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[Classic] [US] [H] Sulfuras <Half Past Prime> Tuesday 8:30PM EST Ulduar

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[US] Sulfuras [H] guild Half Past Prime is looking for members to fill our Raid 2 roster for Ulduar 25 man Progression with Hard Modes.

About Us:
We are one of the few original guilds that has been on Sulfuras since Day 1 of Classic. We have an active community of friendly and helpful guildies. We are looking for players who enjoy clearing content efficiently while having an enjoyable raiding environment.

HPP currently has 2 raid groups. This recruitment effort is primarily for our Tuesday 8:30pm Raid which will also raid on Monday at the same time during progression.

While our Tuesday raid leans more towards the casual player we still push to clear content quickly and efficiently. We enjoy a relaxed environment to hang out, crack jokes, and press buttons. Dust off yer dad jokes and strap in for a good time. Most of us raided during Wrath retail and we will help everyone to succeed during the remaining tiers of this expansion.

We usually run 10 mans on the weekends combining both rosters for maximum success.

Most Desired Classes:

Disc Priest



Logs are preferred but not mandatory. We are willing to give you a trial run as a pug to see where your skill level is.

Loot System:
Loot Council - loot is awarded based on Thatsmybis Loot Prios, ilvl Upgrade, and Attendance history

Contact: Horde
Please contact Skexxies (RL), Hellyeadude (MT), Dnazz (RA) or Baconfarmer (RA) in game or add me on Bnet : Dnazz#1768

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