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Hi Folks,

With the new expansion announced I thought I’d see who’s interested in forming a casual…with emphasis on casual…raid group. Focus would be on enjoying all of the content related to raiding and helping one another succeed.

Real life has prevented me from raiding the last two expansions but I’m a heroic raider…dabbled a bit in Mythics…and an ex-raid leader.

I’m looking to form a group of people who want to focus on having fun and let the bosses fall as they may. In other words…people who are more interested in spending an evening or afternoon having fun with friends than worrying about whether the boss fell or not. The kills will always come in due time with the right approach and attitude.

We will be there to support one another, teach and learn while having fun.

Thought I’d throw this out now…with a year to go for the next xpac…so those interested can reroll and/or use their level 70 boost if they so desire.

My guild is Kharma on the Doomhammer and Baelgun servers. We have a recruitment ad in-game and I believe you can also search for Kharma and ask to join that way. Or message Elandryia on Doomhammer/Baelgun


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