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[US-Proudmoore][A] <Fortis> 25m 12/14H Recruiting

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<Fortis> is an adult, semi-hardcore weekend raiding guild on the Proudmoore realm. We are currently recruiting raiders for our WOD raiding team. This is not for our SOO or MOP progression; a handful of our raiders plan to main-swap for WOD, so we are seeking to replace the spots they will leave open. 

Raid Days/Times:

● Saturday: 7p to 11 EST 4p to 8p PST
● Sunday: 7p to 11 EST 4p to 8p PST
** We begin invites at approximately 6:30 pm EST 3:30p PST.



We are currently open to the following classes/specs:

● 1 Tank (Paladin or Warrior preferred; will consider other classes)
● 1 to 2 Healers (non-priest)
● Ranged DPS (we are open to all ranged classes/specs)

** Exceptional melee players are welcome to apply, but we are melee heavy at the moment, so we may not have an immediate spot for you.

About Our Guild:

The vision of Fortis is quick progression on a light schedule. We only raid eight hours a week across two nights. Our goal is to clear all raid content efficiently and well before Blizzard releases new content. We plan to meet this goal through the focus, team work, dedication, skill, and effort of our raiders. Our 25 man MOP progression has been 12/14H.

Raider Expectations:

Fortis expects dedication and determination from our raiders. We expect you to maintain an attitude that is determined to win and succeed at anything Blizzard throws our way. We expect you to be a competitive player at your class who strives to be the best at your role. We expect you to have a friendly personality and team-oriented attitude. We expect you to perform mechanics with fluency, and while we anticipate you may have some learning curves with mechanics, we expect that these learning curves will be minimal because you are an observant and capable player. We strongly encourage you to have a raid-ready alt, so you can assist us with class-composition needs. For more information, please check out the FAQ section of our website: http://fortisguild.enjin.com/faq

Loot System:

Beginning in WOD, we will use EPGP.

Note to WOD Applicants:

You do not need MOP experience or gear to join our guild. However, you must be able to meet our raider expectations, including playing your class well and having high mechanical awareness. If we accept your application, you will need to immediately join our guild as a trial. We will add you to our trial roster, and we will trial your performance during entry-level raiding content for WOD. 

We are currently on-break from formally raiding until WOD. Since we are focusing our recruitment efforts on WOD, so that we can actively manage our WOD recruitment of raiders, we may put together normal-mode SOO raids on a case-by-case basis. We will determine the status of these raids on a weekly basis based on our applicants and raider's interest.

Contact Information:

If interested, please apply at: http://fortisguild.enjin.com/

Alternatively, contact Liliac (Liliac#1971) or Deacidic (ChuckD#1630) in-game.


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