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Lost Ark: Preparing for Brelshaza Hard Mode

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With the April update beginning to approach, we wanted to ensure that no Item Level requirements arrived as a surprise, and share some tips for new and returning players to gear up with the current progression events. Brelshaza Hard mode arrives, bringing with it Ancient gear. Brelshaza Hard mode requires:

Item Level 1540 for gates 1 & 2

Item Level 1550 for gates 3 & 4

Item Level 1560 for gates 5 & 6

The new Item Level requirements aren’t the only difference, as Brelshaza Hard introduces a variety of new challenges and mechanics.


Ancient Gear Requirements

Ancient gear can be crafted with materials acquired from Legion Raid Phantom Legion Commander Brelshaza Hard mode. The following conditions must be met before crafting Ancient gear:

Reach Item Level 1540.

The Achievement 'Phantom Shard Remnants' level 1, earned by equipping a full 6-set of Relic gear from the Phantom Legion Commander Raid (simultaneously, and regardless of the set bonus).

Tier 3 Upper Relic gear can be transferred to Ancient level gear. The gear's quality and set levels are maintained when transferred, unless the new piece has a higher quality.

Ancient level gear can be honed up to level 25, with each additional honing level adding 5 Item Levels.

Ancient gear shares the same set effects and options with Relic gear.

