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Lost Ark: Maykoko Fest Emote Design Competition

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A new, special addition to Maykoko Fest started, there are launching an emote design competition for the community to create in-game Mokoko-themed emotes. The prize? Your art being uploaded into Lost Ark as an emote for the community to use!

Submission collection for the Mokoko emote contest will run from May 22 to June 12. After the submission deadline ends on June 12, our team will spend a few days selecting 10 finalists. Once the finalists are selected, the community can vote on their favorites by using reactions in Discord from June 16 - 23, and the top 5 will be selected as winners and added into the game.

You can enter your submissions to the emote contest through the official Lost Ark Discord by creating a post in the "Mokoko Emote Contest" section with the image of your artwork attached (JPG or PNG under 25mb).

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