both new and veteran players about what Fantasia is and what it can do. Upon completion, players will gain access to a more advanced character creation system.
      After consuming a Fantasia Potion, you will have a 60-minute window to enter the game and return to the character creation screen for any necessary changes. This process can be repeated indefinitely within the 60-minute time frame, even when initially creating a character.
      This significant change allows you to fix any tiny differences that may not be true to your vision, especially when seen in different in-game environments.
      How excited are you about the new character creation feature? Let us know!
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