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We have completed several further updates to some of our raid guides.

In our Feng the Accursed guide, we have made several improvements to the Phase Three strategy, emphasizing the dangers of stacking up when Arcane Resonance is about to be cast.

In our Elegon guide, we have improved several aspects.

  • We have added a recommendation to use only 2 healers in 10-man, since the DPS requirement is quite strict.
  • We have (subsequent to the above) added a mention about the DPS check nature of the encounter, in current gear levels.
  • We have added that Total Annihilation (cast by the Celestial Protectors) actually has its damage increased by 50% due to Touch of the Titans, if the adds die in Inner Ring.
  • We have made the small, yet interesting correction, that Touch of the Titans increases healing received, and not healing done.
We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that all of our guides are constantly a work in progress, and that we are very happy to read your suggestions for improving them.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone who has contributed and is contributing to our guides.

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    • By Damien
      Our Transmogrification guides have been updated for Patch 5.2. This means that all the new items from Patch 5.2 have been added. We also added the Tier 15 and Arena Season 13 sets, as well as the Challenge Mode armors. Finally, Arena Season 9, 10, 11, and 12 sets are now obtained slightly differently than before, so the guides were updated to reflect that.
      For our Patch 5.4 update, we will work on getting our model screenshots from the WoW Model Viewer, so that we can give you the option to display the models the way they look for female characters as well as for characters of all possible races. We may even be able to show items the way they will look in Shadowform.
      So, stay tuned ;)
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      We have just released our first ever video guide for a raid boss:

      Naturally, any feedback will be greatly appreciated!
      Also, all our class guides have been updated for Patch 5.2. There may still be a few stat priorities to tweak, but we will be working on them in the next few days. Our BiS listings are not updated yet, but that will come soon.
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      We have just released our guide for the Council of Elders, the third boss encounter of the Throne of Thunder.
      Also, Priest and Warrior guides have been updated for Patch 5.2 (with the exception of the gear pages, which will be updated later on).
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      Today, we released two new guides for Patch 5.2: Isle of Thunder and Horridon.
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      Horridon is the second boss of the Throne of Thunder. We should have released it much earlier, but we had a few schedule issues that prevented us from properly working on it until today.
    • By Damien
      Our guide to the fight against the Twin Consorts has just been released.
      Next, we will release a guide for the Isle of the Thunder King event, and then guides for Horridon and the Council of Elders.
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