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Hardcore Player Killed by Own Faction Guards, Mak'gora to Avenge Him Ensues

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Well, there goes another safe place in Classic Hardcore. We've already seen many the weird ways a player can die, from level 6 mobs and a dead graphics card to griefers killing bank alts in capital cities, Ouro literally cloning himself, a jeep crashing into a powerline, even dying from Feign Death and more.

Today we have a friendly duel gone very, very wrong, as not just one but BOTH players died, despite not being in a Mak'gora (at least not initially). So, what happened?

Well, one very old-school bug showed its ugly face, as QuadsiusPrime and Beaky went to do a friendly duel in the Crossroads. Now, Beaky first wanted a Mak'gora, but Quadsius declined, so they opeted for the non-deadly version instead. Quadsius lost and the duel ended, except a certain tauren was running right at the undead Mage...

Undead mage killed by bugged Horde Guard in Classic Hardcore
byu/QuadsiusPrime inwow

We're not entirely sure what happened, but it seems there was an extra damage tick on Beaky the Hunter after the duel ended, and the local tauren watchman saw that as a big no-no and proceeded to murder Quadsius, joined by his fellow Crossroads guards. So far, so terrible, but that isn't the end of the story, and there's another death coming!

A bystander looking on thought that Beaky may have somehow done this on purpose, finding a clever way to kill Quadsimus. They then decided to challenge Beaky to a Mak'gora in Quadsimus' honor/memory! Despite being a few levels lower than the challenger, the Hunter accepted and... died promptly. It seems Beaky got their Mak'gora they asked for in the first place after all!

Here's how Quadsimus tells it, initially unsure if Beaky somehow did it on purpose:

Well that would be quite wild if Beaks was trolling me. After I died, everyone around was in disbelief and they all argued about it. I could only talk in whisper and /g so I was talking to my guild about the death. While we are discussing whether or not it’s a bug, some guy who thought beaks was a murderer challenges him to a duel to the death in my honor. He was a few levels higher too but beaks accepted anyway and very quickly died. So If he was trolling, he ended up dead as well. I guess we may never know.

Seemed like a nice guy. Beaks, if you’re out there, you’ve got the benefit of the doubt from me.

And so two more players fall to the extreme deadliness of Hardcore. So if you're dueling anyone, maybe do it where there aren't any guards... just in case!

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This may be one of my favorite stories to come out of Classic Hardcore. The fact that Beaky just took the Mar'gora is just pure gold. My hat is off to everyone involved.

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Something no one really thinks about with hardcore; just like life, at some point, every toon on the hardcore realms will pass on. Of course, that doesn't factor people who ding 60 and never do anything again. But for those that continue to play on any level, death is but a wrong decision away at all times.

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On 10/6/2023 at 5:20 PM, TheRagingwolf said:

 on any level, death is but a wrong decision away at all times.

true even if the bad decision is sometimes buried in Blizz code.

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