<Dystopia> [US-H] LF more raiders and a possible RL

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<Dystopia> is recruiting talented raiders for one of our 3 Raid Teams on Stormreaver-US:

  • Midnight Marauders (MM) raids Tue/Wed/Thu 8p-11p server time and will be raiding Mythic difficulty.

  • Late Night Crew (LNC) raids Fri/Sat 11p-2am server time and will be raiding Heroic difficulty.

  • Morning Wood (MW) raids Sat/Sun 8a-11a server time and will be raiding Heroic difficulty.

** All are welcome to join the guild, but raid team spots will be doled out at the discretion of the different Raid Leaders. **


The Guild Bank covers all repairs, flasks, and food for all raid teams. All raid teams have a private forum and Mumble channel.


As you can see from the times above, we do not currently have a non-mythic raid team during the week. The guild has many raiders who will be raiding during the week, but we haven't yet determined a Raid Lead. If you are interested in being a part of, or possibly leading, a new weeknight Raid Team that will raid at the new Heroic difficulty, please find me on RealID.

Please find me in game (Gilmatic#1804) or check for raid team needs.

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