[US-Windrunner][A] <Virus> 7/14H SoO Recruiting for WoD

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Server: Windrunner - Alliance
Raid Schedule:
Tuesday 6-10pm PST
Thursday 6-10pm PST
Monday 6-10pm PST
About Virus
Virus was originally formed during Trial of the Crusader during Wrath of the Lich King, originally known as Accounting on the server Blackrock. A guild focused on clearing progression content, and also pushing the abilities of our raid team once certain encounters became stale. Key examples are our infamous SoloTank-SoloHeal Deathbringer Saurfang Heroic and ZergOoze Putricide Heroic, these antics of which we hold strongly to even today with our "StarOfDavid" Protectors Heroic strat.
Through our history we've been known to push down content relatively quickly during progression while still managing to have a fun and unique raid environment. The guild, most previously known as Acquiring Business on Blackrock, we progressed to and killed Heroic Dark Shamans before deciding to move to Windrunner as Alliance, rebranded as Virus.
New to Windrunner, we hope to pick out the most unique and skilled players from the community for WoD, and craft the server's premium raiding roster for the upcoming expansion. We are confident we will be able to do this as our core management is organized and experienced, and we have never failed to be a top guild to this day.
Virus is a great place to make friends and raid, we are active outside of raiding in PvP, achievements, alts and mostly anything else.
Virus is an adult guild with an adult/mature social environment. Applicants must be over the age of 18.
Recruitment Needs
Currently we are in a high-volume recruitment phase, and openings are not selective.
Contact Us!
BEEMO#1224 - Guild Master
Savagekeeper#1224 - Guild Master
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