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[H][US] - Zul'jin - <Heathen Horde> is recruiting for M+/Raid

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Guild Name: Heathen Horde
Faction: Horde
Realm (US/EU): US
Realm Timezone: EST/EDT (East Coast US)
Progression: Actively recruiting for 10.1
Mythic+ TImes: Currently Dedicated Saturday 8-11PM EST (3hour run time)
Raid Times: Currently Dedicated Friday 8-11PM EST (3hour run time or until completion)
Current Clears: Actively recruiting for 10.1

Greetings, fellow Horde members of Zul'jin!

Are you a seasoned adventurer seeking a new challenge in Azeroth? Do you have what it takes to conquer the highest levels of Mythic dungeons and raids? Look no further than the Heathen Horde, a guild dedicated to achieving excellence in all aspects of PvE content.

Our guild is seeking experienced players who are committed to pushing their limits and achieving greatness.

If you desire to join a dedicated and ambitious team of players, we invite you to apply to the Heathen Horde. Together, we will conquer the most challenging content that Azeroth has to offer!

Join us in our quest for glory and become a part of our community today!

Our Website: www.heathen-horde.com
Join our Discord: www.discord.gg/invite/HeathenHorde

We’re an adult only group who likes spending our limited free time together trying to take down current content. Our goal is to clear current content before the next phase releases. We don’t always succeed, but we sure have a heck of a lot of fun trying. We like helping new players. If you’re new to the game or it’s been a minute since you’ve played Classic, this is the place for you. Please join Odin in the DPS parse basement. We serve drinks there. We’re about having fun.

We maintain a large, multi-game Discord server (1000+ members) with a strong core who have played together for 3+ years. Our goal is not to rush content, but to focus on sustainable and fun progression towards endgame achievements.

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