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Aberrus Mythic Race to World First Day 5: Echo Catches Up, Then Liquid Takes Echo of Neltharion Down

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Day 5 was another hectic one, as EU guilds once again caught up to the US, but this time went significantly into the lead - for a while at least. While Liquid didn't go at Echo of Neltharion directly after their Magmorax kill yesterday, as they didn't want to give the others more information.

As it turned out, that information wasn't needed, as Echo came in blazing and caught up very soon, eventually going into the lead! Getting their sort-of namesake Echo of Neltharion down to 24% after 39 pulls, and while they were doing that, Method was also catching up. If you'll remember, Method had a particularly harrowing end of the day, with tho sub-1% wipes on Rashok, but they quickly got both him and the next boss down, and now they were head-to-head with Echo!

The EU day ended with Echo at said 24%, Method at 42 and Liquid at 47, who had pulled the boss for a much shorter time by that point. This is when things calmed down, as progress was limited to Liquid alone on Neltharion and a new battle brewing between BDG and Instant Dollars on Zskarn. However, neither guild could manage to outperform Conspiracy, who grabbed a 3% best on Zskarn and then went to bed.

The night proceeded with Liquid pushing the boss further and further down, getting to and past Echo's best by pull 30, but it took them another 8 hours to get the boss down and claim the World First, 72 pulls in!

The raid composition:


And here's a comparison of the three top guilds' progress on Neltharion, by pull count:


Liquid's kill came at the very end of their raid day, with only 15 minutes left, but they did do a few pulls of the final boss, Scalecommander Sarkaret, off-stream to set up some timers and give their analysts something to do while the players slept.

However, that wasn't it for the excitement of the day, as we had the first Rashok kill from an Asian guild arrive... and then another 40 SECONDS later! Skyline and Chao Jie somehow managed to perfectly sync up, and almost get the kill at the exact same time, claiming the World 8th and 9th, respectively.

We are now down to the final boss in the raid, and once Liquid wake up today we'll be seeing some serious Sarkareth pulls, and then we'll get to find out if the last-minute buffs by Blizzard helped, as they did not seem to do the trick for ol' Neltharion.


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3 hours ago, MiNiGiANT said:

No observer mode nobody cares...

What? Literally hundreds of thousands of people care and watch the race. Everything is streamed.

So again, I ask: What?

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3 hours ago, Starym said:

What? Literally hundreds of thousands of people care and watch the race. Everything is streamed.

So again, I ask: What?

I just wanted to point out that we need observer mode or at least a csgo style twitch option when the streaming is live if they dont want to make the observer mode public.

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1 hour ago, MiNiGiANT said:

I just wanted to point out that we need observer mode or at least a csgo style twitch option when the streaming is live if they dont want to make the observer mode public.

You mean just for like viewer experience? To make it more interesting etc? Sorry, thought you meant so there was no cheating or similar, apologies.

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