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<Unimpressed> on US-Turalyon PVE is welcoming trials for its Mythic 20m raid roster. Our group has come together through the hard work of each of its members who consistently perform at least in the top 85% of their class, and we're looking for more who share our ambition. You don't have to be full-Mythic geared 14/14H pre-6.0; we know there are plenty of exceptional raiders with praiseworthy histories that span the lifetime of this game. Please come show us what you've got, even if you're in Timeless Isle gear.


Raiding Timetable


6pm-9pm PST

9pm-12am EST

Nine Hours Weekly


Current Recruitment Priorities

-DPS Warrior

-Resto Shaman

-Windwalker Monk with competitive offspec

-Cat DPS

-Shadow Priest interested in swing-healing

-Any Exceptional Applicant!



Who we are: As the title suggests, we are mostly older professionals who've grown with the game, raided hardcore at some point in wow's long lifespan (including current content), and now that WoD has everyone excited and re-subscribing, we've created a new guild to accommodate. We are assembled by high-expectations raiders with extensive backgrounds in progression and our mission statement is to create a fast-paced group for those who have either re-subbed from hiatus, or are looking for a fresh start with like-minded players.


Framework: Our leads have years of experience organizing raids. We have the knowledge, experience and ongoing desire for noteworthy achievement. We strive to be an example of the professionalism it takes to maintain a cohesive unit. We'll provide the organization (repairs, mats, loot system, consumables, Mumble) and the unbiased leadership for focused raiding that respects your time and investment.


Loot: Mythic loot via council and inter-team (heals, tanks, dps) discussion. We will primarily track Attendance, size of upgrade, and best-in-slot stats in order to quickly and fairly distribute loot. We will continually farm Normal/Heroic as necessary to keep our raiders appropriately geared.


Any questions can be directed to my email, otherwise please follow the link to our page (provided below) and click on “About Us” for more information about who we are and what we aim to do.


Don't hesitate to fill out the app on our website or shoot an email if you feel this group might be a match for you!




redeyes#1838 - Raid Lead

rekover#1925 - GM

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