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The Most Popular Specializations for Mythic+ in Dragonflight Season 2 (Week 2)

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We're looking at the most popular specializations for Mythic+ for the second week of Dragonflight Season 2.

Earlier this week, we also looked at the Mythic+ Tier List for Week 2 of Dragonflight Season 2.

Data Reliability

The data used in this article is taken from BestKeystone.com, a site updated every 30 minutes, with new Keystone runs. You can join their community Discord if you would like to find out more. 

To determine the most popular specializations this week, we will be looking at the number of runs performed by each specialization.

This week's affixes are Fortified, Entangling, and Bolstering.

The Most Popular Healers in Mythic+

  1. Restoration Shaman -- 12172  (30.44%) runs
  2. Restoration Druid -- 8667  (21.67%) runs
  3. Preservation Evoker -- 5311 (13.28%) runs
  4. Discipline Priest -- 4665 (11.67%) runs
  5. Holy Paladin -- 4329 (10.83%) runs
  6. Holy Priest -- 3781 (9.46%) runs
  7. Mistweaver Monk -- 1064 (2.66%) runs


The Most Popular Tanks in Mythic+

  1. Protection Paladin -- 23498 (58.4%) runs
  2. Blood Death Knight -- 5759 (14.4%) runs
  3. Brewmaster Monk -- 3500 (8.75%) runs
  4. Vengeance Demon Hunter -- 3177 (7.94%) runs
  5. Protection Warrior -- 2156 (5.39%) runs
  6. Guardian Druid -- 1913 (4.58%) runs


The Most Popular DPS in Mythic+

  1. Shadow Priest -- 16048 (13.37%) runs
  2. Retribution Paladin -- 13999 (11.67%) runs
  3. Subtlety Rogue -- 12773 (10.64%) runs
  4. Destruction Warlock -- 8047 (6.71%) runs
  5. Havoc Demon Hunter -- 8024 (6.69%) runs
  6. Fury Warrior -- 8024 (6.69%) runs
  7. Balance Druid -- 7577 (6.31%) runs
  8. Enhancement Shaman -- 5572 (4.64%) runs
  9. Frost Mage -- 5464 (4.55%) runs
  10. Devastation Evoker -- 4431 (3.69%) runs
  11. Marksmanship Hunter -- 4161 (3.47%) runs
  12. Windwalker Monk -- 3834 (3.19%) runs
  13. Demonology Warlock -- 3489 (2.91%) runs
  14. Beast Mastery Hunter -- 3362 (2.8%) runs
  15. Fire Mage -- 2820 (2.35%) runs
  16. Elemental Shaman -- 2271 (1.89%) runs
  17. Unholy Death Knight -- 2240 (1.87%) runs
  18. Outlaw Rogue -- 2134 (1.78%) runs
  19. Arcane Mage -- 1861 (1.55%) runs
  20. Feral Druid -- 1719 (1.43%) runs
  21. Arms Warrior -- 774 (0.64%) runs
  22. Survival Hunter -- 759 (0.63%) runs
  23. Frost Death Knight -- 444 (0.37%) runs
  24. Assassination Rogue -- 137 (0.11%) runs
  25. Affliction Warlock -- 41 (0.03%) runs


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What an extremely uneven distribution of tanks… is this all from the disbalance in power or is it people just copying what others play ?

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8 minutes ago, AartS said:

What an extremely uneven distribution of tanks… is this all from the disbalance in power or is it people just copying what others play ?

I believe the answer you're looking for is: yes.

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20 hours ago, AartS said:

What an extremely uneven distribution of tanks… is this all from the disbalance in power or is it people just copying what others play ?

These charts are a self fulfilling prophecy.

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