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[H][US] - Zul'jin <Amused>  4/8 M 8/8 H - 10 Yr old guild LFM Mythic Raiding  

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<Amused>  has been around since the Mists of Pandaria, and has maintained an active raid team since Legion.   We have opened up recruiting for Mythic raiding once again and are looking for more like minded WoW players to fill out our roster for Mythic raiding, pushing Mythic + dungeons, and mastering professions. We have a significant amount of experience with raiding and M+ key pushing.  We track performance via warcraft logs and spreadsheets.  If your looking to dive into mythic raiding, push higher keys in M+, or just a place to hang out, come check us out!

Basic Expectations of mythic raiders:
-Be punctual and ready for raid invites no later than 15 min prior to raid start and maintain a near flawless attendance for scheduled mythic raids. 
-A positive attitude and willingness to help fellow guildies is required.  In addition you must be able to accept constructive criticism and feedback.
-A “team” mindset is required.  An understanding and desire to see the team be successful is important. 
-Raid encounter knowledge and familiarity of boss mechanics is required. 
-Strive to master your raiding class and know what your BiS items are.  Ensure that you are fully enchanted and gemmed.
-Loot will be distributed via loot council

We are currently looking for quality DPS, 1 Tank, and 1 healer to trial for the mythic team. Ideally we are looking for a Warrior tank or Pally tank, Holy Priest or Holy Paladin, and a DPS Rogue. However, exceptional DPS of any class will always be considered. 

Current Progression:
4/8 Mythic
8/8 Heroic
8/8 Normal

Raid Schedule:
Mythic: Tuesday and Thursday 8 - 11 pm EST

If you are interested in joining our team or have further questions you can reach out to one of the below in game or in discord:
Romza - Horde Zuljin
- battlenet: Lion9#1466
- discord: DoomButter#6406

Pewpeweyes  - Horde Zuljin
- battlenet:  Captnkallme#1810
- discord: captnkallme#3454

Bombyhead - Horde Zuljin
- battlenet: Flitwick#11115 
- discord: Bombyhead#3498

Amused Discord:
- discord.gg/VBftN64aUr

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