Enhancement Shaman Stat Priorities 6.0?

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So. Everyone is saying different things right now... Icy Veins says Haste to 50% and then focus on Mastery.  Ask Mr. Robot says focus on Mastery over Haste.  Noxxic says focus on Mastery AND Crit over Haste.... Can we get some agreement up in here? lol

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In short: unlikely.


Icy Veins and Noxxic tend to disagree a lot, and the reason seems largely to be that Noxxic take their stat priorities from SImCraft simulations. For people in the know, SimCraft results are best taken with a whole mountain of salt, especially before a new expansion. What differentiates IV from Noxxic is in my opinion that Icy Veins applies a lot of interpretation to sim and theory results, whereas Noxxic doesn't seem to. We could talk about this all day, but I'll leave it there for now.


As for AMR, I have no idea how they get their stat weights. Just looking briefly at the Icy Veins guide, I have two comments to make on the difference between AMR and IV. Firstly, note that Enhancement gets 5% extra Haste from all sources - this implies that Haste is going to be one of the best stats for Enhancement. The 50% value given by IV is probably because this rating gets you to a 1sec GCD, which in a gameplay style like Enhancement would help greatly.


So that's just my intuition as a Resto player. Maybe someone else here knows better, in which case I'll bow to their wisdom.

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I kind of figured as much I suppose.  Just weird to see so many different views on Stat Priorities lol.  Haste to 50% does make sense seeing as it reduces the Global Cooldown to the minimum.  But where the other two got Mastery and Crit being ahead of Haste makes no sense, especially since they give no real proof behind their stat weight decisions... :(

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Well, that's one of the reasons that we have a "Getting a Better Understanding" section in our guides. It goes at least some way to explaining why we choose what we say is best.

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so im having issues guys im 581/582 and i have quite a few pieces to play with, but there seems to be a sweetspot between your crit and mastery and i dont get it, i can put on my best in slot stat haste mastery for a crit haste and my dps will stay the same even though its a warforged and non warforged. i really dont understand whats going on with the weights of it all. ive balanced my crit and mastery but i lose around 260 dps from just like 30 mastery over crit, but if i drop all my crit for mastery i lose even more damage. on sim im floating from 15,050 to like 14780. this is worse than reforging, what have they done to us.



added: im trying my best to be at exactly 50% haste, with the gear switches im only switching from 50.04% to 49.99% should i take the stat prio with a grain of salt? from me being full mastery beforehand with only 30% haste coming out of the patch with gemming i was doing so terrible on the meters, didnt have a chance to check my sim for when it was that low but it was bad. 

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I wouldn't worry about getting exactly 50% Haste, since you're not looking at a breakpoint since those don't exist any more. Anything over 50% is likely to be a waste for the reasons discussed above.


What are the settings for your sim?

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I have a question about haste, my character stats (C button) show me 49,77% bus elvui panel and armory - 57,26%, which one is correct?

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I would expect the character panel to show your true Haste. I don't know about ElvUI, but is it perhaps showing your buffed haste?

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