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    • By ShawnJackson
      The Kayangel Abyssal Dungeon Gate 1-4 Guides will provide players guidance for a brand new 4 player PvE experience. To enter this dungeon, players must first complete the Elgacia main story. The dungeon offers two difficulty levels – Normal and Hard – and requires item levels of 1540+ and 1580+, respectively. The higher the difficulty level, the better the rewards: you can look forward to upgrades for Set Bonuses of Ancient Legion Raid Equipment to Level 3!
      Kayangel Abyssal
      Kayangel is the new Abyssal Dungeon introduced in Elgacia. Kayangel acts as a Legion Raid clear so you can replace it with an existing raid for 3/3. You can drop in and out of the gates just like Legion Raids. Learn how to get past the angels (and owl) guarding your rewards! Rewards include Set 3 upgrades, Ancient Stone upgrade, and more!
      Normal Mode: 1540+
      Hard Mode: 1580+
      The recommended Combat Items include, but are not limited to:
      Kayangel Gate 1
      -Whirlwind Grenade
      -Dark Grenade
      -Sprinter's Robe
      Kayangel Gate 2
      -Dark Grenade
      -Sprinter's Robe
      -Sacred Charm
      -Time Stop Potion
      Kayangel Gate 3
      -Sacred Charm
      -Whirlwind Grenade
      -Dark Grenade
      Kayangel Gate 4
      -Time Stop Potion
      -Flame Grenade
      -Dark Grenade
      Elgacia Adventure Tome
        10% --- Phoenix Plume x30
        20% --- Ancient Platinum Coin x50
        30% --- Diogenes
        40% --- Wisdom Potion
        50% --- Menelik's Tome
        60% --- Gift
        70% --- Song of the Lazenith
        80% --- Light Codex
        90% --- Structure: Brilliant Tower
       100% --- Ignea Token: Elgacia
      Cooking Guide
      Collect 35 Light's Trial by clearing Kayangel Abyssal Dungeon. You can exchange it for 7 Light of Victory and exchange those once more at the NPC in Ereonnor to obtain Elavas.
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      Amazon Games hasn't revealed the exact release date for Lost Ark's August 2023; however, we can expect it to launch around August 10. We will update this page once we get an official announcement regarding it.
      Lost Ark August 2023 Update Content
      Pet Ranch
      The Pet Ranch is a fun place to grow with your pet as you explore, learn, and get rewards. You need to unlock the farm, the cave, and have a pet and then complete the 'Yay, Pet Ranch!’ quest. You will then have to keep your pet happy, manage its functions, and earn Jelly Cookies that you can swap for amazing rewards.
      Maharaka Festive Part 2: Blooming Mokokos
      The Maharaka Festival is getting more exciting, with new activities coming to the August Update. Collect lucky leaves from the Maharaka Tree in Maharaka Paradise that you will be able to exchange for awesome rewards like mounts, animal skins, and more.
      Progression Events
      A Powerpass
      An upgraded Hyper Express Event
      When players participate in the express event, they will receive gear and skills.
      The honing boost will last up to Item Level 1490, with additional support up to Item Level 1540.
      Rewards, including gems, will be better than previous Hyper Express events.
      Engraving Updates
      Engraving System Unlock Level will be changed to Lv. 50
      Some engravings can be obtained and used before Lv. 50
      If the engraving system is already open, the engraving can be applied the same way as before even after the update.
      Starting levels of all engravings will be Lv.1 upon unlocking the engraving system.
      Since all engravings can be used after unlocking the system, Uncommon Engraving Recipes will be removed from game (in-game compensations rewarding these will be added).
      Quality of Life
      Increase battle item support in Guardian Raids up to Kungelanium (Item Level 1460).
      Ship skin’s cosmetic and effect will be separated in settings for convenience.
      Waiting times for event islands will be eliminated.
      Sailing coins and keys will be consolidated and changed from 5 to 2.
      Reducing Sailing quests and playtime. Gate quests will be removed, and their rewards will be rebalanced as rewards for other content.
    • By ShawnJackson
      The Music Box of Memories collectibles offer various rewards for collecting a certain amount of Memory Orbs. These rewards include:
      •2 Memory Orbs: 10 Menelik's Tome
      •4 Memory Orbs: Emote: Happy Dance
      •6 Memory Orbs: Title: Larghissimo
      •8 Memory Orbs: Superior Stat Increase Potion
      •10 Memory Orbs: 2 Legendary Card Pack II
      These rewards are not very significant in terms of gameplay, but they can provide some cosmetic or quality-of-life benefits for players who enjoy collecting things.
    • By ShawnJackson
      Lost Ark is a free-to-play MMO action RPG that offers a rich and immersive game experience with stunning graphics, dynamic combat, and a vast open world. This game never stops growing and improving, offering new content and features for players to enjoy and discover. According to the official news, the July Update is in progress, so we summarize some of the main changes and additions in this update.
      Inferno Kakul-Saydon
      This update will provide the Inferno difficulty for the Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid, which is the second Legion Raid in Lost Ark. Kakul-Saydon is a fearsome dragon that has been corrupted by chaos and seeks to destroy everything in its path. To challenge Kakul-Saydon in the Inferno difficulty, players will need an item level of 1475 and a full build set-up in the Book of Coordination. They will also need to prepare for new mechanics such as fireballs, meteors, lasers, and more.
      Elgacia Epilogue
      Another major feature of this update is the Elgacia Epilogue, which is a continuation of the story after the events of Elgacia, the fourth continent in Lost Ark. The Elgacia Epilogue will allow players to revisit Elgacia and meet new rapport NPCs that have their own stories and quests. Players can also help their friends and allies discover their new futures and share memories from their travels.
      To access the Elgacia Epilogue, players will need to complete two quests: Truth, Lies, and Choices, and [Awakening] The Sunset. The epilogue can then be received from Soldier Alexia in Ereonnor's Military District. Completing the epilogue will reward players with the Journey's End Jukebox Song plus a new Vairgrys Questline trigger item (Beautifully Folded Letter).
      Music Box of Memories
      The Music Box of Memories is a new collectible feature that will allow players to experience new stories of Arkesia's inhabitants who have not received the spotlight. The Music Box of Memories is a gadget that can be played with Memory Orbs, which are hidden throughout the continents. Players will need to find hints and clues to locate the Memory Orbs and unlock their stories.
      The Music Box of Memories will include a new toy, a new NPC named Leviyan, 17 achievements, 8 titles, and 10 jukebox songs. Players can start their journey for Memory Orbs through the guide quest Poet's Letter after completing several quests in South Vern and East Luterra.
      Maharaka Festival
      The Maharaka Festival is a summer-themed event that will bring festive activities and rewards to Lost Ark. The Maharaka Festival will include games such as Run Mokokos!, where players have to race as Mokokos while avoiding obstacles; Water Balloon Fight!, where players have to throw water balloons at each other; and Coconut Toss!, where players have to toss coconuts at targets. The Maharaka Festival will also offer progression rewards such as gold, crystals, honing materials, cards, engravings, and more.
    • By ShawnJackson
      A new, special addition to Maykoko Fest started, there are launching an emote design competition for the community to create in-game Mokoko-themed emotes. The prize? Your art being uploaded into Lost Ark as an emote for the community to use!
      Submission collection for the Mokoko emote contest will run from May 22 to June 12. After the submission deadline ends on June 12, our team will spend a few days selecting 10 finalists. Once the finalists are selected, the community can vote on their favorites by using reactions in Discord from June 16 - 23, and the top 5 will be selected as winners and added into the game.
      You can enter your submissions to the emote contest through the official Lost Ark Discord by creating a post in the "Mokoko Emote Contest" section with the image of your artwork attached (JPG or PNG under 25mb).
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