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Devastation Evoker tree broken

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5 hours ago, Jaderun said:


both talent tree don't work as the points have been tossed willy nilly here and there without making sure the tree would connect result the export code only fills part of the top of the two trees!!!! pls fix this fast!!!!!

Hi, there! Your feedback was forwarded to the author for fixes to the guide. Many thanks.

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Heya! Just to add to this, while the main tree imports seem to have been fixed, the advice under Devastation Evoker for switching to AOE Raiding seems to be missing a spot as to whether they suggest selecting Ruby Embers or Engulfing Blaze. You won't be able to select Firestorm, Snapfire, or Everburning Flame without doing so first.
It also tells you to remove Font of Magic, but you can't get Everburning Flame without also having Font of Magic.
And removing Ruby Nexus just breaks a lot of the rest of the tree's build as well. So having a better description of what is being taken off and then added in order to better work in AoE is really needed

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